Just came up in my mind a crossover (again) of DGM and FMA. I wonder what will happen if the pairings will be Lavi and Edward so this is it.

Title: My Angel, My Love

Pairings: Lavi and Edward, Allen and Kanda

Author: gdesertsand

Disclaimer: Don't own both. (Do I really need to put this?)

Chapter 1: Angel of Death

Lavi was assigned on a mission in Germany alone. Bookman can't go with him this time because the Panda is recording something in Italy. Allen and Kanda were on a mission in Tibet, Lenalee, Krory, and Miranda in Africa. Marie and Choaji are with General Tiedoll. So no one can go with him in this task.

He is very lonely, very, very lonely because he doesn't have anyone to piss with. All he does while in the train was to sleep and think. Wonder why strange phenomenon occurs in that place. According to the reports people says that a demon child wanders around a city. Is that a high level Akuma? Or is that an innocence? If it is an innocence and a human holds it doesn't it mean that the child was an exorcist? Those theories made him frustrated forgetting his loneliness.

No one wants to talk or share information to Lavi about the Demon child. He went to all the houses in that city still he didn't get even a small piece of information. Then a little girl takes a hold of his shirt and asked, "Nii-san, why are you looking to the Demon child?"

"Cause it is my mission."

"Are you going to hurt him?"

"If I prove that he is bad then I will but if—" he was cut off when the girl suddenly burst in tears. "Please don't hurt him his not bad he just try to protect me and Nii-san. He just accidentally killed the bad guys that want to hurt us. We try to convince the town's people but they don't believe us. They thought he was a demon because the bad guys turn into dust….." the little girl explained to him so fast, good thing he was a bookman trainee he understand very well what the girl said. 'So I'm right this child is an exorcist' he thought. "Cutie." He said, "Can you tell to me where is this child I promise I won't hurt him in fact I think I will help him."

"Promise you won't hurt Edward Nii-san?"

"Yes, I promise. Cross my heart hope to die." He said placing his hands close to his chest. 'Edward so that was his name'. The girl seems to trust him and lead him to the forest, while walking Lavi asked, "Cutie may I know what is your name?" the girl turn her head and said cheerfully, "Abby. Abby Heidrich."

As they kept moving Lavi saw a small house made of stone and a guy with a blonde hair and blue eyes same to Abby was standing in front of the door obviously waiting for his younger sister. He doesn't seem too happy when he saw Lavi.

"Nii-san! Lavi nii-san said he would like to help Edward nii-san."

"Is that so Abby? Why won't you go inside first and keep company Ed while I talk to our new friend?" The girl's brother said doubt is clearly on his tone about the words 'new friend'. Abby nodded leaving the two behind.

"Hi. My name is Alfons Heidrich. I think the way how I talk to my little sister about you clearly states that I don't trust you." He said crossing his arms to his chest.

"Yeah probably, well I'm used to it so don't worry." Lavi said while scratching his hair.

"I'm sorry. I don't want to be rude but when it comes to Edward things are really different. Whenever someone sees him they will try to chase him or kill him, as a human the only thing you can do was to run or fight back. So he always fights back and turns all his enemies to dust which makes me curious."

'I'm definitely right he is an exorcist I need to get him to the headquarters to clear things up. The child must be thinking that he is really a demon.' Lavi thought. "The things that turn to dust are not really humans they were Akuma. Akuma are weapons that are being used by the Millennium Earl blah blah blah blah (Everyone knows what an Akuma right? Great so imagine that Lavi is explaining those stuffs to Alfons) us exorcists fight those things and save their souls using innocence as our weapon. Only innocence can defeat an Akuma." Alfons was shock at the revelations so it means that Ed is probably…

"Alfons, what's taking you so long?" A certain guy asked. Lavi and the one who asked look eye to eye. The rabbit was stunned this guy is look like an angel. Golden hair and eyes he was completely speechless.

"Oh. I'm sorry I didn't know we have a visitor." He said while he stares to Lavi.

"Ah yes, his name is Lavi. Lavi he is Edward Elric."

"Nice to meet you, Edward."

"Nice to meet you too Mr. Lavi." Ed said shaking Lavi's hand.

"Shall we go inside?" Alfons asked. The two boys nodded in agreement.

When they were alone to Edward's room. Lavi explained to him every detail about Akuma, the Millennium Earl, the Noahs, and innocence. Ed seems to understand him but Lavi can see the uncertainty in his eyes.

"Do you understand me?"

"I guess so. But—" he was cut off when someone speaks out of nowhere.

"Hahahahahahahaha! Is this real you are being mistaken as a disciple of God! This world is even worse than in Amestris. Hey Fullmetal pipsqueak, don't tell me you believe this guy. Hey, hey, hey, what do you think you're doing wah! Don't!" the voice came from Ed's right arm that have a silvery color. In order to shut it up Edward throws his arm to the wall that's why it shouts in pain. "What the hell are you thinking? You can get hurt too you know that Fullmetal pipsqueak!"

"You know Envy, I don't mind getting hurt if that means silencing you so can you shut up while I'm talking to Lavi and DON'T CALL ME SMALL." He said glaring to his mocking arm, menace is in the air. "H-hai…" Envy said in a trembling voice. Lavi on the other hand sweat dropped at the scene, this is the first time he saw a speaking limb.

"Sorry, Envy always wants to mock other people."

"I-it's okay. Tell me is that arm….."

"Oh, what? You mean if this is an innocence?" Lavi nodded.

"To tell you the truth I don't know and really doubt if it is. I believe your story so I think you will believe mine?"

"Yes I will. Exorcist life is full of superstitions."

"Great I just tell you the summary. I came from another world in order to bring back my brother. From where I came from I am an alchemist. As an alchemist we don't believe in such thing as 'God', we only believe in the law of equivalent exchange. Now back to the main story, when I came here there was a price that's why this arm," he said pointing to his right silvery arm, "Is Envy. He was one of the homunculus I fought when I'm in my world. When I came here he became a part of me. Sometimes he is useful, because I can use his ability to change forms and we need to take care of each other too. When I die he will die to, when he die this arm can never be replaced even an artificial limb won't help me anymore. Then I start to travel and saw Alfons and his younger sister being attack I can't do anything but help so I kill them using Envy's ability and my alchemy. I didn't mean to kill them it's just my instincts tells me so." Now Lavi is getting more confused if this kid is an exorcist or what and to think why would an innocence will be named one of the sins.

"Then if you want to clear things up come with me to the order. I think they might help. And if you stay in here, more and more Akuma will come." Leaving no choice for Ed he concurs. He doesn't want to endanger anyone's life anymore.

"Great we will leave now!" Lavi said grabbing Ed's left arm.

"Ha! Hey! Wait a minute!"

"Ed nii-san, do you really need to leave us?" Abby asked between sobs.

"I'm sorry Abby but yes I must leave now. If I stay here you and Alfons will be in more danger. Don't worry I won't forget the two of you." Edward said to the young girl making it feel a little better. Then he faced Alfons and smiled. "Take care. Be sure you won't die."

"We barely know each other yet you treat me like I'm a member of your family." Ed said chuckling.

"Looks who's talking. Thanks for everything you've done to us."

"No. I should be the one to thank you. Thanks for taking a good care to me."

"Hey Fullmetal pipsqueak can you stop your blabbering there and let's go." Envy said in an annoyed tone.

"Take care Envy, be sure to protect Ed nii-san."

"W-what are you talking about? Of course I'll do that if he dies I'll die too." Everyone laugh. Envy surely became softer since they came to this world, Ed was glad that the homunculus gets along with the humans.

"At last! Everything is ready, Edward we will leave now!" Lavi said in his usual cheerful tone. Ed nodded, when he was about to get his suitcase a loud crash sounded around the forest. 5 Akuma level 4 came to their direction. "Shit! Great Akuma, worse enough level 4, Ed we should leave immediately!" Lavi shout panicky. He can't handle 5 akuma level 4 at the same time, if only Allen is in here his Crown Clown would be in big help. But now he must save Edward… wait Edward can help him….. if luck is on his side now.

"Um… Lavi is that what you call Akuma?"

"Yes, now keep running."

"I thought you exorcists fight them. Why are you running, useless exorcist?"

"Well sorry Mr. Talking arm in my state I can't handle level 4 alone."

"What did you just call me! I have a name and it is Envy!"

"Envy shut up." Because of the argument that begun to occur Lavi didn't noticed that the akumas trap them. Now they were surrounded leaving no space to escape. "Exorcist hand us the innocence." One of the akuma said in a sinister tone.

"As if we can be save if we hand it over to you. You'll just kill us if we gave it to you or not."

"You're right, now DIE!" The akumas start to attack them firing so many bullets (I don't know what is that so I just call it bullets.) Lavi activate his innocence to protect them but he can't handle it for long. Then he noticed that a blue light spark around them or more respectively around the akumas. He look up and saw that all of the akumas was lock in a cage. "At least they stop." He hears Edward spoke suddenly. "Lavi are you alright?"

"Y-yes….. What's that?"

"Alchemy." He said plainly. At the same time they heard the akuma laugh maniacally.

"Pathetic! Do you think this can defeat us!" as they said that the cage has been destroyed.

"These damn things really pisses the hell out of me! Fullmetal chibi let's kill them."

"How many times will I tell you don't call me small! But I agree to what you said let's finish them off now!" suddenly wings start to form on Ed's back, but instead of feathers there are chains, chains that have scythe at the end of it, he start to move up in the air and slice all the akumas in a very swift mode. Lavi was amaze this was the first time he saw someone defeat a level 4 akuma that fast to speak it was 5 and crush in just one step. This is also the time he saw his angel, angel of death.

I know it's short and I know that it's a bit lame maybe not a bit it's really lame and sometime I get lazy (maybe all the times). I also admit that I really like crossovers! How many did I right that is crossover of FMA and DGM (As if I right a lots of stories. I only have 5 and this is my 6th story.) I think I have 2 I always care and My sweet Daughter, this is my third! Yeah it really proves that I'm a crossover stories fanatic (especially if its DGM-FMA crossover and FMA-BLEACH crossover.) also for the ones who suggest a sequel to my story I always care to tell you the truth I really don't have any idea to make one. I'm still thinking about it but I promise to make it. It will just take a very long time so please wait (only if you want.).So tell me what do you think, any suggestions or critic will be welcomed very well! Also wait for the next chapter, see you later! REVIEW PLEASE! (Forgot to mention: I don't know if Alfons has a younger sister so I just invent one. and I'm not good in fighting scenes.)