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Chapter 113 - Away Game and Going Away

On the way out of the hospital, I told Edward about Jake's confession and apology. Edward nodded as I explained. "While I don't like the thought of another man liking you that way, I'm glad he's over it, and that he apologized." He wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "I could tell his behaviour bothered you, so I'm happy that you guys were able to work things out."

I smiled up at him. "Me, too." I was glad that wasn't getting jealous. He had nothing to worry about, and I was sure that he understood that.

We walked out to the car and Edward, always a gentleman, opened my door for me. As we drove back to his place, I asked him how Paul was doing. I wasn't going to pry and ask what he said to Edward. I saw Paul as a friend and I just wanted to make sure he was doing alright. "He's okay. I think it's just going to take him a little time. He saw two of his friends shot."

"He's lucky he has you." I said quietly. "He'll get through this, right?"

"I think so. I'd like to hang out with him when we get back. Maybe, he and I could play our guitars together or something; you know, to take his mind of things for a while." Edward thought out loud.

"I think that would be great." I said, smiling. "You would probably enjoy some guy time." I giggled.

Edward laughed. "Are you implying that I'm turning girly?" He asked as we pulled up to his house.

I leaned over and kissed him. "Of course not. You're the manliest man I know." I giggled.

He smiled back at me. "Good answer."

We ran inside to use the bathroom. We came back down the stairs to find the Carlisle and Esme waiting on the deck for us. Emmett had Alice on his back and was running around the front yard, making her giggle. "Do you want us to take those two?" Edward laughed, watching his brother and sister.

"Sure, if you don't mind?" Carlisle said.

"It's no problem. Enjoy the quiet." Edward laughed.

"How are the boys at the hospital?" Esme asked me as we walked towards the car.

"They're doing okay. Alec will be home in a couple of days, but I think Jake is having a hard time dealing with the shooting, more so even than his recovery." I told her. "I think he really likes our visits though." I smiled. "They liking talking to Edward, too."

"It's so nice you can be there for them, Bella." Esme gave me a hug. "Drive safe." She said, getting into the car with Carlisle.

Edward held open the passenger door for me. I leaned up and kissed his chin. "Emmett, your brother's holding the door for you." I called out. Edward laughed at me and shook his head.

"Awesome." Emmett said, running over. He kissed my cheek and got in the car. "You rock, Bella."

Edward opened the back door and I crawled in after Alice. "Sometimes, best friends just need to ride with each other. Right, Alice?" I said.

"Right." She said, with a huge smile.

Edward got in the car and we pulled out of the driveway after Carlisle. The forty-five minute drive to Port Angeles was so fun with Alice. She had so many stories to tell from school. "Bella, remember how I'm going to dance at the end of the year assembly at school?" She asked.

"Yes. Of course I remember." I told her.

"Well, guess who coming to watch me?" She asked, looking excited. "My nanny and grandpa. And, they're coming all the way from Chicago."

"What? I didn't know they coming to visit?" Edward sounded surprised, but happy.

"Oh, they just called this morning after breakfast." Emmett added. "I'm psyched." It was so cute how much the Cullen kids loved their grandparents.

"You are going to love nanny and grandpa, Bella." Alice said. "They are so nice, and grandpa always has candy in his pockets." I laughed with her. They sounded great. "Where do your grandparents live, Bella?"

"Oh, um. I don't have any, Alice. My only family are my mom and dad." I told her.

"Well, we have enough family to share, Bella. Seriously." Emmett laughed. Edward looked at me through the mirror and winked at me.

I knew that Edward was very close with his grandparents, Elizabeth and Edward Masen. I was actually really excited to meet them. If I had learned anything about Edward's family so far, it was that they were all amazing people. The Bella I was a month ago, would have been a nervous wreck, thinking of meeting Edward's grandparents, but the bond I had with Edward was even stronger now, and I knew his family only wanted what was best for Edward; what made him happy. I almost couldn't wait the two weeks for them to get here. I loved learning everything about Edward, and his family was a piece of him.

We pulled up to the baseball diamond in Port Angeles, and all got out of the car. Alice, Esme and I all ran to use the school bathrooms. When we came back, Carlisle, Edward and Emmett, had saved us some seats. We went to join them. "Hey, baby." Edward said, wrapping his arm around my shoulder, and leaning in for a quick kiss. "Are you hungry? We sort of skipped lunch, except for your delicious banana bread."

"Actually, yeah." I said, kissing him again. "I'll have whatever you want, Edward."

"Okay. I'll be right back." Edward said, getting up. "Come on, Em. Food run." We all laughed, and little Alice ran to go with them.

"Oh, look. Jasper team is batting first." Esme pointed out at the line up of guys. Jasper looked up at the stands, and waved when he saw us. I pulled my camera out of my purse and snapped a picture of him in the line-up for Maria. I had promised to take pictures for her.

Edward came back and sat beside me. He had a huge Styrofoam tray of French fries covered in gravy, with two forks and a huge coke. "Is this okay?" He said, with a big smile on his face.

"It's perfect." I said, stabbing my fork into the fries and shoving a huge forkful into my mouth. I was trying not to laugh as I chewed, because Edward was laughing at me.

He picked up a napkin and wiped my face. "Gravy." He winked at me. We kept eating as the game started. We all cheered when Jasper came up to bat. He hit a groundball out past the shortstop which got him to first base. I put my fork down and snapped a photo of him standing on the base.

The Port Angeles Roughriders played a good game, but Jasper and his team were phenomenal as usual, and took the game 7-2. Jasper came over, and Edward and I gave him a quick hug. "You were great, bro." Edward said, patting his back. I snapped a quick picture of them together.

"Sorry, Jasper. I promised Maria." I laughed.

"That's okay. I understand." He said, blushing a little. He ran off with the team to hit the showers.

The rest of the Cullens came over to give us hugs. Apparently, Edward and I were officially starting our weekend together from here. We weren't going back to Forks.

It was almost five o'clock by the time we got in the car and headed east. "So, my sweet, gorgeous, sexy boyfriend." I said with a smile. "Are you going to tell me where we're going now?"

He looked so excited. "Well, I have to say I like the bribery." He laughed. "Okay, I'll tell you. We're going to a bed and breakfast in Port Townsend. It's a historical little place right on the beach."

Tears welled up in my eyes. "Edward." I cried. "I can't believe you planned this for us."

"Aw. Baby, don't cry." He said, reaching over to squeeze my hand. "It's only forty-five minutes from Port Angeles."

"I just can't over how perfect you are." I said, wiping my eyes.

We drove into the beautiful town at about quarter to six. The streets were lines with Victorian buildings. It was quaint and just gorgeous. We pulled up to a beautiful two story mansion, the Commander's House, and Edward parked the car. The house was white with forest green shutters. I could see the ocean from the house. It was incredible. A light wind came off of the water, and the salty sea air blew through my hair. This was going to be an amazing weekend.