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Who needs it? Well, people like me don't.

However; the people here are a different story, heartless, superficial, and more importantly they were rich.

Welcome to my life, as I go through Condor High Private School. Here people love to flaunt the wealth that their parent mostly likely worked hard for. That is, by the way, the only way you can truly survive in this school. Those with money are highly popular. Of course since everyone has money here so... everyone is popular, but some were on a complete higher level than the rest.

How did I get thrown into this sick twisted superficial world? Well in middle school I got the highest score in the school on a High School placement test. And well I got a scholarship in order to come to this school. Though my friends envy me for coming here, trust me- they wouldn't after being here for about five minutes. That's how long it took me to realize how my high school life would be spent-alone and misery.

I still remember my first day...

"Everyone give a warm welcome to our new student, Sonny Monroe. Whom has entered as a scholar in our school."

"What? A scholar? What does that mean?"

One nameless student asked.

"Stupid! It means she only entered this school because of scholarship."

Another one replied with such venom that I quickly recognized it, that tone was anything but warm.

"So in other words, she's poor!"

And that was all I needed to be labeled as a social freak throughout the whole school. People here lacked intelligence ironically; people avoided socializing with me because, as they so have claimed, afraid to catch, this 'poverty.' So she ate by herself every day, did all her homework by herself without relying on the use of some sort of butler. This now labeled me as a social freak that is a nerd.

Oh! The misery just never ends!

Now, I am sophomore. Only two more years and I'm out of this hell hole. Pardon my language but you would be angry if you were me too!

I have now been able to create a survival guide for future allies.

Tip #1

If you're rich you'll survive no worries! No need to read the rest of the tips then. And if you're not, well good luck!


Avoid coming in contact with certain people, or else!

Tip #3

Here logic doesn't win here, Money does.

And Tip #4

Staying quiet and keeping a low cover will guarantee a less painful and humiliating high school life.

Good luck to all those who might have to share my fate!

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