Chapter one

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Full summary: Sasuke is the schools biggest nerd; that has no friends and is hated by everyone in the school. Naruto is the biggest jock; he has tons of friends and is super popular. Sasuke and Naruto hate each other but when they have to work together Naruto will discover some things about Sasuke that Sasuke wishes to keep secret. Will Naruto help the poor raven or make it ten times worse.

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The sun was shining brightly through the large window on a crisp autumn morning. The sky was so blue; it only held a few white fluffy clouds scattered throughout it. Waking up to the bright morning sun caused Sasuke to blink twice to remove the sleep that was in his eyes. Giving one last yawn, the pretty little raven glanced at his alarm clock on the tiny bedside table. Its digits read 7:30. Sasuke instantly felt a sudden dread within the pit of his stomach, and knew he didn't want to get up. It was September the first, the first day back at school, another year of fear and loneliness.

Sasuke knew he didn't want to get up; school was nothing but a torture zone for him. Scratch that his whole life was torture. His parents died a few years ago when he was eight and now he lives with his older brother Itachi. The deaths of his parents…well mother…really messed him up. Well he was messed up beforehand, but that really put him over the edge.

Sasuke just laid there for a few minutes more to gather his thoughts. Then he slowly pulled his very tired body off the bed, and limply headed to the attached bathroom to quickly take a nice and relaxing shower.

Sasuke's life is hell 24/7, and never seems to catch a break. It's probably due to his façade…his very ugly, nerdy façade. You see Sasuke is what you would call beautiful; with his silky, lush and shiny midnight-black locks that shape his perfectly round face. His smooth skin that is so pale that it looks like glistening snow that brings out his full pouty red lips and rosy cheeks. His body was slender and small that had a feminine and fragile look to it; the curves fitted into all the right places. The pretty teenager hated the way he looked it brought nothing but trouble for him and for everyone else around.

That's why the beauty has the Façade, which includes brown powered foundation to cover his beautifully pale face and brilliant red lips. Black eye-liner under his eyes to create the illusion of sleep bags under his eyes. Large, ugly no prescriptive glasses that cover his beautiful really dark brown eyes that looks almost black. His clothes were no better they were scruffy and baggy and way out of fashion, and his hair was filled with gel and hairspray.

Sasuke was very proud of his mask and the fact that he could fool almost everyone, even him. Looking at himself one last time in the mirror, he gave a sigh and headed to his bedroom to finish getting ready.

Sasuke walked into the kitchen, and saw his older brother Itachi sitting at the table, eating a piece of toast. Itachi was his perfect older brother; the owner of Uchiha Inc. Itachi was literally perfect in every way, perfect hair, perfect looks, perfect everything. He was even the family genius, even got into the top high school at the age of ten. Sasuke loved his big brother, and they used to be really close, now Itachi just can't be bothered with him. 'He doesn't even look my way anymore it's like I'm invisible, Story of my life.' Sasuke thought.

"Sasuke I will be working at the office late again tonight so don't stay up too late. I will not tolerate you being late for school." Itachi replied in his usual cold and uncaring voice.

"Okay Itachi I won't, do you want me to save you any dinner?" Sasuke asked nervously.

"Hn, No I'll get something there. Oh and Sasuke there better not be any trouble in school if I so much as get a phone call."

"You won't I promise."

"I better not. Okay?"

"Okay." Sasuke nodded and went over to the fridge and grabbed some milk.

It wasn't his fault people had it in for him, just because of the way he looked and dressed. 'I just knew Itachi didn't care I don't know why though; I just wish I knew what I did wrong.' He thought. After finishing his glass of milk, knowing his stomach couldn't handle food. The raven picked up his nearly fallen apart school bag and headed for the door. He didn't bother to say goodbye to Itachi knowing he wouldn't say anything back anyway.

Kyuubi high school was a ten minute walk from his house. Sasuke liked to get to school early he really didn't mind being early at all. It helped him to avoid all the early morning crowds; it also gives him some peace before the hassle starts.

Like he said before, he hated school. Nobody liked him here. People thought he was the school freak; with is greasy ridiculous hairstyle that stuck up in all different directions, his clothes that was so unfashionable a homeless person wouldn't wear them. This is why people either completely ignore him or went out of their way to make his life as miserable as possible.

Sasuke actually preferred the latter, he might get beaten every day, but at least people acknowledge him then. The raven sighed and pushed his overly large glasses up his nose and only had one thought in mind. 'If only I can have one friend, then things would be a lot easier.' Sasuke thought sadly but knew this dream was only a pipe dream.

The pretty raven quickly walked over to his locker when he saw a large crowd form through the doors. Knowing if he stays where he is he probably would get trampled. People always bumped into him whether on purpose or because they think he's invisible is anyone's guess.

He ran a hand through his gelled filled and ridiculously looking hair. Sasuke knew he was about to have trouble when he heard an obnoxious voice call out to him.

"Oi Uchiha. What's with the clothes? Didn't you hear they don't allow out of date losers in the school"

As usual they were referring to his scruffy and way too baggy clothes. Sasuke could hear the laughs and sniggers in the background. 'Man it's too early for this, can't they wait fifth period.' Sasuke thought to himself.

Sasuke turned around to come face to face with one of the Foxes football team, Kiba Inuzuka and a few of his mates. Kiba was one of the forwards on the football team and was very attractive; he was also one of the people who picked on him every day. The crowd of onlookers began to jeer and snigger even more. Sasuke could feel himself begin to bubble with rage.

"I am not a loser you fucking idiot, and I can dress how I want." Sasuke shouted in frustration.

'Why can't people just leave me alone?' That in reality was the last thing the raven truly wanted; he just wanted the name calling to stop. Sasuke suddenly put a hand to his mouth; he knew he went too far this time. The raven ignored the gasps that went through the crowds; he had more important things to worry about, like getting his face smashed in. He was so in for it.

Just as expected a hand grabbed the collar of his shirt and slammed him up against the lockers… hard. Sasuke felt tremendous pain fill his body as Kiba's bright red face that was laced with anger came close to his. The Uchiha began to get frightened he knew he was in for it now.

"Listen you little shit, are you asking for a beating 'cos I can give you one."

'Like you weren't going to anyway,' Sasuke thought bitterly. Sasuke felt immense anger swell up inside his small body, as he struggled against the grip. 'How dare he come over here and insinuate that I wanted a beating, like anyone would ask for a beating.' Sasuke though sarcastically. The raven knew he had to stay calm, better not make things worse than they already are. He didn't want to get a beating before he really had to.

"No Kiba I was not asking for it." Sasuke answered hoping that would be the end of it, but knew it wouldn't be.

Kiba smirked in triumph as he finally released the collar from Sasuke's shirt. The look he was giving the trembling raven was a look of pure evil that sent shivers down the poor boys back.

"Hm well I think you were. I tell you what you give me a sincere apology, I might consider forgiving you. What do you say?" Kiba sneered at the nerd.


Kiba's friends began to shout remarks.

"Show the little freak a lesson man."

"Yeah the little shit deserves it."

"Yeah thinking he's better than everyone else."

"Someone needs to put the little prick in his place."

This made Sasuke hurt even more than the pain he was feeling from the lockers the fact no one cared if he was hurt. Kiba suddenly put a bruising hand on the boys shoulder to be even more intimidating.

"Unless you're not sorry and then I'll have to give you the beating off a life time. So what's it gonna be?"

Sasuke pushed his glasses further up his nose as he considered the choices that were given him. On one hand he could apologize, but that went against everything he stood for and would totally humiliate him. On the other hand if he did get beaten up so early on the first day it probably won't be the last and it will also alert Itachi and if that happens…his life wouldn't be worth living. It comes down to whom he is most scared off. Taking a deep breath and swallowing his pride the Uchiha made a difficult choice.

"I'm sorry." He muttered in defeat and shame.

Sasuke could feel tears blur in his eyes, but knew he could let them fall, knowing it would only give the football star and the crowd even more ammunition. The smirk on the popular boys face increased even more from the fact that he won again. The nerd was just so easy it almost brought the fun out of it. Almost, He would never miss the opportunity to torment the geekiest kid in school.

"Hm I'm not convinced yet loser, Maybe you can give me a little something more to you know…convince me." The raven couldn't believe his ears. The idiot was only playing him.

"W-what do y-you mean." Sasuke stuttered.

"I mean I will forget what you called me if you give me your lunch money, and don't say you haven't got any 'cos we both know you have."

"But I need that for my lunch."

"I don't give a fuck, so cough up the cash or else" Kiba became annoyed when the Uchiha didn't make a move, and growled.

"Listen twerp you can either give it me or I can force it out of you. Which is it?"

"Please…" the raven whimpered, but was cruelly cut off by the brute slamming him against the lockers again, too more laughter's. The kids were actually laughing at his pain.

"Give me it now loser or else."

The raven gave a terrified yelp and quickly handed the money over. The football star chucked and dropped the trembling boy to the floor, and began to walk away, after Kiba and his mates left the lonely raven quickly turned towards his locker as tears began pouring their way down his face.

A blonde haired teenager strolled through the school like he owned the place. He was known as Naruto Uzumaki quarterback of Kyuubi high's football team the Foxes. He was one of the most popular kids in school and damn well knew how to milk it.

The blonde had yellow-blonde hair that rivalled the sun, tanned muscular skin that had all the chicks…and dicks coming back for more. His attitude was just as bright as his hair colour, he was friendly to almost everyone he met. Well almost everyone…

Naruto walked into the first class of the day math with Might Gai. The math teacher was well liked but deemed weird, with his talk of youthfulness all the time. The teenage rebel went and sat in the desk next to one of his best friends; Neji Hyuuga a stunning beauty that some couldn't believe was a teenage boy. Smiling to himself Naruto began to flirt with said beauty.

"Hey baby I missed you during the summer."

Neji rolled his eyes at the sexy blonde. Naruto was always flirting with him.

"I'll tell you what Hyuuga how about after the lesson we go somewhere private."

"Hm Uzumaki do you have a death wish?"

Everybody in the school knew Neji belonged to anti-social, but popular boy Gaara Sabaku. The red headed boy was rather small but deadly, not even the captain of the wrestling team would think to pick a fight with Gaara. One look from him can be enough to make you wet your pants.

"No and how is the grumpy prince this morning?" uttered the blonde enthusiastically. Naruto punched the brunette's shoulder lightly earning him a glare.

"Why don't you go and find some other poor person to drool all over? I'm sure you have plenty that would be willing." Naruto smirked.

Naruto knew he could have any girl or guy he wanted. Even though everyone in the school adored him he only considered some to be his friends. The rest he would just use and throw away like they were trash, and then there were some he wasn't quite friends with, but thought they were ok.

Then there were some he wouldn't go near with a barge pole, the nerds, the geeks, freaks and social rejects; better known as the unpopular. Naruto let his eyes roam around the class girls were looking his way, probably hoping for a date or a quick fuck; they weren't too fussy. 'Hm she's hot maybe I can give her ass a ride?' The blonde hottie thought smugly.

Naruto continued to gaze around the classroom completely ignoring Gai's lecture. Most people were ignoring the preppy teacher as well, they were either chatting amongst themselves or they were doodling in their note books. Then there were some who were actually doing the work aka the nerds.

Naruto gave a grunt of disgust as his gazed found his way to the ugliest and geekiest kid in the school. Sasuke Uchiha. The kid was known as the most unwanted kid in school and the most unpopular; even the other nerds wouldn't go near him. Everybody in the school hated the little know it all, and often showed it to him.

Even though the whole school had it in for the geek no one had it in more than Naruto did. The two loathed each other with a passion. Naruto couldn't stand that Sasuke got everything, while he had to work for it. Sasuke was rich and smart, he also had family left. Naruto's own died when he was young; his mother in child birth and his dad in a horrific accident. There was still an ache every time he thought off his parents; yes he had Iruka also known as his social studies teacher, but he wanted to know what it was like to have a real family.

Sasuke always seemed to rub it in the blondes face with his smug attitude. Naruto found a way to get back at the nerd though; being the most popular kid did have all the advantages. He just got everyone to hate the Uchiha, no one will even talk to him and if they do it is to jeer and beat him up. Smiling to himself Naruto grabbed a rubber band and flicked it at the said Uchiha.

"Disgusting freak" Naruto smirked as the small boy flinched.

The whole class was watching the scenario happen, and started to bombard the raven with either rubber band, spit balls and scrunched up paper. This pleased the football star greatly knowing people enjoy watching the brunette suffer.

However there was one person who didn't like what the blonde was doing. Neji Hyuuga

Couldn't understand why everyone had it in for the Uchiha, sure he was a nerd, but that was no reason for the constant torment. The extraordinary beautiful raven always felt sorry for the boy; he also felt ashamed, because even though he doesn't join in on being mean to Sasuke, he sure doesn't help him either. Neji turned to face the blonde again and gave the evilest glare he could muster up.

"Naruto leave Sasuke alone, he hasn't done anything to you today." Neji glared deepened at Naruto. Naruto turned to face said raven.

"So he deserves everything he gets."


"Because he's a dork Neji, how many times do we have to go over this?"

Neji gave a frustrated growl. "Oh and that makes it all okay does it?"

Naruto was beginning to get annoyed at his friend; they always have to go through this. Naruto and his friends couldn't understand why Neji would even consider the lowlifes feelings, but that was Neji for you, too kind hearted.

"Neji it isn't our fault he's a rude and obnoxious little runt. People have tried to talk to him, but he thinks he's too good for anyone. I'm only putting him in his place."

"By getting everyone to hate, taunt and beat him up. Naruto no one deserves that, not even Uchiha. Why don't you give the kid a break?"

Naruto was beginning to lose his patience even more; he hated it when Neji started bitching about how he was wrong about Uchiha. Naruto knew he was one hundred per cent right and nobody was going to change the blonde's mind.

"Neji I'm sorry, but I'm only teaching Uchiha a lesson in respect."

"Naruto you're not fucking god of the school. Look Naruto can't you just give Sasuke a chance?"

"Ha I'll give him a chance when hell freezes over."

Naruto decided it was best to just ignore Neji and continue on with his game with everyone else. The blonde began to throw more stuff the raven's way. The blonde knew the teacher wouldn't do anything about it; they never do.

Neji gave one last glare at the blonde before looking pitifully in Sasuke's direction. He just wished he could help the Uchiha in some way. Sighing Neji continued with his math work, as everyone else was hurting the Uchiha. 'I will help you out Sasuke if it's the last thing I do.' Was the last thought on Neji's mind, before focusing back on his worksheet.

Sasuke walked into the English classroom, where the very handsome English teacher Kakashi Hatake was sitting on his desk reading his porn book. Kakashi was what you call a mysterious person. He was always late for his lessons and when he was present he always had his mask and porn book with him. Kakashi was known of being the most perverted teacher in the whole school, and often flattered girls. Even though it was common knowledge he was gay and had a thing for Iruka Umino.

"Oh Sasuke, how are you?" Kakashi asked without even glancing away from his book

"I'm fine." Sasuke smiled.

Kakashi was the only teacher to ever truly take any notice of Sasuke. Sasuke for lack of a better word was a genius. It was because of him that Kakashi got the idea to start up a tutoring program. For Sasuke tutoring was the only source of happiness in his life. It was the only time people were willing to talk to him, without making mean comments. He was grateful for it. Sasuke jumped at the chance to become tutor when Kakashi asked him. People still gave him dirty looks while teaching them though they never said anything, probably scared that the raven would fail them on purpose.

Kakashi gave the teenager a smile, the silver haired teacher knew how horrible the school bullied him and it wasn't even just the students. Kakashi really liked the Uchiha and thought if people actually got to know him then they would like him to. He also knew about the mask the raven wore every day.

"That's good."

"Kakashi is there any tutoring jobs available?"

Kakashi smile turned into a smirk. 'Oh yes there is, but not one you're going to like Sasuke.' Kakashi thought.

"Oh yes in fact one has come up this year especially for you."

"Who do I have to tutor then?"

"Well Naruto Uzumaki is having trouble….."

"No fucking way."

Sasuke hated Naruto he was the cause of most his pain. It was Naruto who had the whole school hate him for reasons unknown; and now no one would talk to him unless they were beating the shit out of him. It was all Naruto's fault every time he sported a black eye or a few cracked ribs. Sasuke knew one thing he might not be able to get the blond back but he sure wasn't going to help him.

"Sasuke don't swear and you have to do it."

"No I fucking don't."

"Sasuke language, now Naruto is struggling with English and science the…. "


"Two subjects you excel in." Kakashi replied completely ignoring the raven

"What is your point to this Mr Hatake?" Sasuke was getting rather annoyed. 'Why the heck was he telling me all this, because there is no way in hell am I ever going to tutor that idiot.'

"And you will tutor Mr Uzumaki in those subjects."

"Like I said before NO, NO, NO I will not tutor him. Why don't you get Hinata to do it?"

Hinata Hyuuga was one of the other tutors and also Neji's cousin. Hinata is a shy girl and stutters a lot, but one of the few people that hardly gave Sasuke any trouble. Kakashi at that moment put his porn book down, and now had his full attention on Sasuke.

"Because Sasuke, Hinata won't be able to concentrate on the lesson plan. You know how she gets when she's around Naruto, she is his biggest fan."

It was true Hinata was Naruto's biggest fan; she can't get within ten feet off him without blushing, and going more red than usual. Last year she even made Naruto shaped cookies, she's that obsessed. Fiddling with his ugly glasses Sasuke thought of the other tutor Shikamaru Nara.

"Okay so not Hinata. What about Shikamaru?"

Kakashi gave Sasuke an amused look, the raven knew why.

"Shikamaru plays on the team, and he's also one of Naruto's best friends he could let him cheat."

Shikamaru was one of Naruto's best friends and also a part of the Kyuubi's, but unlike the rest of the team he was extremely intelligent. The pretty raven usually had no trouble with Shikamaru; he wasn't nice to him, but he wasn't horrible to him either. Sasuke felt a sudden realization within the pit of his stomach. He was the only tutor left. He felt like he couldn't breathe, his breath was caught in his throat. There was no way out. Unless…

"Kakashi, why don't you do it?" Sasuke had his fingers crossed in hope.

"Hm…no can't do that, too busy."

Was he for real? All he does all day is gawp at Iruka or have his nose in that fucking porn book and that was including when he was teaching English. Kakashi knew he was being mean because he could tutor Naruto himself, but this was all part of his excellent plan.

"No Sasuke it has to be you. Listen Naruto Uzumaki is the star of this school."

"I know don't remind me."

"He is the reason our school is on top. He is the one who won our first game in years."
Kakashi had a serious look in his eye.

"I know you don't like him Sasuke." 'That was an understatement I can't stand the sight of him.'

"And he treats you like dirt, but the school is depending on you." 'Ha I wish he treated me like dirt, because he treats it better than me.'

"Why should I do anything for the school, all they do is pick on me."

Kakashi just gave Sasuke a pitied look, 'I hate that look it makes me feel weak.' Kakashi walked towards Sasuke and place a hand on the lonely teens shoulder.

"Listen Sasuke I would hate to resort to blackmail but…if you don't do the tutoring then you will have to do Gym instead, and I hear its dodge ball season. So will you do the tutoring?"

Sasuke felt tears build up in his eyes. He couldn't believe he was so stupid, he thought Kakashi cared for him, but as usual he's taking Uzumaki's side; just like everyone else.

"Okay" Sasuke muttered as he rushed out the classroom.

Sasuke ran into the nearest toilets. When he was secured in a stall he began to cry freely, this was his life no one to care about him, no one to love him. He just wished that someone anyone would be his friend, he wished for it every night. The raven knew it was false hope, as he took his overly large glasses off to wipe the tears away, no one wants a reject like him no one.

After Sasuke left the silver haired man was feeling rather guilty. Remember its part of the plan. 'God I hope this works.' After thinking that Kakashi began to make his way to the teacher's lounge to spy on Iruka.

Naruto walked around the corner thinking about what Neji said. 'There's no way am I giving that nobody a chance.' Coming out of his thoughts he spotted one of his mates from the team, Kiba.

"Hey Kiba man what's up?"

The tattooed faced man smirked at him. "Oh nothing, but something awesome happened to me this morning."

"Hm what happened?" The blonde said with interest

"Well you know the school's most unwanted Sasuke Uchiha?"

Naruto face began to get a dark aura around it that happened every time someone mentioned the book worm.

"Yeah who doesn't? So?"

The brunette smirk widened even further, and Naruto knew instantly he was going to like what he was going to hear.

"Well the little brat thought he could back talk me." At this Naruto gave a low growl.

"But I sure as hell put the little runt back into his place…I made him apologize and if that wasn't enough I took his money. The baby was probably crying once I left." Kiba chuckled and Naruto joined in.

"Good one Kiba, I wish I was there. No worries, there is plenty of time for me to have my fun with him."

Kiba gave his friend a look and instantly knew that he was planning something, but knew the blonde will only talk of his plan when ready. Naruto was glad Kiba didn't press on about the matter. They started talking about other random things instead. Kiba is one of the blonde's closest friend along with; Shikamaru, Chouji, Lee, Neji, Gaara, Shino, Sai and Kankurou. He also has a few girls that are close friends Ino, Sakura and Tenten. Naruto also gets along alright with Gaara's and Kankuro's older sister Temari, also Shikamaru's love interest. The conversation was cut short by a loud voice through the inter-com.


"I wonder what that's about; you better go and see man"

"Yeah your right Kiba, tell the others I'll see them at lunch"

"Okay will do man see ya"

Naruto grabbed his bag and headed to the principal's office. 'I hope I'm not in trouble.'

Principle Tsunade's office…

"Ah brat you're finally here"

"Shut up old hag I came as soon as I could"

Granny Tsunade was like a grandmother to him; yes she's fifty-four but looks twenty-eight. She is very cool and the only family that Naruto has got apart from Jiriya his godfather, and off course Iruka.

"Hm damn brat. How are you?"

Naruto sat down in one of the comfy chairs beside her desk.

"I'm fine looking forward to football season this year."

"Yes that's what I wanted to talk to you about. Listen to me Naruto your grades from last year have to be brought up or you're off the team"

Naruto immediately jumped up and knocked a few things from her desk over.


Naruto never felt so much rage in his life, 'they're thinking of kicking me off the football team. Me.' Naruto felt like hitting something anything.

"Don't shout brat, we're sorting out a tutor for you."

'A tutor that could only mean three people…oh god I hope it isn't Uchiha I don't know what I would do if I have to see his ugly face more than I have to.'

"Who is it?" please don't say Uchiha, please don't say Uchiha

"Sasuke Uchiha" DAMN the blonde was about to protest.

"No protesting the tutoring is going to happen. If you want to stay on the team, you have to bring your grades up. I'm sorry Naruto but all the schools are now having a new rule, if you want to stay on the team you have to get at least a C or above and you get straight F's"

Naruto glared at the blonde principal. It looks like he had no choice

"Fine I'll do the stupid tutoring. There happy?" Naruto folded his arms and huffed.

"Yes very. Now get out brat I have work to do."

Giving one last glare over his shoulder at her before slamming the door shut on his way out. 'Tutoring I could just about handle, but working with Uchiha...Maybe I can make this work to my advantage. Maybe I can really mess Uchiha up.' Naruto was beginning to think up an evil and cleaver plan that would have the raven broken for a long, long time.

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