Chapter 2 The Reunion While he was catching glimpse's of every street sign he came to a screeching hault and started remembering the Beale's but he said,"no I need to move on I tried but it does not ever work'' Maniac always tried to help it would last for several months and then GONE he was so tired of it he screamed in his sleep. Maniac never swore in his life because he would get in trouble but now what the hell was the problem. He started up again from a slow jog to a fast pace. It was 2:15 p.m. and all the kids where coming out of school. Everyone he lived with said you need to go to school but he never listened to all of them. Why the fuck did it matter the all abandonded him anyways. Then he came up to a house witch looked queit familliar. He got closer knocked on the large wooden door"blam" "blam'' and to his suprise his aunt dot opened the door, " Hi" '' Hello young man can I help you". Maniac just stood there with his blank face staring at her. ''Aunt Dot'', said Maniac. " Do you know me somehow''. "yes Aunt Dot It's me Jeffery Magee". " Jeffery it's you,you look so diffrent from before you ran away." sorry that I ran away I was so tired of it''. ''Don't worry hunny it's ok".''Now hurry up and get in here and let me feed you some proper food''.'' Aunt Dot where is Uncle Dan,'' Ohh you don't worry about that wreched old man".'' Please Aunt Dot I really want to know".'' All right boy, your Uncle, he left with another women, a young blonde, he was leaving all the time and finally I came home one day and there they were''. ''Ohhhhh my that man is a real bastard to do that to you''. '' I'm just glad your ok"." Oh I'm much better since that wreched old man left''. '' So what do you want to eat boy"? '' A salad is ok". " Ok a salad it is ".