A/N Hey everyone, welcome to Book Two! If you haven't read "The Imprinted Chronicles: Book One", I can promise this will make NO sense at all. Even the prologue deals with concepts from Book One, so reading it without reading Book One will just be confusing and probably a little annoying to you. ;) For everyone else, a friendly reminder that this is NON-CANON after Eclipse, and that there is no Rachel imprint and no Renesmee imprint. Here we go!

The Imprinted Chronicles: Book Two


It happened once long ago that Q'wati the Transformer came upon the land and saw no people living there.

He looked about and saw two wolves playing in the grass, and they approached him without fear. Q'wati transformed the wolves into people, and he told them that they were to be Quileute, and they were to be brave, and as a people they were in all things to be strong. Q'wati then moved on to other lands, and he taught the starving Neah people how to fish, and the Upside-Down Hoh people to walk on their feet so they too could fish, and he created the Makah people from two dogs, and they survived by searching out their food amongst the rocks and the shores.

The brave Quileute prospered, with fish to fill their bellies and strong children born from their women. They pulled great whales from the sea and for generations were content. The Makah and Hoh people grew jealous of the Quileute and tried to take their lands by force, but the Spirit Warriors of the tribe used their magic to protect that which was theirs. It came upon a time that the last of the great Spirit Chiefs, Taha Aki, was betrayed by the Spirit Warrior Utlapa. After Utlapa had stolen Taha Aki's body and used it to usurp Taha Aki's place amongst the tribe, the spirit of Taha Aki was in agony, having spent too long apart from his body. A wolf agreed to allow Taha Aki to share its body, and eventually an enraged Taha Aki resumed a human form, strengthened by the wolf, and slew Utlapa. After finding himself able to transform between man and wolf forms, Taha Aki did not age, and fathered many sons who shared his abilities. The sons of the tribe, the first Pack, protected their people from many things, although in the Cold Ones they found their most clever and dangerous adversary.

The Pack grew strong and grew large, for while some sons rejected the path of the wolf and chose to grow old and die, most embraced it and choose to run for lifetimes at their brothers' sides. In rarity, the bravest daughters of the tribe would be given the ability to transform like their brothers, and they were beloved by their Alpha and guarded closely by their brothers. Upon occasion it would come to pass that the sickness of mind would touch a wolf. The Pack, unable to stomach the slaying of a beloved brother, would cull the wolf from the Pack and the wolf would be driven away to live out their lives as a beast, a man no longer.

There was a time where the world grew fuller, both of their own and other tribes, but also of the occasional strange pale-faced man. Over time the numbers of these pale-faced people grew, and they brought with them into the land sickness and diseases of both the body and the heart. The Pack was unsure how to fight this enemy, for it had become a strictly adhered to custom that a wolf shed only the blood of a Cold One, or of a beast, or of themselves. There was no bravery in killing one that could not defend themselves against the might of a single Pack member. Many days and many nights the elders of the tribe met in council with the Alpha of the Pack, but the Pack and the council did not agree, and the pale-faces continued to encroach upon the world.

Then one night, while the Alpha and his two strongest wolves met in council, the rest of the Pack ran the lands and found that a mass of the pale-faces had intruded upon their sacred hunting grounds, taking with them in great quantities the food that was supposed to feed Quileute bellies. Led by the next strongest wolves, the enraged Pack fell upon the pale-faces and destroyed them without hesitation, heedless of their cries for mercy. After the bloodlust had passed, the regretful Pack realized their mistake, having shed the blood of those unable to fight them off. In terrified shame they ran from the tribe and from the wrath of their Alpha, cowardly abandoning their homeland and their people.

Eventually homesickness took the Pack and they slunk back towards their lands, only to be met by a figure of a man, tall and beautiful and strong, who called himself Q'wati. At Q'wati's feet lay the Alpha, and the Alpha's two strongest wolves. Q'wati informed the Pack that they had broken custom by killing so many of the pale-faced man, a needless cowardly act, and in abandoning their lands, they had sealed their fate. The Pack were no longer Quileute, the brave people of Q'wati, and were to be banished from the Quileute lands.

Q'wati drove the Pack away with strong magic, and the silent Alpha did not intervene, choosing instead to take his remaining two wolves and return to the tribe alone. In anger and hurt, the Pack turned on itself and divided, spreading away from the Quileute border like fire across the grassy plains. Those that remained on the outskirts, pleading with their Alpha for absolution, Q'wati dealt with the harshest. He spared those that had left, but punished those that lingered by taking from them the daughters of their Pack. As the last female wolf died, the remaining wolves fled, although their grief turned to fury and it burned deeply in their hearts.

It came to pass that the Alpha no longer phased, broken hearted by hearing the mournful cries of his outcast brothers in his head, and eventually he grew old and died. It also came to pass that the other two wolves joined him, and that the tribe was left Packless for the first time since the life of Taha Aki. The bloodlines faded, and the sons of the tribe no longer transformed unless in times of great need, when a Cold One was nearby and the tribe was in danger. Much of the knowledge of the Pack was lost to those who remained in the tribal lands, and that the exiled Pack was forgotten…

Once upon a time…there was a time…one night…it came to pass….

Hmph. To the Alpha, that shit felt like it had happened yesterday.

The Alpha raised his muzzle to the sky and let out a long mournful howl, echoing across the tree lines of the Cascade Mountains. Twin howls rose up to meet his at exactly the same time and in exactly the same pitch, an eerie crescendo to his sorrow. They had gone high up into the mountains, unaffected by the chilled winds whipping at their coats. The other two were younger, indulgent in this trip so far from their territory, more interested in flushing game from hiding holes and chasing each other through the landscape than they were in why there were really here. For the Alpha it was different. Down there somewhere was his home, a home that he had been driven out of, and a Pack, the descendents of those three wolves that had been allowed to remain. Down there somewhere were pups, and a baby Alpha who had no idea what he was getting himself and his brothers into.

Down there somewhere was a Pack about to be slaughtered.

He had met the baby Alpha, not that the baby Alpha had recognized him for what he was. The pup had brought his Pack north into Canada several months ago, and had met up with the Calgary Alpha and part of the Calgary Pack at a local nightclub. Calgary had been more interested in staring at the young she-wolf than he had in listening to what La Push was saying, not that he could be blamed. Even the Alpha himself had watched her hungrily from his corner of the room where he and his two wolves had sat listening unnoticed. La Push had been annoyed enough that he hadn't noticed their little Pack, and Calgary viewed them as too small to be a threat to bother with at the moment. Both should have been wiser.

By the time the she-wolf had been sent back home so that La Push could get Calgary's attention, Calgary had already made his decisions on the matter. La Push had some interesting ideas, but he would never survive long enough to see any of them to fruition. Calgary was planning on killing the baby Alpha, although he was taking his sweet time with the hunt, being so careful that La Push probably didn't even realize yet that he was being hunted. Calgary always had liked drawing out his kills.

The Alpha and his two had followed the she-wolf and her brother as she had been escorted home. The brother had been good, but it didn't bode well for the La Push Pack that neither sibling had smelled the wolves Calgary had sent after them. The Alpha and his two had taken care of it. Just because La Push didn't deserve his female didn't mean that Calgary should get one. The twins had suggested they try to convince her to come with them, but the Alpha had no interest in killing La Push's Beta over a she-pup…

Maybe they'd come back for her later, when she'd filled out a little.

A scent on the wind had the Alpha running, his two young wolves silent shadows at his heels. They had ventured too far from their own territory, but the pull of the land had drawn him the way it had drawn them all for two hundred years. Two hundred years was a long time to want to be home. It was one hell of an exile, and his tiny Pack wasn't the only ones who found themselves unable to resist the call to go back down there, to take back what used to be theirs. But the Alpha hadn't kept his Pack alive this long without being aware of when to fight and when to run. There was another Pack in these mountains today, one who's Alpha wanted to be home just as badly as he did, one who's Alpha had behind him the strength of a Pack much larger than his own. One who had taken a personal interest in taking what the baby Alpha personally owned.

At the highest point of the Cascades, the Alpha hesitated and glanced down across the deep green mountainscape, his wolf enhanced eyes catching the moonlight gleaming off of Pacific waters. Home. A howl not far enough away and they fled, not looking back at the larger Pack that stalked towards the ocean. It might have been with good intentions that La Push had searched out all the other Packs that he could find, but in doing so he had brought unnecessary and dangerous attention to himself and his own. Down there the baby Alpha and his pups were sitting ducks, but this Alpha wasn't going to be the one to tell them that. Even if he had cared enough to warn La Push, he didn't have to, because Jacob Black would find out soon enough.

Unconcerned, the three wolves disappeared into the night.