Rated: T to be safe.

Summary: Our favorite NCIS team is sent to assist in the recovery of stolen high-tech military weapons, when one of them falls mysteriously ill... This is a crossover in a way, but more like a guest appearance from the cast of House MD.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the NCIS or House MD characters. But I do enjoy playing with them...ha!

A/N: ***italics*** (surrounded by astericks) indicate the black and white still-shots used in the show (NCIS), which I've nick-named "thwoop scenes". I don't do this with all my stories, but those who have read my stuff will recognize it. :) ENJOY!

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***Gibbs shook his head, with a look of confusion written in his eyes...***

Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo strolled out of the elevator and towards the bullpen with his back pack slung lazily over his shoulder. His colleagues eyed him as he silently maneuvered around to sit at his desk, dropping his bag and propping his elbows up as he massaged his temples with his fingertips.

"Rough night, Tony?" Special Agent Ziva David said with a smirk and a slightly mocking tone.

He made a face at her, "No..."

"Can't be a hangover," Special Agent McGee said with a smirk, "Or he'd have the infamous DiNozzo Defibrillator concoction with him."

"I don't drink on school nights, McGoo," Tony shot him a look of annoyance then opened his desk drawer to fetch some ibuprofen.

"Did you not just have a relaxing weekend camping with that...waitress you picked up?" Ziva raised a brow.

"Well I would have," he shot her a look, "Or did you forget it got cut short when we got called in for a case Saturday?"

"I did not forget," she grinned. Tony growled before popping a couple of the pills into his mouth and washing them down with his coffee. Ziva laughed through her nose.

"Where's Gibbs?" Tony asked.

"Up in MTAC," McGee answered. "Apparently, talking to the US Naval Investigative office in New Jersey."

"He contact them?" Tony asked out of curiosity.

"Other way around. Probably need some information on one of our past cases."

"They asked for our help, actually," Gibbs said as he rounded the corner into the bullpen. "Pack your bags."

"We goin' to Jersey, Boss?" Tony asked.

"Five Naval Officers disappeared from Earle Naval Weapons Station. A storage room containing over five-hundred weapons was emptied out, and all security cameras had been disabled."

"So they think the officers took them, I take it?" McGee said as he slung his back pack over his shoulder.

"That's what we're gonna find out," Gibbs said as he finished grabbing his things and headed to the elevator...

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The team stepped off of the plane and under the partly-cloudy sky of Lakewood, NJ. Tony stumbled slightly as he stepped off of the stairs, and ended up leaning on Ziva. "Sorry... Feelin' a little wobbly," he said as he regained his balance. "Musta been all that turbulence," he said with a grin.

She narrowed her eyes at him as she slung her overnight bag over a shoulder, "How is your headache?" she asked as the four of them walked toward the awaiting vehicle that would take them to the station.

"Barely noticeable," he lied. "We headin' to the station first, Boss?" he asked.

"Yeah," he replied. "Maybe if we're lucky, we won't need to stay the night."

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The team met with two agents from the Jersey branch at the weapons station. They were being briefed in large warehouse-looking room where the storage bunkers were located. The agents, Jefferson and MaClure, were showing them pictures of the high-tech guns that were crates that had been stolen.

"We think they plan to sell them," Jefferson said. "They're top of the line weapons. No doubt they'd get a good chunk of cash for them."

"Five otherwise upstanding Naval officers, give up their careers for whatever amount of money they might get for a couple of crates of weapons...that they've gotta split up between them, might I add," Tony said. "Doesn't really add up." He was feeling restless and annoyed, and forced himself to sit down on a wooden crate that sat nearby.

"More likely that some of those officers got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time," Gibbs said.

"You think this is a hostage situation?" MaClure asked.

"Until bodies start showin' up," Tony replied.

"Of course, there's also the possibility that all of the officers were coerced," McGee suggested with a furrowed brow.

"Whoever was involved, knew this station inside and out," Jefferson explained. "All systems were methodically shut down according to where they were at what time. So the only thing we've got, is the exact time-frame of each action they took."

"If they'd just cut the security systems, it would've sent an alert out immediately," MaClure elaborated. "So it's gotta be one, if not all of the missing officers."

"Or someone else here," Gibbs said as he glanced around the warehouse. "I want you to take us through their every move according to the missing footage," he told Jefferson. "McGee, DiNozzo, check out the empty storage unit. Look for anything unusual."

"On it, Boss," Tony said and moved to push himself up from the crate. McGee watched, almost amused, as Tony fell face-first to the floor with a yelp.

"You okay, Tony?" Tim knelt down with a smirk. The other agents turned around from where they'd begun to walk away. Gibbs eyed his agent as he turned himself over with a panicked look on his face.

"I..." his eyes darted around with confusion before meeting Gibbs'. "I can't move my legs..."

"Quit fooling around, Tony," McGee said with slight concern, which he was trying to hide.

"I'm not...I'm not kidding, Probie!" Tony said, fearfully. "Boss," he looked up at Gibbs as he approached then knelt beside him. "What's wrong with me?"

***Gibbs shook his head as his eyes narrowed. He was just as confused as his agent...***