Title: Flight

Warnings: Violence, mentions of minor child abuse, underage sex (between 2 minors), SLASH, possible future m-preg.

Pairings: HP/JB, DM/EmC, SB/RL, JC/AC, EsC/CC

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Twilight...

Timeline: No year will be mentioned, just know that everything is adjusted as to mash the stories together. Ages will be evident.


Prologue: February

"You need to take him and run."

"I don't understand?"

"The Headmaster is not as 'good' as he would like you to believe."


"Check into his vaults cousin. You'll find much more than you bargained for."

"And what, pray tell, do you have vested in this?"

"My son. My husband and I agree, take our son too; please cousin."

"He would let him go?"

"All he's ever done is work for the survival of his family. Like I told you already, the Headmaster is not as 'light' as he would have you believe. He'll do anything to ensure a win for his side, including forcing three students to take the Dark Lords mark."

"You mean…"

"Yes, until he decided that the Dark Lord really was his future."


"You have to take him and my son and run. Go through Gringotts, they'll help."

"And his vaults, why are they important?"

"His mother wasn't who the Headmaster claimed she was. She didn't know until it was too late. Check first if you won't take my word cousin; but please promise me you'll take my child, he knows what's going as well. We told him everything."

"We have family in America."

"Do we?"

"Yes. A cousin more than 75 years ago left."

"But will they help?"

"We've gone to them before."

"You mean you and…"


"All those years?"

"We didn't know that he had been put with her. That's not what we were told. We received letters every month; we truly had no idea."


"I know more about the Headmaster than you think, we were already planning on leaving. But we haven't looked into his vaults."

"You have to cousin. Get everything transferred to under your name, blood adopt him. It won't stop what will happen, but as family you could lessen the burden."

"What is it you're not telling me?"

"I can't. I'm…unable. But please cousin, trust my husband and I; we're family above all else. If we're able, we'll come for our son when this is all over."

"How will we communicate? I trust you won't want to know the exact location?"

"The red-heads."


"All but the two youngest cousin; those two are with the Headmaster."


"The end of May."

A/N: I'm sure you've figured out who was conversing. If you haven't... well it'll become apparent at some point. To all you who have followed me from previous works, you know I'm prone to working on several things at once, (helps with avoiding writer's block), and my back is doing great. I was released from the hospital today, a proud owner of a new disc in my L5! Chapter One will be up sometime this evening; Happy Reading! -Lovefremione