Hey evryone do you wanna be in the Games? We'll here's your chance! Heres the spot that are taken and avilable...


District 1-luxury idems for Capital


Female- Madame Tueur (Nice Career)(17)

District 2- Medicine and Doctors

Male-Stephano Alstar(13)

Female-Cassandra Night(Twirlgirl821)(18)

District 3-Factories and Technology


Female- Johanna Roshall (Narcissa-Weasly)(13)

District 4-Fishing

Male-Johnathan(John) Anders(17)

Female-Danielle Bower(luvdizney)(13)

District 5-Mathematics

Male-Richard Diez(12)

Female-Nan Weatherall(Turq8)(13)

District 6-Science


Female-Samira Parsa(samira parsa)(12)

District 7-Lumber and paper products

Male-Nikoli Mason(dracocrazy322)(14)

Female-Guenevere Valkyrine(-ForeverStartsTonight)(13)

District 8-Textiles

Male-Alex Roggers(13)

Female-Ivory Ford(kawaii234)(15)

District 9-Hunting

Male-Aiden Lightman(Aiden DarkStone)(15)

Female-Lily Andrews(FriendofMine)(16)

District 10-Livestock

Male-Paul Sterk(tboz01)(17)

Female-Drina Faye(DaisyInTheField)(16)

Disrtict 11-Agriculture

Male-Rye Hiram(imma pirate argg)(17)

Female-Carlee Berry(Gia-is-hungry)(15)

District 12-Coal Mining

Male- Luke Alanzo(16)

Female-Robin Oppel(headintheclouds120)(18)

Thank you for joining Your Hunger Games! Hope you enjoy it! And may the odds be ever in your favor!