Okay I have two pieces of news to tell you one I have putting off for two months but can not do so for any longer.

I have some very bad news. I will be taking a break on What lies within and Abused love and ways of an Uchiha for the foreseeable future. I will explain why as much as I can. My sister has had her child taken off her and now she has to deal with a lot of hearings, meetings and court cases. We are all giving her our support and helping her but that can be very time consuming and worrying. But the main reason I can't update is because the police have removed all laptops in my house including my own which has the next chapter written for What lies within and ideas and plans for the future of the story and where it was going. So until my laptop is back I will be taking a break from What lies within. I feel awful because I have let you all down again even I have actually almost completed the next chapter. But still...

I am rewriting abused love because I can't stand how that story was written but that is also going on a break for a little while due to the fact I want to take a break, plan and regroup in 2014. I want to start a new with my stories, meaning new stories, new ideas and even new categories other than Naruto. I will also be changing my penname soon. I really want to start a new with everything.

this brings me to my second order of business because I want a fresh slate in writing I will be putting a majority of my stories up for adoption or deleting them, depending if anyone wants them.

The stories I will be given up for adoption or deleting will be...


Forgive and Forget

The Painful Truth

Broken little Angel

If you are interested PM. I might not be able to get back to you for a couple of days but I will try to reply as soon as possible. If you are interested in any of these stories you have full permission to rewrite and or do what ever you want with them. They will be totally your fics. The only requirement I ask is that you keep pairings as they are. That is the only requirement I ask of you if you do take any of these stories.

Okay that is it. I know a lot of you are angry and disappointed after reading this post and I truly am sorry and I wish things were different but I cannot do anything about my family problems nor everything that is going on. I hope you all understand but if not I understand to. So I would like to say thank you to all those who have stuck with my stories and have been patient with me over the last year and if I lose some readers I want to also thank you for reading my stories and reviewing.

Any questions or anything don't be afraid to PM me and I will get back to you asap.