Today is the day I finally get around to writing a Dan/Natalie fanfic that I've had in my head for exactly THREE. GRUELING. WEEKS!

Anyways, this is just the Prelude. And before I forget,

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Natalie ran for the door and flung it open, hoping it was her new shipment of clothes for the grand opening of her store in Sydney.

Instead, it was Natalie's sister-in-law, Amy Cahill Kabra.

The two had become great friends over the years, partly because of Ian's insistence. But the rest is history.

After Amy and Dan won the 39 Clues, Amy forgave Ian for everything he had done to her, and, despite Ian's parents' and Dan's protests, got married. Ian and Dan got along perfectly after that, realizing that they had a lot in common, except for Dan's intrest in ninjas; he still has a collection of ninja figures. Natalie and Amy became the closest of friends, and shared everything with each other. The only thing that Natalie kept locked in a heart-shaped box in her heart were her true feelings for Dan.

Natalie smiled. "What's up?"

"Guess what, guess what, guess what!" Amy squealed with delight.

"You got Ian to mow the lawn?" Natalie said, peering out across the private cul-de-sac at Ian and Amy's house. Nellie and Saladin were in the house three doors down, Alistair lived in the one beside Natalie's own, and even Hamilton had bought one of the houses in the private gated community in Boston. Dan had moved into an apartment downtown, closer to his work.

"No. But now that you mentioned it, I should pry him from his desk and get him to do it instead of waiting for the gardener," Amy added, after a minute's thought. "Anyways, I got a call from Dan just a few minutes ago."



"Dan's getting married!" Amy blurted. Natalie felt her heart sink, but she kept her best smile on. Then she heard the phone ring.

"That's great!" she threw over her shoulder, as she ran to answer it.


"Natalie?" said Dan.


Laughter. "Are we gonna play twenty questions all day?"

"I don't know. Are we?"

"Depends. Do you have all day?"

"Maybe. Why?"

" 'Cause. We may go over the limit of twenty questions."

"Aha!" she exclaimed. "I win!"

"Darn it."

She smiled. They always played this game when they talked on the phone. "Anyways, what were you calling for?"

"Um . . . well . . . I'm getting married."

"Yeah. I heard."



"There's something I wanna ask you."


"Will you be our wedding planner?"

Like I said, this is just the prelude.

I'll have Chapter 1 up as soon as I get it finished.

Which might me next year.

Just kidding.

Or am I . . .

BTW, I'm my own beta reader. I'm trying to write more fanfics so that I can become a beta reader.

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