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"Demon/Summon/Youma Talking"

'Demon/Summon/Youma thinking'


Konoha/Oto Border, Valley of the End.

Two figures stood across from one another on top of two statues, one was of the Shodai(1) hokage Hirashima Senju while the other was his rival Madara Uchiha, each of the two standing on the statues were gauging each others' current status. It was not a good prognosis.

One of the two, a blond haired, blue eyed male with whisker like marks on his face, he was currently wearing the standard jonins outfit with a black cloak that had orange flames at the bottom with the Kanji for Rokudaime on the back and had a metal plate with a leaf engraved onto it tied to his forehead by a long black cloth with the tails fluttering out behind him, had multiple lacerations on his body as well as several cases of internal bleeding and quite a few broken ribs, plus the fist sized hole in his shoulder wasn't helping much either.

His opponent, a black haired teen with red eyes with a pupil the shape of an eight pointed star, he was wearing a loose grey kimono top with slightly loose black pants and had a purple rope around his waist, wasn't fairing much better either as he had Internal bleeding, multiple broken bones including but not limited to: several ribs, one femur, a cracked shin and heel.

Unknown to either of them there was one more figure off to the side watching them but obviously restraining himself from interfering the fight. It was a male with brown hair and some of the oddest eyes you will ever see(And considering that there is an entire clan that looks like it's blind, another clan that can man make their eyes red with commas and another individual that has ripples for eyes that's saying something.) the right was jade green with golden flecks while the other was gold with green flecks and had a trio of scars going downwards across that eye. He was currently wearing a black muscle shirt with a woodland green armored plate over his heart and right shoulder along with bandaged wrapped arms and hands, he was also wearing woodland cameo pants and black combat boots and had on a tan cloak that covered the majority of his body and wore a similar plate as the blonde but tied his to his bicep and had shorter ends. Did I mention that he was also armed to the teeth with many different weapons, such as two tanto's, one on each shoulder handle facing down, a katana on his lower back with the handle coming out on the right side, two bladed tonfas on his thighs and topping it off were two knuckle blades, a parting gift from a friend named Asuma, he covered his entire body from the neck down with a tan clock that had a hood on it to cover his head.

The blond suddenly spoke up from his position "Sasuke! Give it up, you've killed Itachi, Danzo, the elders that ordered your clans death, what more do you want!" he pleaded desperately only for Sasuke to scoff.

"I won't stop until Konoha is razed to the ground, you included Naruto!" he shouted back in rage "I will make them feel the same pain I did! Only then will I stop!"

Naruto only sighed in defeat as he started gathering sage chakra turning his eyes toad like with red mascara-like marking around them and started charging his finishing move, the rasengan(2) while Sasuke formed three handseals and gathered lighting into the palm of his hand before adding the chakra remaining from his cursed seal turning it black and intoned "Yami Chidori(3)."

Leaping at each other they clashed their techniques together in a monumental explosion. Frowning the spectator saw that something was wrong, the clash five years ago when they were 13 was nothing like this 'What the hell is going on?' the man wondered.

In the black sphere that surrounded the two battling combatants they both realized that something was definitely going wrong as they could feel something dragging at them 'Kyuubi what the fuck is going on?' Naruto asked his tenant desperately.

"You're getting dragged into a black hole kit get the fuck out of there not even I know what will happen if we get sucked in!" the Kyuubi replied in equal desperation.

Gritting his teeth Naruto quickly grabbed the Uchiha avenger and with a mighty heave he threw the confused Sasuke clear of the dimensional black hole '*Sigh*Even in the end I still have to watch out for my 'friends' don't I?' he asked himself rhetorically with a roll of his eyes.

He heard the Kyuubi snort from inside the cage "Maybe, but that is one of the very few things I respect about ya Gaki, so Cheers to a good life."

"Heh, Cheers and goodbye." Naruto said calmly.

"Not for you Bro!" a voice said startling Naruto, turning his head he saw his oldest ally and friend.

"Ryu what in the name of all that's holy are you doing?" Naruto barked at him as Ryu grinned and grabbed him.

"Saving the Rokudaime's ass, what does it look like?" Ryu retorted as he threw Naruto away "And maybe I will go to where she is."

Naruto's eyes widened as he was thrown clear of the black hole and grunted as he impacted with the statue of the Shodai. Looking up is eyes widened in horror as the tear closed forever taking his Brother of all but blood from this world.

One week Later, Konohagakure

Naruto stood in front of a throng of people, beside him was an empty casket with a picture of Ryu on top of it and a bouquet of white roses in front of the picture. Each person there was wearing black as a symbol of mourning, stepping forward Naruto spoke up "As you all know we are gathered here today to pay our respects to Ryu Hisanaga, ANBU black ops commander and the last of the Hisanaga clan. Ryu was an old and dear friend of mine who stood beside me through many battles watching my back, I know that I owe him my life today for without him I surely would have died many times." Naruto sighed and wiped his eyes "Ryu leaves behind him a legacy that will be remembered for ages to come as Ryu no Raijin(4), the Doragon Sannin(5) and finally Ryu no Fuin(6). Rest in peace old friend and I hope you find peace."

Naruto stepped away as the casket began to lower itself beside a second grave with the name Yugito Nii Hisanaga engraved on the tombstone, and over at the memorial stone one Kakashi Hatake engrave Ryu's name upon it with a cup of sake resting on the stone as an offering.


Unknown Location

Ryu floated through a completely white space looking around him curiously he could see absolutely nothing "Am I dead, because if this is heaven than I thought there would be fountains of sake with hot naked women all over the place." He mused out loud not expecting an answer.

So to his surprise a voice actually answered "No you are not dead," the voice was feminine with a mix of sensuality and humor in it, Looking around again he turned to see a women with long black hair that went to her waist framing sensual green eyes and was wearing crimson red old style samurai chest armor without the shoulder armor and had the symbol of the sun emblazoned on her well endowed chest "You are at a point between life and death, it is a testament to your will that you are at this point, most die within seconds of entering a dimensional tear."

Ryu raised an eyebrow and grin "I knew I was right, Ero-sennin owes me 50 ryou now," he said and shifted his position to where it looked like he was sitting cross legged and rested his chin on his hand "I always knew that there had to be other dimensions. Although, present company excluded, this one leaves a lot to be desired." He then pulled a bottle of sake from one of the many seals on the inside of his clock and opened it taking a swig from it he then offered it to the women in front of him who shook her head with an amused smirk.

"No this is not the dimension you are travelling to, merely the crossroads between dimensions," she corrected "I must say, Ryu Hisanaga, I have watched you life up to this point and have found it quite interesting."

Ryu narrowed his eyes and dropped his lazy demeanor "Than I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage miss..."

The women smirked "I am the goddess of the sun Amaterasu." She announced making Ryu blink and take a look into his sake bottle.

"Wonderful," he muttered "Someone spiked my sake, AGAIN!"

Amaterasu narrowed her eyes in anger and suddenly black flames surrounded Ryu, but instead of panicking like she intended him to do he instead unwrapped his left hand revealing a complicated sealing array and called out "Fuinjutsu: Fuuka Houin(7)" and absorbed the black flames and rewrapped his hand. "Okay you got my attention so now what?" He asked all humor gone from his voice and body.

Amaterasu blinked at him and sighed "Sorry I kind of get annoyed when someone questions my divinity." She said "Anyways I'm here to give you a little information on the world you're going to. It is similar to your world in a couple of manners, the spoken language is the same as yours and the majority of the population is human." She smirked "There is a twist however as there are creatures called yoma that feed off the innards of humans. An organization has found a way to combat them by sealing yoma into the bodies of young females creating half-human, half-yoma hybrids."

"So what I'm hearing is; no rest for the wicked right?" Ryu asked rhetorically rolling his eyes and folded his arms "Still thanks for the warning."

Amaterasu snorted "Good luck," she said "Oh, and Yugito says hi and don't be afraid to get involved with someone again."

Ryu blinked away some tears and nodded "Thank you." He whispered as he vanished.

The sun goddess smirked as he vanished before her eyes widened "Shit I forgot to tell him another shinobi was sent through as well.*Shrugs* Oh well nothing I can do about it now."

Unknown Desert

A women sighed as she walked through what seemed like an endless desert for the third day of her trip 'I could just run there,' she mused to herself as she adjusted the hood of her cloak to better protect her eyes from the sun's glare 'But then again I don't want to be tired when I do get there, it should only be another day of walking.' Sighing again she picked up the pace slightly when she spotted a clump of green signifying an oasis ahead when suddenly an influx of energy caught her attention.

Turning to her right she saw a distortion 50 meters away, about to approach she stopped when she heard "HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT!" coming from the distortion followed by a man flying out and landing at her feet with a groan. Looking back at the distortion she saw it shrink and vanish before her eyes.

"What. The. Fuck?" She questioned before looking at the guy at her feet and sighed. Bending over she grunted as she picked him up and threw him over her shoulder "Damn your heavier than you look."

Timeskip, Nighttime

Ryu groaned as he slowly returned to consciousness and took stock of his body 'Weapons, check; clothes, check; cloak, under my head so check; throbbing pain throughout my body, double check; laying on sand, check. Now where am I?' He slowly opened his eyes and immediately noticed that he was outside, I mean seeing the stars and moon is a pretty good indicator.

"Oh, your awake." A feminine voice stated, turning his head he spotted a women with pale spiky blond hair that went to her shoulders framing silver eyes and wore sliver pauldrons, bracers, skit armor and boots overtop of a two-piece white outfit. The biggest thing Ryu noticed was that she was sitting against a massive claymore stuck into the ground "That's good, now maybe you can tell me why you appeared out of some kind of portal."

"So it wasn't a dream." Ryu muttered as he sat up rubbing the heel of his hand against his eye and sighed "I suppose I should introduce myself then. My name is Ryu Hisanaga former ANBU Black Ops Commander of Konohagakure." He said earning a 'What The Fuck Does That Mean?' look from the women across from him. He smirked "What that means is I can kill a target without leaving any evidence and that I'm a force to be reckoned with in outright combat. And as you most likely have guessed at this point I'm not from your world or your dimension."

The women stared in blank shock at the man before shaking her head at him "Y'know if I didn't see the evidence myself I would've just dropped you off at an Asylum." She stated "So your an assassin pretty much right?"

Ryu nodded "Assassin, bodyguard, police, you name it we do it," he clarified "Hell I had a mission where they had me hawking wares on the street once. Hell the genins do nothing but chores pretty much. Each shinobi has a specialization, genjutsu(Illusion Arts), ninjutsu(Ninja Arts), and taijutsu(Hand-to-hand) are the basic ones, than there are offshoots like Kenjutsu(Sword arts) and Fuinjutsu(Sealing Arts). I personally specialize in close combat, fuinjutsu and raiton(lightning) ninjutsus."

"Could you give me an example?" the women asked her curiosity perked.

"Only if you tell me your name first." Ryu countered "And don't worry, I already know about the Yoma and people like yourselves."

The women blinked and looked at him "How do you know if you're not from here?" she asked defensively "And how did you know I was a half-breed"

Ryu snorted and looked off into the distance "I had an interesting encounter with a god." He explained "Anyways I could tell your a half-breed because you reek of yokai, and before you ask I knew a few people back home that were similar to you, only they had much more powerful demon sealed inside them. So what is your name?"

"Miria," she answered "I am the current number six of the Organization."

Ryu nodded and stood up "Well Miria-san, I guess I owe you a demonstration know don't I?" Taking a few steps he faced out to the desert and rapidly made some handseals and shouted "Raiton: Raikyu!" Thrusting out his hand he gathered a ball of lightning into it before launching it at a sand dune destroying it.

Miria stared at Ryu in utter shock "That's amazing." She whispered "I never knew such a thing was even possible."

"It normally isn't," Ryu amended as he sat back down across from Miria "Only those who can manipulate chakra, the combined force of our spiritual and physical energies, can use ninjutsu, genjutsu and fuinjutsu."

Miria nodded her understanding "So, do you know how to get back?" she asked curiously.

Ryu snorted "It's not very likely," he said with a hint of sadness "There are so many dimensions and alternate realities out there that it would be near impossible to return, besides, that world holds to many bad memories for me."

"So what do you plan on doing then?"

Ryu looked at Miria speculatively and shrugged "I think I'll follow you around for a bit." He answered "You interest me, and I know next to nothing about this world, so..." he trailed off as she nodded.

"Alright, I'll be leaving in the morning so I hope you'll be ready." She said with a smirk causing Ryu to snort as he lied back onto his folded up cloak using it as a pillow.

"So long as you're ready Miria-san." He replied with a grin of his own before he fell asleep.


1-Shodai: First, Founder

2- Rasengan: Spiraling Sphere: A-class assassination jutsu created by the Yondaime.

3- Yami Chidori: Darkness 1000-Birds: A-ranked assassination jutsu created by Kakashi than later improved by Sasuke

4- Ryu no Raijin: Ryu the Thunder God

5- Doragon Sannin: Dragon Sage

6- Ryu no Fuin: Ryu of the Seals

7- Fuinjutsu: Fuuka Houin: Sealing art: Fire Sealing Method