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Star Wars: The Ayanami Chronicles

by Elizar Naki

Prologue: "Who Is This?"

The darkness was the first thing she noticed when she awoke, bolting upright in bed as if returning to the waking world from an especially bad nightmare. She didn't know if that was the case, though, since she couldn't remember what she'd been dreaming about, if anything. Once she thought about it, she also discovered that she couldn't remember where she was…or how she'd gotten there…or where she'd been and what she'd been doing before waking up in her current location.

She couldn't even remember who she was.

That thought alone made her worry, but she decided to focus on figuring out more about her present situation first, starting with her current accommodations. The darkness of the room she was in was far from total; the sheer amount of light shining in from the window outside allowed her to see almost perfectly. That alone was a starting point for her investigation. Despite the darkened sky and the late hour displayed on the bedside chrono nearby, the view outside flooded her senses with light: speeder traffic, traffic lights, lights from nearby buildings, even illuminated advertisements. All this pointed to a single location in the known galaxy: Coruscant, capital of the Galactic Republic. Wherever else she was in the planet-wide city, she knew at least that she was in the heart of Republic space…though why those memories remained intact when others eluded her was still a mystery.

Despite the rapidly more curious mystery of the gaps in her memory, she made herself focus on the task at hand and began examining her room. There wasn't much to it, she realized after a quick look around. The bed she'd just left was the dominant feature, with a nearby nightstand decorated only by the chrono she'd noticed earlier and a datapad of some sort; a quick perusal of the datapad's memory banks revealed nothing useful, but she filed its existence away for later. A dresser stood across the room, while a handful of deactivated lamps dotted the drab walls. A short hallway led to three doors—one most likely leading out, another likely concealing a closet of some sort, the third possibly leading to a refresher.

And next to the dresser, she spotted a full-length mirror. She didn't know if she was usually the type to indulge in vanity, but under the circumstances she felt it would be advantageous to know what she looked like. She approached the mirror, knowing that she'd be surprised by whatever she saw since she had no memory of her appearance, but that still didn't completely prepare her for what she saw.

The figure in the mirror appeared to be an attractive humanoid of some sort, with short, unruly hair framing her face and a single braid falling to one side. She would've guessed herself to be fairly young, fourteen or fifteen at best. As for race…she wasn't really sure what to call herself. By almost all appearances, she fit the criteria for most humans, with the exception of her unusual pigmentations: red eyes, blue hair, pale skin. She decided that she was most likely some sort of near-human or half-breed, though she had no idea what her other parent might have been.

Her clothing was equally unusual, in her eyes: white pants and long-sleeved shirt, supplemented by a dark blue-grey vest with lighter blue trim and matching, fiery patterned embroidery on one side. The vest was held shut by a white sash that seemed to double as a utility belt. Completing the attire were boots and armbands only a shade or two darker than her vest, all adorned with crisscrossing lines of the same lighter shade of blue from her vest's embroidering. The entire outfit seemed to be equally utilitarian and ornamental.

"Who is this?" she asked aloud, only a little surprised by the timbre of her own voice—still obviously feminine, but slightly…deeper than she would have expected from someone her apparent age. "This is me, but…who am I? What am I?"

Her musings were cut off by the sound of one of the doors—the one leading out—whooshing open, revealing a blue-eyed human male only a few apparent years older than her on the other side, his short brown hair featuring a braid similar to hers. The boy's attire was about as unusual as her own: red pants and long-sleeved shirt; black vest, boots, gloves, and sash; and a short yellow scarf around his neck. A pair of intricately designed metal cylinders hung from the sash, but he appeared to have no other possessions on him. "Oh good, you're awake," the boy said. "That makes things easier. It could've been a little awkward if I'd had to—" His words trailed off when he noticed her drop into what she hoped was a viable defensive stance, even though she had no real idea what she was doing. "Whoa, take it easy! I'm not gonna hurt you," the boy said, raising his hands in an attempt to further show her that he meant her no harm.

"Identify yourself," she told him icily, not really interested in exchanging niceties with one of her captors.

The boy hesitated a bit, though whether she was actually intimidating him or not remained to be seen. "Elizar Naki," he finally told her, "Padawan of Master Erys Kiran. I'm just here to take you to see the Council, that's all."

"Council…Padawan…" she muttered, her mind attempting to make sense of this new information. Amazingly, some part of her memory was intact enough to recognize the words. "I am…at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant," she realized.

"Yeah, that's right," the boy—Elizar—told her. "Wow, they weren't kidding when they said you wouldn't remember anything."

"My memory is…fragmented," she told him. "Certain things are still in place, but I remember nothing of myself. Why is that?"

"From what I've been told, you were messed up pretty badly in the accident. You're lucky to not be a vegetable, let alone being alive in the first place."

"Accident?" Obviously something had happened to her to leave her in this state, but what was it?

"It was about six standard months ago," Elizar informed her. "Your Master was bringing you here from Corellia to begin your official training, but your ship exploded shortly after touching down. Everyone here assumed there were no survivors, but apparently they found you and brought you back to the Temple to try and fix you up. From what I understand, you've been unconscious ever since."

"I have been unconscious…for six months?" she asked incredulously. Losing half a year of her life may not have seemed like much compared to losing every memory she had of her life before then, including those of her now-deceased Master, but it was still a lot to take in at once.

"Seems that way," Elizar agreed, sympathy obvious in his voice. "In any case, the Council wants to meet with you now. They probably wanna test you to see if you can continue your training or not."

"I see." She hesitated at this point, not really sure what to do. Much of her was numb to the thought at this point, but if resuming her training would give her a purpose again, she was willing to give it a try. "Let's go, then."

"Okay," Elizar said as he turned to lead her to the Council. "Oh," he said, suddenly stopping again. "I know you said you don't remember anything about yourself, but…do you at least remember your name? A nickname, even? Something I can call you besides 'hey, you'?"

She struggled internally for a few moments, fighting her damaged mind for the information he was asking of her. Ultimately, it mattered little if she remembered or not—if she didn't remember her name, she would simply be given a new one—but she found it oddly important to remember this one thing about herself, even if she remembered nothing else. Eventually, her struggles paid off, and two words floated to the surface of her thoughts. "Ayanami," she finally told him. "Rei Ayanami."

A/N: relatively short, I know, but this is only meant to be a preview anyway. And yeah, I know that little "reveal" at the end wasn't exactly a surprise, but I still found it fun to write it that way.

Anyway, I've got a handful of other fic ideas floating around in my head, some of which I'll likely be starting sometime soon. Which fics I put most of my focus on (including this one) will be determined largely by how much interest you the readers express in any of them. If nobody expresses any interest in any of them…well, I'll just update however I want, then.

Also, a couple quick notes on the fic itself. First off, this is meant to be something of a prequel fic, something I'm writing in order to introduce the various characters I plan to use in Star Wars: The Old Republic when it actually comes out. Some are original, some are Eva-based, but nearly all of them will be found somewhere in this fic. That being said, the sequel to this fic may be a long time coming; since we still don't know what sort of payment model SWTOR will be using or if my current computer (my wife's laptop) can even run the game, my plans to "write" my various runs through the game as a follow-up to this fic may not happen for a while.

Second, since I'm pretty sure at least one person will comment on this if I don't mention it now: yes, Elizar is a self-insert, but not in the traditional sense (at least not the way I've seen most self-insert characters work). For starters, Elizar has actually existed for about five years at the time I'm writing this as a character in a friend's Star Wars tabletop campaign; the name has since then become my new online handle as well. Second, I don't mean for him to be a main character—secondary main, maybe, but not a primary main. He'll feature rather prominently for the first half-dozen chapters or so, but his involvement in the story will taper off considerably after that. Third, I am NOT using him as an excuse to "hook myself up" with one of my favorite characters (WAY too many self-inserts seem to center around that, from what I've read). He and Rei will end up good friends, yes, but that's as far as it'll go. I have separate romantic plans for both of them…

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