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Chapter 1:

Ever since Edward left me in Forks, I met up with Rose and Lissa, right before we were captured and brought back to St. Vladimir's. I didn't really like it, being in the Academy, but Dimitri really made my skill, as well as Rose's, stronger. Mine were great when I came back, but I was still lacking the basics that were taught in Junior year. Rose just never trained and was really behind.

Three weeks ago, I came back from Russia with Dimitri, returned from his Strigoi state, and started up school again.

"Rose! Bella! You'll never believe what Kirova agreed to do with us!" Lissa shouted, running up to me and my twin sister, stopping in front of us in the cafeteria.

"What, Lissa?" I asked, slightly curious. Ever since Edward left, I devoted myself to training's, not happy-fun-fun events.

"You two, Guardian Belikov, Guardian Petrov, Guardian Alto, Eddie, Adrian, Christian, and I are all going on a vacation."

Rose laughed. "I would totally not be okay with this, but you did use compulsion on Kirova, didn't you?"

Lissa blushed. "It was for the better good!"

I rolled my eyes. "I can't miss my training's."

"Guardian Belikov is coming along so you can resume your training's, and I explained to Kirova that it will help you guard me, with multiple people and guardians in a mansion while being shared by another family in the Montana mountains."

"Where there are caves and dark places that any Strigoi could hide in and attack us at night, Lis," I reasoned. "It's not safe at all, we shouldn't go."

Lissa raised her eyebrow. "It gives you time alone with your man, and mine, as well as yours, Rose."

"You weren't supposed to say anything, Lis!" I whispered furiously as Christian and Adrian joined us and looked at me curiously. Adrian had his arm wrapped around Rose's shoulders. I thought they made a cute couple. Christian was smiling at Lissa in a loving way.

"Oh, they are going to find out on vacation anyway, its not like it matters."

"It does matter, Lissa!" I whispered just as vehemently as before, "I could never graduate if it gets out."

"So your little five week trip to Russia, restoring Dimitri's life back, was not damaging your career. Besides, you can finish your field experience there. That's why Guardian Petrov's coming. And Guardian Alto."

"Stan and Alberta are coming to guard you and Adrian. Sorry, Christian, but you aren't an important royal."

Christian rolled his eyes. "So who is Bella's man?"

"That's should be completely obvious," Adrian laughed. "Who did she leave for just eight weeks ago?"

Christian grinned. "Belikov?"

I blushed and looked down. Damn it! Why did I have to inherit my mother's fair skin? Rose had the tan skin from our dad.

"If this gets out, I am completely ruined, you hear that? It will ruin his reputation worst of all, so Christian and Adrian, I swear to god, if you say one word to anyone about it, I will-"

"About what?" The love of my life asked from behind me, causing me to jump.

"What?" I asked quickly. Lissa snickered and I glared at her before turning to Dimitri, smiling. "Oh, they, um, know." His brown eyes knitted in confusion.

Dimitri looked at me and then quickly at the rest of the table, and they were all smirking. Realization dawned in his eyes."Oh, well then. Princess, Kirova told me of the plans for a vacation?"

"My idea, Guardian Belikov, and yes. We're going to a mansion in the mountains of Montana."

"Does Montana even have mountains?" Rose asked, whispering to Adrian.

Adrian chuckled and nodded, "Yes, there are."

I saw Rose shrug. "When are we leaving?" Christian asked.

"Tomorrow, so go get packed!" Lissa giggled, "And Rose, if you don't mind, can you find Eddie and tell him?" Rose nodded absently and I looked at Lissa, smiling.

"If she doesn't do it by dinner, I'll tell him."

Lissa smiled in thanks and we all departed the cafeteria, going our separate ways to our dorm. It was breakfast right now, and we had the day off to pack, for some strange reason. Probably Lissa's bidding.

I went into my room and pulled out my suit case, piling my guardian clothes in. They were mostly yoga sweats and tank tops, but I added an occasional T-shirt. I added some sexy bras, just in case, and a bikini if there's a pool. I packed my best sneakers, flip flops, and heels, along with the dress Tasha Ozera bought for me.

I hadn't realize I was packing half the day until there was a knock on my door, and I opened it to find Dimitri.

I smiled. "Hey, what's up?"

"You said they know?"

My smile immediately faded. "Lissa knew, ever since the raid, and she accidentally let it slip this morning before you came. I didn't tell her, it was just when you weren't found I think she knew by the way I reacted."

Dimitri smiled. "So, they all know then?"

I chuckled. "She said it was because of the vacation, so we could have time with our men, but whatever. We have to concentrate on guarding them more than anything, I know."

"But when its not our shift, I can have some time with you," he said, but didn't sound so certain.

I giggled, "Did you even have to sound uncertain? Of course you can. And Alberta and Stan know?"

Dimitri nodded, his face an expressionless mask. "Ever since we came back together, and Oksana explained the situation to Kirova and them."

I nodded, remembering that day. The day that Mark and Oksana found Dimitri under the bridge and hid him in their house, where Mark told Oksana how to heal him to his normal state. I will forever be in debt for what she did for me and for him.

"That was probably one of my best days ever, if you exclude all the yelling."

"The best days? I would think that the time Lissa went missing was one of your best, as well as the day in the cabin."

I laughed. "I said it was one of my best, not my favorite. No the day in the cabin was my best, though it did end in the worst way possible."

Dimitri flinched at the memory. After a few moments of silence, he broke it first. "Right, well I'm going to go pack. See you later, Iza."

I nodded and looked down the halls before standing on my tippy toes and kissing his lips quickly.

He smiled and shut the as he walked down the hall. I looked at my trunk and decided to completely repack. I kept most of my things, but added some jeans, formal Guardian wear - black shirt and black pants - and some more every day human clothing. Needed to blend in with the family we were staying with.

I went downstairs for dinner and saw everyone smiling at my entrance. I was confused as to why when I noticed that Eddie was laughing.

"So, Bella, tell me why I'm hearing things about you and Guardian-"

"Shut it right there, Castile. Yes, they are true and so help me you better not say anything about it to anyone."

Eddie smiled and I sank down on my seat, eating the lasagna that was served today quickly. I turned to Lissa and Rose. "Need help packing?"

They shook they're heads. "Already finished," they said simultaneously. I laughed.

"Freaky!" Christian and I chorused together.

We broke out laughing and after it subsided, I turned to Lissa. "How long will we be gone?"

"Two weeks. I know, a long time, but Kirova will tell the rest of the kids that its for advanced trainings, since you and Rose are ahead of the other Novices and need more precautions if you want to guard the last Dragomir princess and what not."

I nodded and thought over my outfits. Two weeks worth and more, in case we had trainings.

"Alright, I'm finished too then. Do you know anything about the family we're living with?"

She shook her head. "The owners of the place wouldn't tell me."

I nodded, "Alright."

We finished our dinner and hung out in the courtyard together before the curfew bell rang and we all headed to our dorms, well the Novice's heading to our field experience partners dorms. I fell asleep on Christian's floor, like always.

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