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Chapter One


Lightning flashed across the Nevada desert sky announcing the torrential rains that were to come. These rare storms brought not only destructive floods that could destroy un-kept roads but it also brought a rainbow of color as the plant life took advantage of the bounty. Anyone out on the road was forced to pull over and wait out the storm; if you weren't on high ground then you moved as quickly as possible less you lose your mode of transportation.

There was a safe place that was currently sitting parked on a back road and it was in the form of a large blue Peterbilt truck. The occupants inside were warm and dry as they cuddled up on the large bed that took up a good portion of the sleeping area. From the outside the glowing lights that shined out into the night made for a welcoming sight.

"Daddy, wha are we pulling...I forgot!"

"It's called liquid nitrogen sweety." A large man in his mid thirties handed his little four year old a second rice crispy treat before crawling onto the bed to read the ritual bed time story. His dark hair may be going gray but he still looked young and fit.

The little red head eagerly took the snack before sitting on her fathers lap as she pulled her favourite Disney princess nightgown down over her legs. "Oh yeah."

"Now before we get to Whinny the Pooh we have to look at a different book." The man pulled out a large book that had a picture of a Peterbilt semi all painted to look like a tank on the front.

Bright blue eyes that matched the fathers peered at the photo with wonder. "Wow, is that wha blue is gonna look like?"

A chuckle escaped the man as he opened the book up. "No Sparks, I think blue only needs a little make over not a full paint job."

"Ok." With a new found eagerness, Sparks started to munch on her treat as her hero flipped the pages over so they could both see the many designs.

The truck driver was thankful every day that he had his little Sparks. He had to sell his first semi off three years earlier during the divorce in order to pay her mother, but he was ready to do anything to keep his baby. This was in fact the first trip in the new Peterbilt and there was no one he wanted more to share this trip with him than his daughter. The proud fathers thoughts were brought back to reality by a small voice.

"Daddy, we're gonna be together forever and ever right?"

Pulling his daughter into a small hug, the father gave her a quick kiss on top of her red curls before answering. "Of course Sparks, I'll always be with you, even when you can't see me."

"Good cause I would be sad if we couldn't be together."

"So would I Sparkling, so would I." With a long finger he pointed out a design that seemed to jump out on the page. "How about some of these?"

"Yeah, it would be like fire coming out of the tires." There was defiantly approval in Sparks voice.

"Would yellow be a good color do you think?" As the father sat waiting for his daughter to answer he spotted movement out of the corner of his eye in the drivers side view mirror. Thinking it was just wind blowing the sheets of rain around he went back to concentrating on the little red head in his lap.

With a scrunched up face, Sparks pointed out to another color. "I like this color better."

Looking at the square that held the desired color he gave her a smile. "Red huh, well if it's red my Sparkling wants, then red she will have."

"Yaaaa! Daddy's truck is gonna have red fire on it." Sparks squealed with delight and proceeded to give her equally delighted father a hug. No one would have known that a storm was raging outside there was some much love and peace within the cab of the truck.

A loud clang from outside the truck broke the spell and drew the fathers attention back to the side view mirror. The sight of four men carrying what looked like weapons creeping along the side of the tank of nitrogen made the happy father become very concerned. There was a fifth man kneeling down at the hose connector, placing something against it. Fearing the worst the single dad scooped his little Sparks up and moved to the front passenger seat. After making sure that no one was on the other side of the truck he threw open the door letting in a rush of cold rain and wind.

"Ok Sparkling, you need to listen to me carefully. I want you to run straight to the other side of that field." Making sure he pointed out the direction he wanted his baby to go in the single dad got ready to lower her to the wet ground.

"But daddy, I don't have shoes and it's rainy." Sparks was confused as to why her daddy wanted to go outside.

"There are some very bad people that daddy has to deal with and I don't want you anywhere near here." Once the red head was on the ground the worried father reached under the drivers seat and pulled out a hand gun. "Now run Sparkling, run as fast as you can and don't look back."

"But daddy..."

"Don't worry Sparks, I'll come for you...I promise." Giving his little girl one last smile before getting ready to face the intruders.

Sparks did as her father had asked and ran as fast as her short legs could carry her across the rocky field. Her feet hurt from all the little sharp rocks on the ground and the rain had already soaked the nighty she wore, causing her to shiver as the cold rain continued. She had already made it half way through the field and couldn't help but stop to see if her daddy was coming. Turning to look back at the truck, Sparks saw a flash of light that was followed by a massive explosion.

"Daddy!" The little girl desperately wanted to go back to the blue truck but daddy had told her to run...that he would come for her.

So with a deep breath, Sparks turned to the path that lay before her and began to run again. Fear began to set in as she neared the other side of the field and still had yet to see or hear from her daddy. "He promised me."

Losing all hope that her father was going to come, Sparks caught sight of a beam of light penetrating the darkness. Scrambling up a steep back to find an old dirt road the child discovered the source of the light. There sitting in the middle of the road was a very familiar truck.

"Daddy?" The red head splashed through the many puddles and approached the Peterbilt truck cautiously. Reaching the side of the vehicle, Sparks could see the blue color with red fire painted on the truck. Only one thing came to mind as Sparks looked up at the driver side door.

"Daddy!" It had to be her daddy, he promised that they would always be together; that he would find her.

Optimus had been traveling back to the base with a load of supplies when the storm had started. If he hadn't been pulling the trailer then there would have been no need to pull over; he was strong enough to get through most of earths little disasters. He had noticed the other truck on the paved back road across the field but never thought anything of it. Hearing the loud explosion though brought his attention back to the road next to him. Running a quick scan, the Autobot leader spotted three adult males leaving the area and one small female running through the field in his direction. Moments later the young sparkling had entered the view of his headlights and he knew then that she belonged to the man who had been driving the truck. *She doesn't know that her creator isn't coming back.*

"Daddy!" the childs cry of relief and happiness brought a tight feeling to the old bots spark.

*She thinks I'm her father...do I dare?* Seeing the tearful blue eyes staring up at the door was all it took for Optimus to make up his mind. Opening the door he watched as the tiny sparkling climbed her way in. He was amazed that for one so small that she was able to get in so easily.

"I knew you would come daddy." Sparks was so happy when she finally made it into the front seat. Heat was blasting from the vents and the little girl held her hands out hoping to get some feeling back in her fingers.


Optimus didn't know if he should answer or not, would the sparkling be frightened...humans were such skittish creatures; one never knew how they would react to a talking truck.

"Daddy!" The desperation in the little ones voice made the decision for him.

"I'm here Sparkling...are you alright?"

The deep gentle voice came from all around her and it gave her comfort. He didn't sound quite the same, but he was a truck now so of course he was going to sound different. "My feet hurt and I'm all wet and cold."

"There is a bed just for you Sparkling with lots of warm blankets, why don't you go have a rest and I'll get us somewhere where there is a person who can look at your feet." Optimus switched on a dim light over the bed so the child could find her way to the bed.

"Ok daddy." Sparks snuggled under the soft blankets and tried to sleep.

Sensing that the sparkling was having some difficulty falling asleep Optimus took a chance and made an attempt to calm the child down by turning on the radio. Scanning through all the radio channels in search of some soothing music. After a long search the Autobot came across a station that he hoped would work. Tuning into the gentle classical station, Optimus held his intakes as he waited for the childs reaction. It didn't take long for the sleepy sparkling to fall asleep giving the mech a sense of relief.

'Ironhide to Prime.'

'Optimus here.'

'Has something happened, you should be here by now.'

'A storm forced me to pull over, it's almost over I think...and Ironhide can you let Ratchet know that he will need to be ready for a tiny patient.'

'Sure thing boss, but what did you pick up?'

'A human sparkling, her fathers truck was attacked by other humans; I've been scanning the radio frequencies in search of the law enforcement but so far nothing has come up.' Optimus was still trying to understand how humans could be so violent.

'Slaggin humans, alright I'll give Ratchet the heads up, just make sure you get back here in one peice.'

'You worry too much old friend, but I should be back soon; the rain seems to be letting up.'

'Good, we'll be waiting...Ironhide out.'

The private com link broken, Optimus readied himself for the trip back to the base. He prayed to Primus that the sparkling was going to be ok since he now suddenly found himself playing father to the human child.

This is what happens when a story gets stuck in my head...I write it ^_^ I'm not sure yet as to how long this one will be or if it's going to turn into a romance...enjoy..cheers