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Flight; Chapter Six:

"Umm," Sirius stuttered glancing anxiously around for help.

Harry glared at the man, his tail thrashing around angrily.

"You have a really cute fluffy tail?" Sirius tried.

Harry raised an eyebrow. "I shrunk, I bloody effing shrunk. Years of being the shortest person in school, years Sirius; how can they bloody do this to me!"

"Who?" Sirius asked weakly.

"Them!" Harry threw his hands in the air. "Whoever it is that decides to eff around with my life!"

Sirius watched in disbelief as tears built up in Harry's eyes and started to trickle down his face. "Oh Kit…"

"Two inches daddy, why? It's just not fair."

Sirius pulled the sobbing teen into his arms and stroked up and down his back. "It's fine, Kit. I think you look adorable. Besides, your cute little ears make up the height difference."

"Really?" Harry asked hopefully. "They do?" He turned around to look in the mirror, watching avidly as his ears, his fox ears, twitched back and forth. "I guess they do." He said grudgingly.

"See Kit," Sirius smiled reaching out a hand to caress the silky ears. "Everything is just fine."

"I suppose."

"Hey," Remus asked. "Everything ok now?"

Harry's ear twitched and he nodded. "Yeah, it's ok."

"Those are absolutely adorable Harry," Draco grinned.

Harry gave them a small smile. "Yeah, they are huh. Did you see my tail?" He turned around to show it off.

Remus reached out to stroke the fluffy appendage. "Soft," he smiled.

Harry nodded and turned back to his reflection. His fox ears were the same red as the one lock of hair at his temple, the right one tipped with black the same shade as the rest of his hair. His tail was also red, tipped in black. His build hadn't changed much beyond shrinking that two inches. "I'm hungry, what's for breakfast?"

"Blueberry pancakes, there's a little diner about ten minutes from here." Sirius grinned.

Harry returned the smile happily. Blueberry pancakes were his favorite.

Twenty minutes later, found Harry, under a glamour, and the four men at a cute little family run café.

"How you feeling Kit, any pain left over?"

Harry finished his bite and grimaced. "My… backside hurts a bit."

Draco snorted.

Harry glared at the blonde, reaching over to smack upside the head. "It's not funny."

Sirius grinned. "Will a half dose do? They're Snape's potions, he stocked me up before we left."

"Yeah, I think it will be fine."

Harry quickly took the potion, sighing in relief a moment later as the last of the pain fled. He happily finished his Blueberry pancakes, and drank his tea waiting for the others to finish.

"Anything special you want to do today Kit?"

"I think it would be nice to explore a bit? It's so pretty here. Would it be safe?"

"Safe enough I think," Remus nodded looking at Sirius.

They spent the afternoon strolling around, taking in greenery, and just generally enjoying themselves. Harry especially liked it, being outside felt… right. That evening, they sat down and decided the course they would take getting to their new home. Sirius went to the bank briefly, to send a couple of secure messages; one to Bill, and the other to Billy Black.

Presents and cake, and a happy little kit headed for bed.


Jacob sighed, and sat down to watch the ocean. He found it soothing to watch the waves chase each other, ripples of salty water rushing up the beach, lapping at his toes. The water was warmer this time of year, but unless you were used to it, it was still cold.

Last night he had taken that last step and spoke to the council. Sam had immediately objected, it was the leeches' problem, not theirs. Jacob had stared at him angrily, every time he had tried to speak up, Sam had over ridden him. So for the first time since the change, Jacob had stood up and asserted himself. Sam had been Alpha by his proxy, not because he was naturally the leader of their pack. The fight had been short and brutal, the mental battle eventually giving way to a physical fight. It had been close, but Jacob was the alpha, and he took his position in the end, Sam being forced to acknowledge his authority.

"This is not just the leeches' problem, it is also ours." Jacob growled out. "Bella has become someone we do not know. I no longer trust her; how long until she tells someone something just to spite us?"

"This is the leeches' fault, why do we have to deal with it?" Paul sneered.

"Because in the end, the leeches' are our brothers," Jacob said softly. "Natural enemies yes, but can you deny that we are both removed from the humans?" He turned to look at each pack member, then the elders of the clan. Jacob shook his head. "She has become a danger. Charlie… he's not aware of the games his daughter is playing. What she is doing, could get him hurt as well."

Billy Black straightened up. "You really think it has gone that far son?" Charlie was his best friend and he didn't want him to get hurt.

"Yes," Jacob sighed. "Bella's changed. And not just because of the leeches',"
he turned to glare at Sam. "I don't know what has happened to her, but I… We need to speak with the Cullen's."

"Why must we speech with the leeches'," Sam bit out angrily.

"Were you listening," Jacob snapped. "Whatever we decide to do, we'll have to tell the Cullen's anyway. It would be better to speak with them first."

Jacob stood up abruptly, decision made. He would cross the border and speak with the head of the coven.


Gringotts was busy. Dumbledore had spent the last week trying to get into Harry's vaults, and the Goblins were getting irritated. It had fallen to Bill to explain to the old man that it didn't matter what paperwork he presented. They had standing orders that no matter what was presented, if didn't come directly from a certain three people, he wouldn't be getting into Harry's vaults.

Bill sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. Dealing with Dumbledore, and the Order, and Voldemort, and the Prophet was beginning to take his toll on him; and on top of that, Harry's birthday was today. He knew from the various reports, that only one group had gotten anywhere close to Harry, but they had been unsuccessful. The locating net they had tried to cast had been just that much too late.

Hestia Jones was especially angry. Apparently Sirius had stuck his tongue out at her and laughed. "Damn man, what they hell is he thinking taking off with Potter that way?" she had paced up and down the Great Hall fuming.

On top of everything else, the Order had been unceremoniously evicted from Grimmauld Place; Bill of course had been expecting it. Dumbledore having had been there when the wards changed, had been dumped outside on his arse. Bill had laughed himself sick later that day; he had never in his entire life heard Dumbledore swear, and at the evening's emergency meeting, the old man had been cussing up a storm.

The redhead finally gathered up his waning energy, and stood to head for home just and an interoffice memo came flying into his office to land on his desk. Folded inside the short envelope bearing his name was three letters.


Harry's inheritance went fine. He's got the cutest little fox ears and fluffy tail. As you probably already know, the Order was unsuccessful last night. In fact I made Hestia pretty mad, or at least I hope I did. Never liked that woman much anyway, she seemed to think it would be ok to try and seduce my wolf.

Anyway, we'll be spending the next week slowly making our way to Forks. We could use a new stock of pain potions if you think you could get some to us. Harry had to use a little more than we thought he would, but then again my little Kit grew three extra appendages over night. Remus says to tell Sniv thanks for the ones he was able to get us originally.

If you are able, Draco has enclosed a short note for his parents… but only if you can get it to them without compromising your safety. Also included is a letter to my contact in Forks, if you could also see that that gets to him. Harry wants you to know that he misses you all and that he loves you and hopes to see you soon. He said it's ok to give the twins the key to that vault now.

Good Luck, The Marauders

Bill grinned at the message, and pulled out the pictures attached to the back. Harry was indeed adorable with his little ears and tail.


It had taken Harry an extra week to learn how to control his magic. The first time he had tried to use his wand, it had exploded. He'd looked at the shattered pieces of holly and teared up. His wand had been his escape. Remus had seen how much losing his wand had affected him, and using a nifty piece of transfiguration, had made Harry a bracelet from the pieces of shattered wood. The phoenix feather had had an unbreakable charm placed around it, and Remus had shrunk it and attacked to the bracelet as a charm. The thoughtful gift had made Harry tear up even more, and the little kit had spent the rest of the day cuddled up on this papa's lap.

After the accident with his wand, Remus and Sirius had spent the next week re-teaching the first five years of his magical education wandlessly. The first day he had been able to place the glamour on himself, had been cause for celebration; so Sirius spent the day looking and was able to find a naturally warded area, and after casting a few more anti muggle charms, the two teens had been let out on their brooms.

The adults had gotten a good laugh watching them. Draco had taken to grabbing Harry's tail in order to slow the other teen down, and Harry had retaliated in kind later, by charming all of the blonds' hair off. Draco had screamed for the entire two hours it had taken Harry to finally counter the charm. Draco hadn't touched the kit's tail since.

Their arrival in Forks, Washington had been anticlimactic at best. They had taken muggle transport for the trip across the pond, and from the airport to their new home. Draco and Sirius being the only ones awake enough to appreciate the limo Sirius had arranged. The exhausted foursome stumbled though the front door, and opened bleary eyes enough to locate beds and collapse for some much needed rest. Harry especially was tired, learning to control his extra magic, and holding a glamour charm for two days straight had been tiring, but he'd managed well.

Upon waking, the first thing that Harry noticed, or rather felt, was the extensive wards all around the property. Bill had done a fine job, and if Harry wasn't mistaken, he also felt a few goblin spun wards. Bladder about to explode, he hurried to, what he delightfully discovered, his ensuite and took care of necessary business for the day. A nice long hot shower later, he hurridly dressed and made his way down to the kitchen.

"Hey kit," Sirius was leaning against the counter with a cup of tea in hand, bare foot with damp hair. "You took a long shower, you feeling ok?"

"Yeah, just needed a boost."

Sirius handed a cup of tea to the kit. "We have just the basics stocked, so I thought we head out for breakfast, then hit the market."

Harry nodded. "The other two up yet?"

"Blondie's primping, and Remy should be down in a few minutes."

Harry finished his tea and stood to rinse his cup. "Do we have transportation?"

Sirius grinned widely, "Sure do, go take a look." He gestured towards a door situated in the corner.

Harry rolled his eyes and wandered over, pulling the door open and reached out to flick the light switch next to his elbow. "Geez," Harry hollered, "conspicuous much Siri?"

Sirius brushed past him to lovingly pat the bonnet of his suv. Sitting in their garage was a BMW ActiveHybrid X6, silver with black flames streaking down the sides.

"If the paint job doesn't get us noticed, the car itself certainly well; you couldn't stick with a Toyota or something could you?" Harry shook his head exasperatedly.

Sirius pouted turning around to face his son. "You don't like it?"

Harry rolled his eyes affectionately. "It's very nice dad."

Sirius grinned and swopped over to hug his kit, a hand reaching up to pet soft ears.

Remus wandered out with Draco, watching fondly as father and son had a moment, "Breakfast?"

Harry pulled back grinning at Remus, "Hey dad, can I drive?"


"Is there something we can do for you?" Carlisle asked politely. They had met Jacob at the treaty line per the werewolf's request.

"We need to talk about Bella."