Author's Note: Hello guys, I had a lot of fun writing this because well I never really wrote like a sad one-shot. Sorry this was mega short, I'll write more next time. Remember this is like my first time writing something like this. Please read and enjoy! Oh and no flamers, I am at my wits end with them.

No One Can Know

My moans filled the room as you pounded harder into my body. You smiled down at me as I shouted nonsense into the air. Sooner than later you pulled out of me, exhausted by the love we just made. I look up at the ceiling waiting for you to leave, like you always do. You bend down and kiss me and head out the door. I sighed and turned remembering how it all started.


Your soft lips came crashing down on mine, kissing away any regret I had left. You whisper something in my ear, soothing me as I shake. This gesture didn't help me any, it only made me cry harder. If only I could stay mad at you, I would but I can't. You take my hands and wrap them around your waist, still kissing me hungrily. I moaned at being pulled closer to you, feeling skin against skin. Tears leaked out my eyes silently begging for you to stop, even though I kept kissing you. This only made me fall harder for you.

After an hour of laying entangled in a sweaty mess you move.

Breaking apart, you reluctantly reach for your discarded clothes, not once looking at me. You hastily pull all your clothes on and turn to me. You frowned and said these four words and leave, "No one can know."

Flashback over

Three months of that; fucking and leaving. Times like these make me wonder about love for me.

I can feel the tears start up in my eyes, burning my nose. I shake my head; I knew what I was getting into. Why should I be crying? The lump in my throat began to swell, as I tried desperately to swallow it.

I grasped my bed sheets as I finally let myself cry.