Okay, I realize I owe you all a new chapter of Change of Fate. And in my defense I started writing it... And then my computer ate it. I am serious it just disappeared. Which make me mad and want to beat my computer up. Grrrr... Anyway, I decided to post this to hold you over. It has Lyssa, Artie and our fave brothers in it. I finished this awhile ago and I never intended to post it but... Now seems like the best time. For those of you who don't read Change of Fate and are just checking thsi out for the fun of it, that is cool too. So, my plans are for this to be a two shot at the most and not a full length story. However, since I will be slaving away on Change of Fate, (I promise) you may have to wait awhile for the second shot to this story but you will get it.


Artie read the spell over again. She could so do this. No problem. It wasn't even that hard. She heard Sam open the motel room door. She shoved the book under her pillow. She smiled at him. He walked over to her and kissed her on the cheek. She sat back and watched as he pulled off his shirt. She sighed. That was her man in all his glory. Damn, he was hot.

"Lyssa and Dean gone to question the witness?" Artie asked.

"Yeah. Can you believe he called me over there because he couldn't find his tie? And Lyssa wasn't any help standing there and laughing at him," Sam answered going though his bag for his shaving kit.

"It's Dean, Sam. Nothing he does surprises me anymore."

"Good point. So, I am finally going to go take my shower. What are you doing?"

"Well, I was going to read. I'll be fine. Go on and take your shower."


Artie watched Sam go in the washroom. He shut the door. She grabbed the book and got off the bed. She went over to her bag and pulled out her casting kit as she called it. She sat on the floor and opened the bag.

She pulled out the white and black candles. She put them aside then grabbed the white chalk. She drew the pentagram on the floor. She put the white candle on the right side and the black candle on the left. She grabbed the book again. She smiled. No incantation, just mediation. She could do that. Mediate and poof, what she was thinking about would appear. And considering Sam could take long ass showers she had time. She smiled and closed her eyes.

She focused her mind and thought about what she wanted. She didn't know how long she sat there, could have been just seconds or minutes. She had gotten deep into the mediating thing. Until she heard a thump on the floor. She opened her eyes and saw herself staring into a pair of green eyes. She jumped back.

"Son of a bitch, Dean! It is not nice to scare the crap out of people like that!" she said looking at the eldest Winchester.

"Dude, get off of me! Your ass weighs a ton. I told you to work out more," a voice she recognized said from under Dean.

She watched as Dean stood up and got to his feet. She frowned. He was wearing black pyjamas buttons and a grey wife beater. Sam stood up and wore a black jogging suit. Sam didn't own a jogging suit though. She then listened more carefully. She could hear the shower still running.

"Sam?" she asked.

"What, Firefly?" came the answer... From the bathroom. Oh crap. She looked at the two men in front of her.

"Jensen, Jared?" she asked praying they would shake their heads.

"Yeah, and you are?" Jensen asked looking around the room and wondering why it looked like one of the motel rooms they made on set.

"In deep, deep shit."

Lyssa yanked off the suit jacket the minute they came out of the woman's house. She rolled up the blouse's sleeves all the while very aware that Dean was watching her every move. She got to the impala and opened the passenger door. She tossed her jacket in. Her heels followed. Dean stood in front of her and gave her a smile.

"So, she wasn't much help huh?" he said taking off his own jacket.

"Nope, not at all. Why is it Sam has a knack for finding the impossible cases?"

"Don't know. Been asking myself that for years. Bambi, you went in there armed."

"Did not."


Dean saw Lyssa smiled. He leaned her against the car. He ran his hand over her hip down her thigh. He felt her knife strapped to the inside of her thigh. He shook his head. He pulled at the fabric of the skirt she wore.

"You are damn lucky that Mrs. Alcott didn't notice anything," he whispered in her ear.

"That old bat wouldn't notice Santa Clause if he came down her chimney."

"And which chimney are we talking about?"

"Dean, not funny."

Lyssa smacked him on the arm. She heard her cell phone ring. She dug in her pocket, the only thing she liked about this skirt, and pulled it out. She flipped it open.

"What?" she asked watching Dean as he walked around the car.

"Ahh, Lys, remember when we were going to do that spell to take us to Jensen and Jared?" Artie asked.

"Artemis, what the hell are you going on about?"

"Well... I kind of, sort of, could have, possibly, maybe, it is possible... I found a spell that brought them to us."

"What? No way. Not funny, Artie."

"I am not joking."

"Artie, I am not going to fall for that crap."

"Lyssa, meet Jensen Ackles."

"Artie, I am not-."

"Hello, Lyssa, is it?"

Lyssa turned sharply. She saw Dean watching her. She must have looked shocked because he raised an eyebrow and looked at her. She turned her back on him again. She closed her eyes.

"Jensen Ross Ackles, born March 1st, 1978?" she asked aware that her hand was shaking.

"Yeah, that's me. At least it was me. Where the hell am I?"

"Shit, shit, shit. I am sooo sorry about this."

"Sorry about what? And why the hell are there two Jareds here and why did the other one tie us up?"

"He probably thinks you two are shapeshifters or demons."

"Okay, cause that so makes sense."

"I am so sorry. We'll be there soon and have this all figured out. Can you do me a favour though?"


"Do not talk about Supernatural. Please."

"I can do that."

"Thanks. Can you put my sister back on?"


Dean watched Lyssa. She had started pacing and was shaking. He went to go over to her. He stopped when he heard her cursing in French. He then heard her yelling at Artie. Oh, she was pissed. After a few minutes she hung up the phone and turned back to look at him. He smiled but she banged her head on the roof of the car. Now he was really worried.

"Bambi?" he asked knowing it had to be bad if she was banging her head. Especially on the impala.

"Dean, you are going to be soo mad."

"Tell me."

"Artie did another spell."

"Son of a bitch, I thought we had this talk two weeks ago when she blew up Bobby's kitchen."

"We did but apparently, she didn't listen."

"How bad?"

"Scale of one to ten?"

"Yep, Winchester scale of 'We are in Shit'."

"Oh, about... a hundred."

"Get in the car and tell me why I can't kill Artie again."

"Sam loves her?"

"He'd get over it."

Lyssa climbed in the car and realized that this was going to be a long ride back.

Artie sat on the bed and watched Sam as he paced around Jensen and Jared. Upon seeing them he had grabbed his gun and ordered her to tie them to chairs from the dinette. She looked at Jared and gave him a tired smile.

"I am so sorry about this," she said.

"Artemis, don't talk to them," Sam said.

"Sam, relax. I told you they are... Well, you and Dean in my world."

"Dude, Jared, you play the crazy one," Jensen said.

"Shut up," Sam said pointing the gun at Jensen.

Jensen looked at the barrel of the gun and started to feel his chest tighten. This wasn't a prop gun that was empty. This gun had real bullets and could kill him. So not cool. He tried taking deep breaths but it wasn't working. He was officially freaking out.

Jared looked at his friend and saw that Jensen was taking deep breaths. He looked up but Sam had pulled the girl, Artie to the far corner and was talking to her. He tried to lean his head closer to Jensen but being tied to a chair made that kind of hard.

"Jen, you okay?" Jared asked.

"No, I am far from okay. Right over there is Sam fucking Winchester. He is suppose to be fictional, not fucking real!" Jensen whispered harshly.

"Jensen, this is going to be alright. I mean... We're dreaming."

Jensen rolled his head and gave Jared a look. He shook his head at his younger friend. Sometimes Jared could be such an idiot.

"A dream? Then why are that chick Artie here and her sister, huh?"

"Well... Maybe we met them at a con. I mean Artie is pretty hot."

"Seriously? Do you think now is the time to think about your libido?"

"Why not?"

Jensen looked away and focused on the wall. It was a good thing that he was tied up because he would have tackled Jared otherwise.

Sam looked at Artie and shook his head when she finished her explanation. She looked up at him her grey eyes widening. He looked at Jensen and Jared.

"All you wanted was the DVDs?" he asked.

"Yeah. Cause I wanted you and Dean to see how... Well, how idiotic you really look. Kind of got them instead."


"Well... Season two had this really hot cover of them on it and my mind might have wandered to that..."

"Might have? They are here!"

"Sorry, okay. But... It's not really that bad is it?"

"Not that... You know what? I'm done! I am officially done with all this craziness."

"What do you mean you're done? Are you breaking up with me?"

"Maybe I should!"

Dean and Lyssa took that moment to walk in. Lyssa looked at Jensen and Jared tied to chairs and winced. She tossed her bag on her and Dean's bed and walked over to them. She felt Dean's eyes boring into her back.

"I am so sorry about Sam. He is a little anal. And well, jumpy, you know. He doesn't trust very easily," she said smiling at them. Jensen immediately felt relieved. He smiled back.

Dean raised an eyebrow and resisted the urge to walk over there and pound the guy's face in. The douche was smiling at his girl. He cleared his throat. Lyssa turned and looked at him.

"Can we talk over there?" he asked.

"Dean, it's cool. This is Jensen Ackles. He... Well, he plays you in my world. Well, my old world," Lyssa said.

"Lyssa, why are you untying them?" Sam asked turning away from Artie and looking at Lyssa.

"Cause they aren't evil Sam. They are... Actors. And Jared Padalecki over here plays you."

"Told you," Artie said sticking out her tongue at him.

"Artemis, don't start. You are the one who did this."

"Yeah, I thought we had a nice long talk after you almost blew us all to kingdom come at Bobby's?" Dean said turning towards Artie and watching Lyssa out of the corner of his eye.

"I don't remember a talk."

"I do. It went along the lines of, no more fuckin magic for you."

"This wasn't magic. I was... Mediating."

Jensen and Jared watched as Sam and Dean looked at each other then back at Artie. It was weird sitting here and being able to basically watch the Winchesters interact with each other. Both brothers crossed their arms on their chests.

"Mediating?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, you know like Lyssa does."

"I don't remember Lyssa ever transporting two guys into our motel room," Sam added.

"Well, I didn't have time to hide them like she does."

Lyssa rolled her eyes and pulled the last rope away from Jensen. She turned and started working on Jared. She felt Jensen watching her. She turned and looked at him. It was like looking at Dean. She looked for any differences but couldn't see any. She went back to undoing the ropes.

"So, we are really here with Sam and Dean?" Jared asked her as Sam and Dean lectured Artie in the background.

"Yeah, you are. My sister's fault. We'll figure out a way to send you both back," Lyssa answered brushing a hair from her face.

"Ah, Lyssa?" Jensen asked.


"Do you have a knife strapped to your thigh?"

Lyssa swore and tried to smooth out the material of her skirt. It wasn't working. She undid the last rope for Jared. She then walked over to the bed and placed her foot on it. She pulled up her skirt and unstrapped the knife holder from her thigh. She turned and saw Jensen and Jared staring at her bare thigh. She suddenly blushed. She had forgotten this wasn't Sam and Dean who were both use to her walking around in her underwear; and who she was comfortable with.

"Dude, I think I like this place," Jared whispered to Jensen.

Jensen smacked him. He watched as Lyssa pulled down her skirt and blushed. She turned and went over to the others. Jensen watched as Dean placed and arm around her waist and pulled her close. Dean looked up and glared at Jensen. Jensen felt like crawling under the chair. So that's how menacing and evil he could look as Dean. Creepy.

Lyssa listened to Artie apologize again. She leaned against Dean. She looked up and met his eyes. He kissed her softly on the lips. She smiled at him.

"Okay, what is the plan, then?" Sam asked pinching the bridge of his nose. He felt a head ache coming on.

"We should call Bobby and tell him the spell Artie used. Maybe he can find a way to send them back," Lyssa said.

"What about the case here? We still have dead bodies missing their hearts," Artie said.

"I ain't hunting with dumb and dumber over there," Dean said.

Lyssa and Artie looked at each other. They started laughing. Dean and Sam looked at them like they had finally lost their minds. Lyssa shook her head tears rolling down her cheeks. Artie tried to stop laughing to tell the Winchesters what was so funny.

"Back home we used to... We called you two dumb and dumber," Artie said taking a deep breath and holding her stomach.

"And your point is?" Sam asked.

"That if they are dumb and dumber, what does that make you two?" Lyssa asked wiping away her tears.

Sam and Dean looked at each other clearly confused. Dean opened his mouth but didn't say anything. Sam rubbed his forehead. The Bennetts sometimes made no sense to him at all. He looked up and saw Jared and Jensen walking towards them. He looked down. It was hard to look at Jared; it was like looking into a damn mirror.

"Ahhh, we were wondering how are you guys going to get us back?" Jensen asked.

"We were just going to talk about that. So, why don't you two go pamper yourselves at a spa or something?" Dean asked smirking at them.

"Dean," Lyssa said.

"Dude, you really are a dick," Jared said.

"Excuse me that is my brother you are talking about," Sam said taking a step forward.

"Sammy," Artie stated pushing her hands against his chest to hold him back.

"Okay, boys enough. We are all going to act like adults here and try and figure this out. Got it?"

Lyssa stood with Artie separating the four men from each other. Lyssa placed one hand on Dean's chest the other on Jensen's. She looked at Artie and rolled her eyes. Artie nodded her head. They looked at the men and saw the glares they were sending each other. Artie had had enough. She whistled and all eyes landed on her.

"Alright boys, here is how we are going to do things. Lys and I are going to go check out the crime scene. Jensen, you and Sam do some research and see if they have been any other attacks around here during a full moon. Jared, you and Dean clean the weapons and get silver bullets ready. I am pretty damn sure it is a werewolf we are dealing with," Artie said.

"I am not-."

"No fucking-."

"These douches have-."

"ENOUGH!" Lyssa yelled.

Everyone was quiet again. Lyssa rubbed her forehead. She took a couple of deep slow breaths. She then looked up at the two pairs of green eyes and two pairs of blue eyes watching her. She looked at Artie. She liked her sister's plan. She looked at the boys.

"Artie has a good plan. I'll get changed and we'll go and check out the scene. While we're gone, could you four try not to kill each other? And Sam, Dean could you give them some clothes to wear?"

"I am not going to let him wear my clothes," Dean stated pointing at Jensen.

"Dean, don't start. Not today."


"Go call Bobby. Get him started on looking for a way to send them back. I'll get them clothes."

"Keys to the impala, please," Artie said holding out her hand to Dean.

Dean cursed but handed them over. He watched as Lyssa tugged on Jensen's arm and pulled him over to Dean's bag. Artie did the same to Jared. Sam stood next to Dean as both Winchesters watched their girls talk and fawn over Jensen and Jared. The Winchesters were not happy campers; in fact they were both brooding.

"Dude, I hate them," Dean said.

"I completely agree," Sam added.

Lyssa walked around the back of the house. She looked up and saw Mrs. Alcott sitting in her arm chair sleeping her mouth hung open. She shook her head and followed Artie to the back door. Artie kneeled down and went to pick the lock. Lyssa kept watch. In twenty seconds the door was open and they were making their way inside. They both wrinkled their noses at the smell. Lyssa closed the door behind her and coughed.

"Why is it they can never hang air fresheners around the place?" she asked as they walked into the kitchen.

"Cause no one is suppose to be in here," Artie said.

They walked into the living room and saw the blood stains all over the place. Lyssa shook her head and took slow deep breaths. She still hadn't gotten over seeing things like this. It still got to her. The loss of life. God, sometimes she just wanted to stay in bed and pull the comforters over her head and pretend everything was alright. Too bad Dean usually bugged her until she got up.

Artie kneeled down and looked at a large blood stain. She pulled a pen out of her pocket and pulled at a piece of hair that was stuck in the blood stain. She pulled it up and held it in front of her face. She sighed. She looked up and showed it to Lyssa. The hair stuck to her pen and she reminded herself to steal one of Sam's later.

"I think I was right. We have a werewolf on our hands," Artie said.

"Oh yay. This is going to be buckets of fun with Jensen and Jared here."

"You were the one who always wanted to know what it would be like to see them hunt monsters."

"Artie, they are here with Sam and Dean! Do you seriously think that our boys are going to let them hunt this thing?"

"No, but... They can help."

"Really? How?"

Artie placed the blood covered hair in to a plastic bag she had pulled from her pocket. She was thinking of an answer for Lyssa. Nothing was coming to mind though. She then went about looking around the room.

"I don't see anything else. Do you?"

"No, I don't. Tell me again why we are doing this?" Lyssa asked kicking a table.

"Cause this is now our life. So, we done here?"

"I guess. McDonald's for lunch?"

"Think Jensen and Jared like McDonald's?"

"They are human right?"

"God, I hope so. Or we are going to be in so much trouble."

Lyssa shook her head and laughed. She led the way to the back door Artie following her. Lyssa held out her hand and Artie tossed her the keys the impala. Lyssa caught them and started to think about what she was going to have for lunch.

Dean clenched his teeth as he grabbed his cell phone to call Bobby. Jensen sat across from Sam at the dinette set and the guy looked just like Dean. Dean's clothes fit him perfectly. Dean dialled Bobby's number then looked at Jared. He was cleaning a knife. Dean hadn't let him anywhere near the guns. Those were his babies. Jared looked up and smiled and Dean had to do a double take. Guy looked like Sam. This was just too weird. Really.

"Yeah?" Bobby asked answering.

"We have a problem," Dean said.

"What happened?"

"Artie used magic again."

"Shit. How bad this time?"

"Well, there a Jason Crackles and Jerry Padaleery here that come from their world."

"Jensen Ackles," Jensen corrected.

"Jared Padalecki," Jared said shaking his head.

"Whatever. Anyway, Artie transported these two smoes here."

"When is she going to learn?"

"I don't know, Bobby. We just need to know how long we have to put up with these two actors."

"What is with the tone?" Jared asked.

Sam rubbed his forehead. No doubt about it now; he had a full blown headache. He got up and went over to his bag and dug around until he found some Tylenol. He popped two without water hoping that would stop the pounding.

"Which book did she use?" Bobby asked sighing.

"Ahh... Sammy, which book did Pyro use?" Dean asked turning around and almost tripping on Lyssa's bag; again for the third time that day. He kicked it praying he didn't break anything.

"Pyro?" Jensen asked looking at Jared. Jared shrugged.

"It's... Imagining one's Riches: A Witch's Guide to Mediation Spells."

"Dude, they seriously called the book that?"

"Yes, Dean they did."

"Alright. Hey, don't touch that. You could lose a finger," Dean said taking a machete away from Jared. Jared looked at him shocked.

"Dude, I handle one of these on set," Jared countered.

"Yeah, probably a dull one. This one isn't dull so... Just sit there and look pretty. I bet you are use to that."

"You are a dick," Jensen said.

"Yeah, well you play me on TV what does that make you?"

Sam sat back at the table and rested his face in his hands. He counted to ten and tried really hard not to scream in frustration. He looked up when the door to the room opened and Lyssa and Artie walked in. He sighed in relief; he didn't think he had ever been so happy to see them in his life.

"Shit," Lyssa said stopping when she just inside the room. Jensen and Dean turned to look at her along with Jared and Sam. Artie stepped beside her sister also shocked. Now that Jensen and Jared were wearing Sam and Dean's clothes it was impossible to tell them apart.

"Ah, Lys, which is which?" Artie asked.

"Ahhh... I was hoping you would know," Lyssa said back.

"Come on, seriously?" Dean asked listening to Bobby ask him again which book Artie had used. He ignored him for now.


"I got this. I know who is who."

Lyssa took a deep breath and marched over to the one she thought was Dean. She pulled him lose and kissed him hard on the mouth. She wrapped her arms around his neck and threw herself into the kiss. He kissed her back his arms coming around her waist and holding her close to him as his tongue roamed her mouth. She pulled away and smiled at him. He smiled back then... Wiped his lips with his hand. She pulled away and turned to look at the one she had thought was Jensen. He was glaring at her in a way that only Dean could pull off. She then looked around their necks. She cursed; the one she had kissed didn't have the amulet.

"Crap," she muttered.

"Actually that was pretty good," Jensen said still wiping lip-gloss from his mouth.

"Take two steps away from my Bambi or I am going to ripe your lungs out," Dean growled.

"Dude, that is humanly impossible," Jared had to say.

"Bambi? Thought your name was Lyssa? Too many hits to the head Dean? Can't remember your 'girlfriend's' name?" Jensen asked using the air quotations.

"What the hell does this mean?" Dean asked mimicking him.

"If you don't know I am not going to tell you."

Lyssa held Dean back when he went to lunge for Jensen. She looked him in the eyes and shook her head. He growled but she held him back her hands firmly on his chest.

"Winchester, calm down. I'm sorry, I thought he was you babe," she said biting her lip.

"He doesn't look anything like me!"

"HELLO? HAS EVERYONE THERE LOST THEIR MINDS!" they all heard Bobby scream though the phone.

Artie took the phone from Dean. She held it to her ear completely prepared for the lecture she was about to receive.

"Hey Bobby," Artie said.

"Artemis, I... I don't even know where to start."

"I'm sorry. I... I didn't mean for this to happen."

"You never do, honey but something always does."

Jensen and Jared watched as Artie started pacing while talking on the phone. They both jumped when she opened her hand and a flame appeared. Then her whole hand went up in flames. Jensen looked at Jared. Jared looked at him both were clearly confused. They turned and looked at Lyssa but she was busy trying to soothe Dean so he wouldn't want to murder Jensen anymore.

"That is not normal," Jensen said.

"Dude, look where we are. I think we passed normal on the street a long time ago," Jared answered.

Dean was still glaring at Jensen. He let Lyssa pull him away and to a corner in the room. He looked down at her and saw her wiping her mouth. She looked up and met his eyes. He sighed and ran a hand over his face.

"So, that's Jensen. When you came here you thought I was him," he stated softly.

"I did. But... You aren't him and... He isn't you," Lyssa answered reaching out and taking his hand.

"He could give you a better life."

"He's been dating the same girl for three years."

"Really? Huh. Yet, you were still crushing on him."

"What? A girl can dream."

"Alright. I'll remember that the next time you hit me for drooling over Angelina Jolie."

"Thanks, Bobby. I'll tell them... Yes, I will try to stop them from killing them," Artie said hanging up.

"Well?" Sam asked looking at Artie.

"Well... Jensen, Jared get comfy. You two are going to be stuck here for two days. Spell wears off in forty eight hours," Artie said tossing Dean's phone at him.

"Great, just beautiful," Dean muttered.

"So, what are we going to do?" Jared asked looking at everyone in the room.

"There is still a werewolf out there," Lyssa said.

"They are not hunting," Dean stated pointing at Jensen and Jared.

"I didn't say they should. But we are. Artie and I checked out the house and nothing really screamed at us. Sammy, what did you find?" Lyssa asked pulling off her hoodie and walking over to Sam.

"Well, our victim, Rick Springs liked to... Well..." Sam trailed off.

"Sam?" Artie asked.

"He picked up hookers. And I found three other attacks... This time on the hookers, their hearts were also missing."

"Are you guys serious?" Jensen asked looking at the four hunters.

"Yes, we are. So, a werewolf who targets the hookers more than the johns. Alright, looks like one of us is going to be a hooker," Lyssa said.

"I vote Dean. About time he started to make some real money," Artie teased.

"Wait. Are you saying that one of you is going to be... bait?" Jared asked.

"Yep. That is usually how it works," Sam said getting up.

"That is nuts! What if the werewolf gets a hold of one of you?"

"Well, then it eats us," Dean said feeling a headache coming on.

"Alright, I'll be the hooker," Lyssa said sighing and going over to her bag to dug though it for her most slutty clothes.

"What?" Jensen and Dean said at the same time.

"Artie was bait last time and since the werewolf seems to targeting the female hookers... That leaves me. Sam, maybe you could go to the library and go back into the records and see if the werewolf has been here a while and done this before."

"Alright. Artemis, you coming?"

"Ah... Could I maybe come too?" Jared asked looking at Sam and Artie. Looking at Sam was never going to get easier. Although, Jared did notice one difference between them; Sam's eyes held this haunted look in them that Jared knew came from all the painful experiences he had lived though. Plus he thought maybe he spent more time with Sam he could study him and get to know him better. And he really wanted to ask Artie how the hell her and her sister had gotten sucked into this world and why they had stayed.

"Sure. The more the merrier," Artie said.

"Artemis is just saying that because she hates research," Sam added grabbing his coat and bag.

"What? It is not fun to sit there and read old files coated in dust."

"Guys, can you please try to act like adults," Lyssa asked dumping her duffel bag on the bed.

"We'll try. Dean, we'll call you in a couple hours," Sam said as they left.

Jensen glared at Jared but Jared just followed Artie out of the room. Sam was the last one out and he closed the door behind him. Jensen turned and saw Dean eyeing him. He looked down at the floor uncomfortable with the elder Winchester's glaze.

"So, what do we do now?" Jensen asked looking at Lyssa as she grabbed a short jean skirt and tossed it on the other bed.

"Bambi and I hunt this werewolf. You try to stay out of the way," Dean said walking over to the weapons bag and pulling out the silver bullets and Lyssa and his guns.

"Dean, stop it. The plan is we wait till dark then I go out there and pretend to be a hooker. Hopefully, since tonight is a full moon, we'll catch the werewolf before it eats another person. If not... Then we'll have to join Sam and Artie in the library for more research to try and figure who the werewolf is before the next full moon," Lyssa explained finding the shortest lowest cut shirt she owned.

"You really hunt with the Winchesters?"

"Yeah, I really do. Not that it was easy getting grouchy pants over there to let me."

"Excuse me? I didn't want this life for you."

"Well too bad. This is your life, and since I want to share your life, it becomes my life by default."

"Bambi, I still really don't get why anyone would choose this life."

"I'm with him. Lyssa, why did you and Artie stay here? How the hell did you get here anyway?"

Lyssa stood up and turned to look at Jensen. She sat on the bed and pulled off her sneakers. She sat her legs crossed under her and she patted the place beside her. Jensen looked at Dean. Dean turned and started to fill the clips with silver bullets and triple check the guns. Jensen walked over and sat beside Lyssa on the bed.

"Artie did a spell and we ended up here. We got here two days after Dean got back from Hell. We decided to stay because... Well, we thought Sam and Dean needed us. They still need us. It hasn't been easy, and there are some things I would give anything not to have seen or know about but... Here with the Winchesters, I feel more at home than I ever did back our world," Lyssa said looking up and meeting Jensen's glaze.

"He really went to Hell?" Jensen asked looking at Dean with some new found respect.

"Everything you and Jared have filmed on the show really happened to Sam and Dean. Yeah, Dean made the deal, went to Hell and got saved by an angel. And it's... It has changed him. And the nightmares..." Lyssa trailed off softly. So softly Jensen barely heard her.

"So, you just stayed. After everything you saw back home about what could happen, you just stayed."

"There really was no other choice, Jensen. I... I loved Dean. I use to feel like a complete nutcase for being in love with a fictional character but here... He's not fictional, you are. Dean Winchester is a real person, and... I'm in love with him. Cas told me once I was meant to be with Dean all along. I laughed at him but... Maybe he was right."

"Wait, Cas as in Castiel?"

"Yeah, our guardian angel who is never around when you really need him. Look, you don't have to worry about any of this. In forty hours or so, you and Jared will be back home and all this will seem like a nightmare."

"What about you?"

"Me? I'll be doing what I have been doing for awhile. Go to bed beside Dean and wake up beside him. Fight beside him and love him. After awhile, none of this seems weird. You... Well, you get use to it."

Jensen didn't say anything. He watched as Lyssa got up. She smiled at him as she grabbed the clothes from the other bed. She walked over to Dean. She wrapped an arm around him and whispered something in his ear. He nodded. She then kissed him on the cheek and walked to the washroom. The door shut quietly behind her and Jensen looked at Dean.

"Bambi told me to play nice, said not to kill you," Dean said looking at Jensen as he clicked the safely of the gun in his hand off.

"Really?" Jensen swallowed.

"Yep. So, I'll play nice but let me tell you something, you kiss my girl again and one werewolf is going to get a feast tonight. Got it?"

"Loud and clear."

"Good to know."

Dean turned away from Jensen and smirked a little. He placed the guns in the weapon bag and hoped that Sam actually found the identity of the werewolf before Lyssa went out there dressed as a hooker and became bait. He hated it when his girl was bait.

Jared watched Artie and Sam go through piles of files. He admired their patience with this; he was ready to toss them aside and leave. He watched as Artie ran a hand along the back of Sam's neck as she walked past him with another box of files. He saw this smile come over Sam's face and in that moment Jared saw that Sam did have happiness in him; Artie made him happy.

Artie sat beside Jared with the box of files. She opened it and handed him a pile of files. She looked at him and smiled.

"Not as fun as you thought it would be, huh?" she said.

"Not really. Artie, why... What are you doing here? Why don't you go home?" Jared asked opening a file.

"Home doesn't have Sam. It has you but... Yeah, sorry Jared but I love Sammy."

"You know, you aren't the first person who has told me they like Sam better than me."

"Really? You and what's her name not working out?"

Artie smiled when Jared laughed. She looked up and saw Sam frowning as he read a file. She knew that that was Sam face for 'I found something that no one is going to like'. She closed the file and tossed it back in the box.

"No, really, why are you and Lyssa still here?" Jared asked doing the same with his file.

"We wanted to stay. And... Lyssa loves Dean and I love Sam. We didn't want to leave the people we loved behind."

"What about the people who love you back home?"

"Jared, we have more people who love us here then there are back home."

"I find that hard to believe."

"Well, it isn't. Sammy, you found something?" Artie asked wanting to steer away from the conversation about the life she had left behind.

"Maybe. Do you remember the name of the witness that Lys and Dean interviewed today?" Sam asked grabbing another file.

"Mmm, Alreyck... Nope, Alcott, that's it. Mrs. Alcott."


"What?" Jared asked leaning forward so he could read over Sam's shoulder.

"Five years ago, a Margo Alcott moves here from St. Petersburg Florida. That's when the killings with the missing hearts starts. Firefly, grab my laptop," Sam said closing a file.

"Why?" Jared asked grabbing the file and reading it in detail.

"I need to make sure Alcott is the werewolf. There might be a police record of her reporting a robbery or attack."

"Like Madison."

Sam sucked in a breath and looked at Jared. He didn't notice when Artie placed his laptop in front of him. He did feel her arms come around his shoulders. He ran a hand over his face and felt all those feelings coming back from that night. He could actually feel the gun in his hand as he pulled the trigger.

"You... You know about that?" Sam asked.

"Uh, yeah. Sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up," Jared said realizing his mistake.

"Yeah, you shouldn't of."

Artie shook her head at Jared. He nodded and watched as Sam booted up his laptop. Jared looked out the window. It was already getting dark. He wondered if they would figure this out before Dean and Lyssa had to head out.

"Fuck, I hate this," Dean muttered as he watched Lyssa walk down the street her skirt barely covering her ass.

"Yeah, I feel you," Jensen said cocking his head to one side watching Lyssa walk down the street.

Dean looked at him and resisted the urge to reach across the seat of the impala and strangle the guy. He took a deep breath like Lyssa told him to do when he got angry. Too bad that this time it wasn't helping.

"Do you mind not staring at my girlfriend like she's a piece of meat?" Dean asked though clenched teeth.

"Wow, never thought I'd see the day," Jensen said looking at him.


"Dean Winchester is in love. Wow, if Kripke could see this he'd die."

"And why is me being in love so shocking?"

"Hasn't Lyssa told anything about how fans are about the show?"

"Not really. She doesn't like to talk about it."

"Well, I'll tell you this. Our fan base is mostly girls. Girls that really don't like to share us with anyone else. Females on our show... Well, most of them don't make it past one season."

"Are you saying that if Bambi was on the TV show... She'd be dead?"

"Probably. So, she never talks about it?"

Before Dean could answer his cell phone went off. He looked up and smiled when he saw Lyssa standing on the street corner her cell phone to her ear. He pulled his cell out and 'Brown Eyed Girl' by Van Morrison echoed in the impala. He flipped his phone open and placed it to his ear ignoring the look Jensen was giving him.

"Hey, Bambi. See anything?" Dean asked.

"No, not yet. All I see is an empty street. No hookers or anything," Lyssa answered.

"Probably got smart and stopped."

"Or they moved which means our wolf might move too.'

"Shit, that is true."

"Yeah. Crap, it is chilly out here."

"Well, I could come over there and warm you up."

"Dude, I am sitting right here," Jensen said letting his head bang against the passenger window.

"And you point would be?"

"Dean, are you bugging Jensen?"

"Me? Never."

"Uh huh. Baby, leave him alone alright? He'll be gone in no time and then it'll be back to normal."

"I just... Hold on."

Jensen raised an eyebrow as Dean climbed out of the car. He saw Lyssa watching him. Even from the distance he could tell that her eyes were on Dean and Dean alone. Jensen sat back and wondered how long Lyssa and Dean had been together. How long had the Bennetts been here doing this crazy ass job. He turned and looked at Dean's back when the eldest Winchester leaned against the driver's door of the impala.

"What is it, Dean?" Lyssa asked her eyes on him.

"I just look at him and a part of me... I wonder if maybe you were in love with how he played me on TV and not the real me," Dean answered.

"Winchester, I love the real you. You do see me racing to be in his arms now do you?"


"Then stop it with... Dean, baby I have to call you back."


Dean turned and looked at Lyssa. She wasn't looking at him though she was looking off to her right. He followed her glaze and saw what she was looking at. The werewolf.

"Cause I am about to become werewolf chow."

Lyssa hung up her cell phone and placed it in her pocket. She slowly reached behind her and pulled her gun out from where she had tucked it in the back of her jean skirt. She took slow steady steps backwards leading the werewolf into an alley where it would be away from other people. The werewolf walked under the street light and Lyssa cursed. It was Mrs. Alcott.

"Of course it has to be you," she muttered hearing her heels click on the pavement.

The werewolf howled and ran towards Lyssa. Lyssa turned and started running down the alley. She kept looking over her shoulder and saw the werewolf following her. She looked ahead and saw a construction site. Bingo, she would lead the werewolf there and hope that she could shoot it. At the moment that didn't seem very likely though.

Sam hung up his cell phone and looked at Artie. He shook his head. Artie turned the corner almost flipping their rental car. He heard Jared curse in the backseat and knew how he felt. He had found out the hard way that Artie drove like a freakin manic. If the car had seatbelts you bucket in. If she was driving the impala you said your prayers that she didn't crash. However, he understood why she was driving crazy now. If Dean wasn't answering his cell and neither was Lyssa that meant that the werewolf could have showed already and that they needed back up.

"Nothing?" Jared asked leaning in between the seats from the back.

"Nothing. Which means that the werewolf must have showed," Sam said.

"Shit. Which street did Dean say they were going to be staking out?" Artie asked stopping for a red light.

"McKenzie and Logan," Jared said.

"Turn left at the next turn," Sam said seeing the street signs.

Artie waited and saw the light go green. She slammed her foot down on the gas pedal and the tires squealed as she sped forward. She griped the steering wheel tight and hoped Lyssa and Dean were okay. She had never gotten over worrying about her sister on these hunts. Lyssa was too much like Dean at times; she would sacrifice her own safety and health to insure that the others weren't hurt. Artie saw the turn and flipped on the signal and took the corner not slowing down at all. She heard Jared curse again and felt like telling him to shut up. She was quickly losing patience with having him with them.

Sam grabbed his bag and pulled out the guns checking them. He turned and looked at Jared. He tried to decide whether or not to give him a gun. He knew that Dean would have a cow but for all he knew they could seriously use the back up. He knew Lyssa and Dean when they hunted, they both tried to insure that the other didn't get hurt. And at the end there was usually a screaming match back at the motel between them.

"Jared, how much have you handled guns?" Sam asked.

"You are not going to seriously arm him?" Artie asked slamming on the breaks as they came to a red light.

"I handle them a lot on set," Jared said.

"Are they loaded?"

"With blanks."

"Good enough. This is loaded with silver bullets. Hit the werewolf not one of us."

"Got it."

"Dude, you just gave an actor a loaded gun. I was wrong, Dean is not the craziest Winchester, you are," Artie muttered.

"We need the backup."

"Dean and Lyssa are going to kill you."

"Ah, question," Jared said.

"What?" Artie asked seeing the green light and speeding away.

"Where is the trigger?"

Sam turned and saw Jared's smile. He smiled back and started laughing when he heard Artie muttering under her breath about stupid idiots. Sam leaned back in the seat and kept his eyes open on the street for Dean, Lyssa and the werewolf. This was probably not going to end well.

Dean ran into the construction site. He looked around and swore when he didn't see Lyssa or the werewolf. He knew Lyssa would lead the thing in here. He had taught her well as a hunter. He turned when he heard a yell from the far end of the yard. He ran that way and found Lyssa laying on the ground grabbing for her gun as the werewolf dug its claws into her leg dragging her away.

"Not today," Dean said taking aim and taking a couple of shots.

He hit the werewolf high in the shoulder above its heart. Dean cursed and went to aim again. The werewolf saw him and dropped Lyssa's leg and turned towards him. It got down on all four and leaped at him. He backed up taking a couple of shots but they went wide and missed the werewolf entirely. He turned to run but the thing landed on his back and knocked him to the ground.

Lyssa winced and turned to look at her leg. She saw the claw marks on her shin and the many cuts from the gravel as the thing had dragged her across the ground. She turned and saw Dean and it rolling around on the ground a few feet away from her. She reached for her gun but couldn't reach it. She crawled towards it biting her lip as she felt more cuts and scratches form on her body. She reached her gun and grabbed it. She pushed herself up to her feet. She aimed but couldn't get a clear shot.

"Dammit! Winchester, move!" she yelled at Dean flicking off the safety.

Dean saw Lyssa standing there holding the gun. He shoved the werewolf off of him and rolled away. He heard four shots then a short pause followed by three more. He then heard nothing. He turned and saw the werewolf standing there shocked. It then fell to the ground at Lyssa's feet. Dean pushed himself up. He turned and saw Jensen, Jared, Sam and Artie come running around the corner. He smiled and walked over to Lyssa. He swung her up in his arms knowing she wasn't able to stand much longer on her own.

"Just in time to bury the body. Or burn it, which ever you prefer," he said walking over to them.

"Is she okay?" Jensen asked seeing the blood on Lyssa's right leg.

"Do I look okay?" Lyssa snapped wincing in pain.

"Yeah, dumb question Jensen," Jared said flicking the safety back on the gun he held in his hands.

"You shut up."

Jensen smiled at Jared. Dean sighed and looked at Lyssa. Lyssa didn't care. She tossed her gun at Sam who caught it no problem. Sam nodded at her no words needed between them. She then buried her face in Dean's neck as he carried her back to the impala.

"Don't worry about Lys, she just gets cranky when she gets hurt," Sam explained.

"Which has been a lot lately. So, bury or burn?" Artie asked looking at Sam.

"Burn. Jensen go get the gasoline in the trunk of the impala. Jared, Artie let's look for some kindling."

"Dude, we are in a construction site. It won't take long to find wood," Jared pointed out.

"You said wood," Artie said smirking.

Sam and Jared rolled their eyes and turned away from her. They started on the search for wood while Jensen went back to the impala for the gas. They were all relieved and glad that the hunt was over. Although Jensen and Jared were both wondering what was next in the crazy world of Sam and Dean.