Naruto could feel the chakra that flowed through the stone on his wrist. It was warm yet it was also a bit scary. When he first felt it, he had wanted to take it off but he just couldn't.

The more in tune he became with it, the closer he felt to his answer. What surprised him though was that he could only see red and green where ever he looked when he asked about love.

The one time he specifically saw Sasuke was when he remembered the village and thought about how Sasuke had turned out because of one person.

He was just beginning to think he had found his answer when he felt someone shake him. Opening his eyes in slight fear, he relaxed when he saw Temari.

"Naruto! You have to go after Gaara and Sasuke!" she yelled, shaking him for emphasis.

"W-what happened?" he asked. Temari frowned.

"You have been in here for three and a half days! Gaara waited by your door but when Sasuke came for his answer, Gaara wouldn't let him in. Sasuke challenged him to a fight! They will kill each other!"

Naruto gasped before steeling his eyes.

"Where are they?" he ground out.

"In a clearing within the south woods...follow the chakra."

Naruto nodded and dashed out of the room, the nine tails red chakra flowing around him. Temari watched him leave with a worried expression. " them..."


Naruto ran as fast as he could. He could feel their chakra flow and knew that if he was late, one wouldn't be alive.

He ignored those that called out to his in favor of upping his speed. As he neared the clearing that Temari had mentioned, he felt a spike in both chakra's.

"No..." he breathed. Naruto stepped it up even more in hopes of stopping the battle

"STOP!" He screamed as he ran between the pair.

Sasuke and Gaara stared in disbelief as the small blond that held their affections raced between them. Gaara instantly dissolved his sand so that it didn't hit Naruto...Sasuke wasn't as fast.

His sharingan slammed full force into the small ninja, forcing him to the ground. Sasuke stopped his attack as fast as he could but it was to late...he had injured the one he loved.

"Naruto." Gaara called as he rushed to the boy. He dropped to his knees and pulled him so that his head was resting on Gaara's lap.

"Gaa...ra..." Naruto gasped, his blue eyes fluttering as blood dripped from his mouth.

"I'm here." Gaara said softly. Naruto gave him a slight smile.

"I..chose..." he groaned but his smile stayed in place. Gaara noticed that his eyes were unfocused and wanted to get him to a hospital but for now, it was impossible.

"Sasuke." Naruto raised his hand, waiting for the raven to hold it.

"I but...sorry." He gripped Sasuke's hand hard as his smile turned into a grimace.

"Naruto!" Sasuke yelled worriedly. The pain seemed to fade for second and Naruto tried to continue.

"I love Gaara...but...I care about you...find someone else that can" the last was said in a gasp and those mesmerizing blue eyes fluttered shut.

"Naruto!" Sasuke yelled. He tried to grab the blond but Gaara stopped him.

"You have done enough. I will take him."

Before Sasuke could retort, Gaara and his little fox disappeared in a flash of sand.

They reappeared in front of the Suna hospital. He walked in, instantly getting the attention of the staff.

"Gaara-sama!" A nurse called as she ran up with a gurney. Gaara placed the small blond on it and watched as doctors rushed him away. He took a seat and closed his eyes.

'He has to be okay...' he promised himself.

A few hours later...


Said red head looked up, meeting the worried gaze of his sister. "You okay?" she asked, taking the seat next to him.

Gaara looked away for a second before shaking his head. Temari did something he didn't expect. The older blond wrapped him in a hug.

"He will be fine. Naruto is a fighter...and he loves you."

Gaara wrapped his arms around her as well and nodded. He wasn't used to things like this but he really didn't care at the moment.

"Gaara-sama?" a doctor called as he stepped out of the operating room.

Gaara stood and waited for the man to speak.

"Naruto Uzumaki should be okay but if he doesn't come out of his coma then it will be bad." The doctor said sadly.

Gaara nodded. "Came I see him?" he asked softly. The doctor nodded and led Temari and him to a private room.

Naruto was asleep in the stark, white room, his clothes had been changed to a hospital gown.

Gaara took the seat next to the bed and reached for the boy's hand.

"Gaara, why don't you stay with him? I am going to let Kankuro know what happened." Gaara didn't respond so Temari just left.

As soon as the red head was sure he was alone he leaned towards the bed.

"Naruto...please...wake up." he whispered, and kissed his forehead. Naruto remained asleep.


It felt like years as Gaara of the sand waited for the sleeping blond to awaken. Both his sister and brother had come to visit, as well as many of the towns people.

Gaara watched Naruto, never leaving his side.

It was around midnight that he saw the blond's fingers twitch.

"" Naruto whispered in his sleep, a tear leaking out of the corner of his eyes

"Naruto..." Gaara said, shaking the boy softly.

Naruto's eye lids fluttered and his breathing evened out but still his eyes remained closed.

Gaara sat back in the chair and looked up at the ceiling.

More hours past and the sun was rising when he felt a tug on his hand. Snapping his head down to look at the boy, pale green clashed with brilliant blue.

"Ga..raa?" Naruto croaked softly, his throat dry.

Without answering, Gaara picked up a pitcher of water and poured it in to a small white cup. Pressing the cup to Naruto's lips after helping him sit up a bit, he waited until he had drained the cup before speaking.

"You were hurt...badly." He said softly. Naruto nodded and looked towards the single window in the room.

"I love you too."

Naruto's head snapped back towards him like a slingshot. Tears glistened in his eyes. Weather from joy or pain, Gaara didn't know but he leaned forwards to press a kiss to Naruto's forehead.

"You should rest." Gaara went to settled back into the chair but Naruto grabbed his hand. "I'm cold." was the softly whispered plea.

Gaara smirked to himself and turned back to his lovely fox.

He climbed into the small bed and pulled the smaller boy half onto his chest. "Sleep." he ordered; it wasn't long until he heard Naruto's breathing even out.


That was how Temari found them in the morning when she was called in by the doctors.

"Gaara." she whispered. Said red head opened one eye and glanced at her.

"Since he woke up, he can leave whenever but I think you should get him out of here soon...Uchiha is leaving."

Gaara nodded and waited for her to leave before prodding the blond awake.

"Naruto...Sasuke is leaving..." Naruto stared at him for a minute before trying to jump up.

"Slow down. You will only hurt yourself. We will catch him." Gaara handed him a bag that Temari had left and waited outside the door for him to get ready.

It was a few minutes before he stepped out wearing black pants and a red silk kimono shirt...along with a blush.

"Could you tell your sister to stop adding to my wardrobe!"

Gaara said nothing as he pulled the blond towards him. "Hold on." He warned before using his sand to take them to the main gates.

Sasuke was just nearing them when they appeared.

"Sasuke!" the loud blond yelled.

Sasuke head snapped up and he stared at the blond.

"" Sasuke walked up to them.

"Why are you leaving?" Naruto asked worriedly.

Sasuke stared at him for a second before shaking his head slightly and tapping Naruto on the head lightly.

"Hn...why aren't you in bed...or cuddling your new beau?" he said, a smirk on his face.

Naruto blushed and puffed out his cheeks in annoyance (Cutely).

"I was worried." Naruto muttered. Sasuke shook his head.

"I'm fine...Though I think I am bit delusional to have chased you all the way here when I should have known better..."

Naruto stared at him curiously.

"I...I think I was wrong about being in love with you. I think I mistook the fact that we were friends and that you brought me back to the village that I thought it was love."

Naruto nodded.

"Even if that is is never wrong to love someone...that's the one thing I am positive about. No matter how I am treated, I will love Konoha...and you...though like a brother."

Sasuke nodded.

"I kinda hope I find something like what you two have."

Naruto nodded. Sasuke waved and stepped past them, heading towards his own village.

As soon as Sasuke was out of sight, Naruto put his hand out.

"Ten bucks on Kakashi."

Gaara cut his eyes towards him.

"Deal...ten on Sai." Naruto smirked. "Deal."


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