I have loved her for as long as I can remember.

It was a day in early september.

I watch as she walks by the store everyday.

Wondering if she will come in today.

Her smile brings joy to my heart.

I never want to be apart.

She doesn't even know I exist.

If I weren't here I would never be missed.

If only she knew what I felt.

Her voice makes me want to melt.

I am in love with the girl who goes hunting everyday.

Wishing for once that I got my way.

I wish she knew that I was here.

Waiting for her to come near.

She just passes by with that boy.

He always seems to bring her joy.

How jealous I am of him.

Even of her little sister Prim.

They both know her so well.

I am only under her spell.

But to her I only remain unseen.

For I am in love with Katniss Everdeen.