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Naruto limped through the door to his apartment. He barely got the door closed before sliding to his knees. His orange outfit was covered with his own dried blood but the wounds were almost completely healed thanks to Kyuubi.

"Why is it always like this?" he sobbed.


Today was Naruto's birthday. He usually didn't celebrate but Hinata, Shikamaru and Ino had practically forced him to hang out with him. Hinata had even given him a gift while Ino had backed him a cake and gave him flowers.

Sadly none of it made it home.

Naruto had split off from the others at sunset in hopes of getting home without getting hurt...Seeing as his birthday was the same day that the Kyuubi destroyed the village.

Many made it a goal to attack him on this day. True to tradition, he didn't make him home before he was jumped by a group of drunk men.

They beat him bloody and then dumped their remaining alcohol on him. The cuts burned as they did this and the pain was immense but Naruto smiled through it and never once fought against them. He felt that they were right to do this.

The men spit insults at him and Naruto just accepted it because it was all his fault...he was the Kyuubi.

When they left, Naruto started to drag himself back to his apartment. He manged to make it without further incident but he knew better then to think he was safe. People had broken in to hurt him before so why not today.


Naruto did nothing to stop his tears as he reached in his weapons pouch.

"Good bye guys...I had fun today." he whispered softly as he thrust the kunai into his stomach. He knew that damaging the seal mark took longer to heal and he hoped that a wound that bad would finally end it...

Naruto Uzumaki hit the floor with a thud as blood flowed from his abdomen.

Across town with Gaara...

Kazekage Gaara of the village of the sand made his way to Ino's flower shop. The blond woman had sent him a letter about today being Naruto's birthday but he was a bit late. Something told him thought that the blond boy would still be awake.

All Gaara needed was directions to his home.

"Ino?" he called. He saw the blond at the counter but her back was turned.

She turned to him with a grin. "Your late!" she shouted. Gaara sighed but nodded anyway.

"Sorry but being Kazekage doesn't offer a lot of free time." Ino nodded and smiled at him.

"Well go visit Naruto! I am sure he would love to see you! He always seemed happier when he was near you." Gaara had to stop from smiling. He had always had a soft spot for the blond boy.

Ino told him how to get to Naruto's apartment and he bid her farewell. He really couldn't wait to see the blond that had changed his life. He knew that without Naruto he would still be a killer and he would not have found friends in his siblings.

Gaara had been spacing out (Don't you think that is why he always looks so blank?) when he heard someone say Naruto's name.

"I think we finally put that Naruto brat down for good!" one man said with a laugh. Gaara froze and turned on his heel. He walked up to the man and yanked him to his feet, using his sand to keep the others back.

"What did you do to Naruto!" he demanded in a voice filled with the promise of death. The man trembled in fear and explained how they beat him.

"Be happy that I am more worried about him. Otherwise, you would be dead."

He dropped the man and released the others before rushing off to Naruto's. 'Please be safe!' he thought to himself.

He ran up the steps of the building until he reached the one that Ino had said was Naruto's. He ripped the door off the hinges in his haste to get in only to trip on the one that he was rushing to see.

He froze as the scent of blood filled his nose. Looking down, his heart stopped as he saw the puddle of blood but the kunai in Naruto's hand is what caught his eye. "No..." he breathed.

He knelt down and rolled Naruto on to his back so that he could see if he was right. Sure enough, the stab wound in his stomach could only be made by a kunai. Gaara checked for a pulse and was glad to see that although faint, he did have one. "Damn...he needs a healer but I don't even think Tsunade has the power to heal this."

Gaara tried to think before realizing what he could do. He moved his chakra to his hands and pressed into the wound and seal mark. "If I strengthen the Kyuubi's with my own demon's then I may be able to save him." Gaara muttered to himself.

He breathed a sigh of relief as the blood slowed and the wound started to heal. As soon as Gaara had to blood stopped, he left the rest to the Kyuubi.

Gaara stood and searched the apartment till he found bandages and a needle with thread. Going back to Naruto, he removed the blond's blood soaked jacket and cleaned the wound before stitching in up. He bandaged the wound and sat back to examine his work.

He checked Naruto's pulse again but it was still barely there. "Shit!" Gaara lifted Naruto up carefully and ran out the door. The only person he would trust to take care of the blond would be Tsunade.

Gaara broke land speed records to get to the tower and burst through the door. The ANBU there tried to stop him from entering but it was no use. He could feel Naruto getting farther away. Even though he had stopped the bleeding, his heart couldn't keep up and the beating beforehand had slowed his healing to begin with.

"Tsunade!" the usually quiet red head yelled as he ran into the room. Said blond rushed out with a pissed off expression until she saw Naruto. Gaara went to say something about what had happened when he felt something wet on his hands.

Looking down, he saw blood seeping through the bandages. Tsunade helped him get Naruto on the desk in the room. Tsunade started ripping Naruto's shirt and bandages off.

"What happened?" she asked as she set to examining the wound. Gaara didn't look up from staring at Naruto.

"He tried to kill himself after some of your villagers beat him half to death." he stressed your.

"Dammit! What do you want me to do about that! I can't exactly make them stop when he won't tell me what's going on!" she yelled in return though guilt flashed in her eyes.

"Your fourth said to treat him as a hero but this village has yet to do so. Now he has been pushed to this."

Tsunade set to work on the wound but stopped a few minutes later. "Shit! He is trying to block both my and the Kyuubi's power so that he will die!"

Gaara closed his eyes before pressing his forehead to Naruto's.

"Naruto...you blond idiot! DON'T LEAVE ME!" the quiet red head screamed at the top of his lungs. He knew he was on the verge of tears but he was to afraid to lose the one that saved him to care who saw.

"You can't go! You haven't been saved yet and I haven't returned the favor!" Tsunade listened silently with her own tears raining down. Stealing her resolve, she tried again.

Everything was so dark.

Naruto sat on what he assumed was the floor. "I guess this is death huh..." he mumbled to himself. He had never been so cold yet somehow he welcomed the numbness that came with it.

Naruto felt as though he had been there forever when he saw a bright light.

"Wow...it's warm." he whispered as he made his way towards it. He felt safe and complete for the first time in his life.


Naruto turned and stared into the dark behind him.

"Gaara..." he called out softly. He didn't know how he recognized the voice as the red head but he just knew it.

"No, it's not possible. He isn't here and why should he care if I die anyway." He turned back to the light but something kept nagging at the back of his mind.

"He has had the same life as you but because of you, he over came it. Now he begs you not the go and you are going to turn your back."

Naruto froze and turned around. He looked right at himself. "Wha, who the hell are you?" Naruto asked.

His doppelganger smiled back. "I'm you! And by the way, Gaara is here. In fact he and Baa-san are trying to save you right now. You know, he came all the way here to wish you happy birthday but instead, he has to find you near death and by your own hands to."

Naruto flinched.

"Why don't you let them heal you? You'll live to see if he can help you! If you still feel like you have to die than you can just go ahead and end it then!"

Naruto turned back to stare at the light but it had dimmed to almost nothing.

"You can't go!"

Naruto looked up when he heard Gaara again.

"Okay..." he whispered. The other him smiled and melted away.

Naruto sat down again and waited again.

Two days later...

Naruto carefully opened his eyes. His head was pounding but he needed to see where he was.

"Good morning Naruto."

Naruto turned his head quickly but regretted it instantly. "Ouch!"

"Don't move to fast. You were pretty beat up to begin with and the you stabbed yourself. Kyuubi has been working overtime to keep you alive."

"How did you get here, Gaara." Naruto asked, making sure not to move.

"I was here for your birthday. Guess it was a good thing I was late."

Naruto chuckled weekly and stared at the ceiling. "I heard your voice. When I was about to die, I heard your voice. I couldn't leave for some reason."

Gaara stepped over to the hospital bed that Naruto was laying on and stared down at him.

"If you ever do that again, I will bring you back to life just to kill you myself."

Naruto smiled up at the redhead and tried to push himself into a sitting position. Gaara helped him and took a seat on the edge of the bed.

"How long have I been out?" he asked once he had been propped up.

"Two days...we thought you might die."

They looked to the door and saw Tsunade with a frown on her face.

"Naruto, I am sorry that I didn't do something sooner but now, I don't even know what to do. Gaara has proposed an idea but I will let you talk it out. All I want to say is don't you ever do that to me again!"

She hugged him before turning to leave. "I will be back later to see what you decided."

Naruto turned slightly to look at Gaara who cut his pale green eyes to Naruto. "So?" the blond asked.

Gaara nodded and looked fully at his...friend.

"I offered that you stay with me at my village. Temari has been asking about you anyway and I also thought that it would give you sometime to heal. I did tell them though that if you came with me, it would be long term."

Naruto stared at his hands for a bit before grinning.

"Let me think about it. By the time you have to leave, I will give you an answer." Gaara nodded.

"Well, in that case, I will be staying until I must leave."

Naruto cringed slightly but nodded. "My apartment isn't exactly made for having guests..." he said with a bitter laugh. Gaara stared at him for a second.

"Then you will stay with me at the guest house that Tsunade has had me staying in."

Naruto knew better than to argue so he just nodded.

"When do I get out of here?" he asked after a few minutes.

"I can sign you out now if you want. Just promise me you will take it easy." Naruto nodded emphatically, wincing slightly. Gaara grabbed his head to hold it still.

"That means no movements that hurt."

Naruto nodded slightly and laid back. "I will come get you when I am done. Your clothes were blood soaked but I will get you some new ones."

Gaara left the blond alone and headed for the front desk.

"Hi, can I help you!" a brown haired girl asked. Gaara nodded.

"I would like to check out Uzumaki Naruto."

The girl nodded and typed the name into her computer before frowning.

"I am sorry but there is no one here by that name." she said.

Gaara sighed. "That's funny since I am coming from his room." as he said this, he reached in his pocket and pulled out his ninja head band. "I also don't think it is in your best interest to piss off the Kazekage."

The woman trembled at the look in his eyes and handed over the discharge papers.

Gaara filled them out, smirking at the part that said who's care he would be in. Once they were filled out, he walked over to the phones.

"Ino, can you bring me some clothes for Naruto? He is getting discharged. Yes, he woke up. Yes he will be staying with me. Yes you can bring clothes that you like. No they don;t have to be orange. Okay, good bye."

Gaara hung up and sighed. He really hated talking...

Twenty minutes later, Ino showed up with Sakura in tow.

"Come on Sakura! I am sure he wants to see you! Besides, you haven't seen him at all!" Ino said as she pushed the pinkette through the door.

Sakura sighed but let Ino drag her into the hospital.

Ino led her to the room that Naruto was in. The first thing Ino noticed was that Gaara was missing. He had probably gone to make arrangements for Naruto to stay with him and would be back soon.

"Naruto!" Ino yelled as she glomped the small blond. Naruto winced but hugged her back.

"Don't you ever scare me like that again! Even Shikamaru was worried!" She handed him the bag that she had brought with her.

Naruto grinned as he pulled out a big bouquet of tiger lilies. "Wow! These are so pretty Ino!" He said, giving her another hug.

Sakura, tired of being ignored, stepped forward. "Gosh, you are so stupid Naruto. I mean come on, first you try to kill yourself which you didn't even do right, and now you are all excited because Ino brought you some stupid flowers."

Naruto flinched and looked down at his hands. Ino turned around in shock. "How can you say such a thing!"

Before Sakura could answer, a wave of sand and a flash of red had her against the wall.


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