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Normal? Anything But

"Ratchet, would you quit scanning me! I'm perfectly fine!" Elita made another attempt to get off of the berth in the medical bay only to have her escape thwarted by the overbearing medic.

With a growl Ratchet gave the rebelling femme a gentle push on her shoulders, forcing her to sit back down on the berth as he ran another scan. "You said that you could feel Prime again, you don't just loose a connection and then regain it Elita…..its not normal."

Glaring up at the mech, Elita found herself distracted from her plans of escape. "Are you saying that im not normal?"

"Oh this is gonna be good."

"Ummmm, Sunny….I think we should uh leave now…yeah, I think that would be a good idea." Sideswipe tugged on his twins arm hoping to prevent the yellow mech from gaining amo that could be used at a future date against the medic.

"No, no…I really wanna hear this." The yellow twin pulled his arm back making Sides have no choice but to stand and watch the scene unfold.

"Elita, your mated to the Prime; any femme or mech that is mated to the Prime is not normal. Now sit still and let me finish these scans."

"What do you mean? And this had better be good Ratchet."

"The lifecycle of the average mech…"

"Hey! Who you calling averowww!"

"As I was saying, the lifecycle of the average mech is so normal that it can be predicted. However, the lifecycle of a Prime is much different. When something happens to the Prime it seems to have an affect on their mate and even their sparklings." Ratchet retrieved his now yellow streaked wrench from the bay floor making sure to give the twins the 'look' before turning back to the berth. "Elita?"

"And this children is why the Hatchet is single."

"Stick it Sunshine!" Rachet grumbled as he went back to his desk. "Never turn your back on a femme…sneaky little…"

"Oh Megatronous, if you only knew what your hunger would create would you still have left…" A drop of blue energon hit the sand at the Primes feet.

"You really need to stop pining after the slagger."

Wiping a newly formed energon tear away from her optic Solus took a deep calming breath before turning to face the mech behind her. "I'm not pining after him Leige."

"Heh, could of fooled me." Leige snorted at the small femme that stood before him. "Face it femme, Megatronous played you for a fool, just like he played us all."

"But I cared for him, doesn't that count for something?"

"You might have cared for him Solus, but the slagger sure didn't care for you."

"Don't you dare say that Leige….he…he cared for me…and…an…." Solus couldn't say anymore, she knew that Leige was right but facing the truth was a lot more difficult than she had imagined.

"You cant run from the truth forever."

Facing the open desert land, the former Prime clenched down on her dental plates in hopes of stopping the gathering energon. "I'm not running, I…I just miss the old times…wh…when….I'm not running!"

"I didn't say you were running."

"Wha….." Whirling around Solus discovered that Liege had left and been replaced by Prima. "Oh, hey…..ummmm, what do you want?"

"Not much, just wondering what has the most stubborn femme I know so worked up." Prime shifted the large energon blade that decorated his back.

"Nothing is wrong."

Raising an optic ridge, Prime took a step towards the shaken femme. "Then why are there energon tears in your optics?"

"Oh…oh its nothing Prima. Really….just the wind…nothing more." Solus quickly covered up her tears before turning back to the empty land.

"Solus don't hide from me, please if something is wrong let me help."

The femme Prime felt the large hand of the First land on her shoulder as the other worked to turn her form back around. She wanted to struggle, even thought about it for a nano second, but what use would it be. "Im fine Prime, really I am."

Prima looked down at the femme before him and what he saw caused his spark to clench at the sorrow he saw in her optics. Framing her face with his much larger hands, Prima forced the stubborn Solus to look him in the optics. "I hate seeing you like this Solus, it tears my spark. I will never understand why you mourn the loss of Megatronous, but I will not let you mourn alone. You need to face the fact that he took advantage of you and your kind spark Solus."

"No he didn't! He…he would nev….never." Now Solus was struggling but this was one battle that she would never be able to win as she found out when Prima only pulled her closer to his much larger frame, sheltering her in his arms.

"He did Solus, he did. But your not to blame, I should have done something about it, but I hadn't seen you so happy…..I'm such a slagger for letting him do this to you Solus."

I know I know I know…it been a long long time since I updated, but unfortunately the real world interfered (curse you real world!) and I know this one is really short, it's the in between chapter kinda thing. Many thanks for all the awesome reviews and support from my little gum drops ^_^ I will try and have the next chapter out soon and add to my other stories as well.