A poem dedicated to my punk self and heart of gold.

And also to Novala Takemoto and his Kamikaze Girls for their inspiration and motivation.

A Punk at Heart!

It's my backbone, it's my tattoo

and you've got no say of the punk in me

because you ain't my mother

who respects me and my punk heart.

It's a fire, it's a fury

and I wear it on my heart with pride.

You ask if I have any shame

and I gladly reply, "I have no shame!"

With the punk in me comes rebellion.

I'm a natural, after all

when I break the barrier and gain the gold.

Authority? Really now, what authority?

Rely on no one, take no bad breath.

This here, the punk heart in me

gives no damn about the standard.

Hear me, I know how to raise hell's backyard!

So I'm just a Punk at heart

My ears are out to the music of the world

My eyes shut to the floor below my feet

Listen, listen good, listen to me now

I'm simply just a Punk at heart!

(C) sylizen

April 17, 2010