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Title: My Angel My Love

Author: gdesertsand

Pairings: LavEd, YuLlen

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANY ANIME, MANGA OR SONGS! (though I do own this plot)

…^_^ let me have this time 'cause I don't know how much I missed^_^…

No matter how much you deny it

No matter how much you pushed it

No matter how hard you ignore it

No matter how long you conceal it in the deepest and darkest part of your heart

No matter what you do these feelings will always find away to reached the surface and slap you back for ignoring it.

Because no matter what you do you cannot stop the flower which is starting to bloom.

No matter you do you cannot escape anymore because the fire starts to melt this icy prison you made…so let just the sun reach you now.

…^_^ let me have this time 'cause I do not know how much I missed^_^…

"Ah….Ah….ACHOO!" Edward Elric sneezed while he had the thermometer on his mouth. He was shivering in cold even though he has a blanket covering his entire body, an icepack was placed on top of his forehead and his face was flushed. Lenalee took the device out of his mouth to check what his current temperature is.

"How is he Lenalee?" Lavi asked his friend as he stood beside her.

"Not good, his fever is too high; I don't think we could travel in his current condition." Lenalee answered solemnly.

"How high his fever is?" this time it was Allen who asked.

"Thirty-nine degree Celsius, it's too high for him to travel. I think enough rest will do him good." She said as she took a damp cloth and placed it on Edward's skin gently to help the fever go down.

"Tch, catching a fever after his first mission, what a nuisance." Kanda said as he leaned on a wall near the door.

"Ba-Kanda! Don't be like that! Don't forget that Edward helped us!" Allen scolded.

"Tch! This pisses me off!" Kanda said as he went out of the room.

"C-chotto matte! Ba-kanda, where are you going!?" Allen asked as he ran after the samurai.

"To get some fresh air!" and he slammed the door followed by Allen.

Lavi sighed…well it's not a surprised if Kanda was that angry after all he was looking forward into coming back to HQ though he does not know when did Kanda like staying there….that was strange…

After they leave the haunted mansion and get the innocence they ride a train back to Black Order when Edward suddenly fell ill on the train ride. His breath become ragged and his faced has a slightly color of red when Lavi touched his forehead he was burning hot that they were all forced to get out of the train and find a hotel so the blond could get some rest. When they reached the hotel Edward collapsed on the bed while shivering.

"Lenalee… how long do you think it will take before Ed recovers?" Lavi asked, he was surprised to himself at the amount of concern his voiced carried out, 'Baka, baka, baka! Lavi don't you forgot that you are a bookman trainee you should not have any feelings towards others! Baka!' he reminded his self mentally after the realization hit him.

"I don't know…maybe it was stressed that made him sick anyways I will buy some medicines and food for Ed so would you mind taking care of him for a while?" Lenalee asked as she put on her coat.

"N-no not at all! I will be here watching over Ed." Lavi answered with haste.

"Then I'll leave you now, bye!" she said as she went out of the room. Lavi sat on a chair beside the Edward's bed, for the third time of the day he sighed again. What was wrong with him? Honestly what was wrong with him? He never acted like this before when he was with anyone. He never acted so rashly, he never lose his temper, he never lose his cool, he always think rational and he does not forgot his bookman's abilities. So what is the problem now? Why when he was with Ed everything about him changes suddenly? When he was with him he was more happy, his life become more exciting, when the blond was in danger he easily loses his temper…he is becoming a person he does not want to be….. why?

Is this love?

He does not understand why the teen has that effect on him.

Is this a feeling I don't want to recognize?

He cannot control his self when he was with the presence of the young alchemist.

Is this something I will regret?

Why he can't act normal? Why he can't put his masked of façade when he is with him?

Is this something that will make me cry?

Why can he act so natural with him?

Or…is this something that will make me happy?

Why can Ed do something like this to him?

Is this because he became the sun of my life?

How could he do this to him?

Or is this because he became the moon that shines my night full of darkness?

He wanted to laugh with him.

I don't know anymore….

He wanted to cry with him.

I don't understand anymore….

He wanted to be the one who is always there when he needed help.

I can't think anymore….



I want to be with him forever….

Lavi does not know anymore what he was thinking or what he was doing now; he does not even know that he was slowly leaning on Edward, he does not know that his lips were just inches with his own….

I want him to be mine…forever…..

Until the end….

Only a centimeter before their lips met when a sudden light erupted from the key that was on Edward's necklace and made Lavi to back up. What was that? Is that….did that really happens? Did he just try to kiss Edward? On the lips? Lavi clutched his hair and started to go in hysterics inside his mind

'Oh no, oh no, oh no! Lavi what are you thinking! You are a bookman to be! For goodness sake a bookman! You can't feel love! You must not fall in love! To make it worst you are falling to a guy! You are not gay Lavi, You. Are. A. Straight. Guy.' He said to himself as he was having an inner debate inside his head until the light was gone and the girl they saw in the mansion showed herself having a worried look on her face.

She fly towards Ed and touched his face gently. She becomes more worried when she felt how hot the body of his host.

'What was her name again?' "Crimson…Butterfly?" Lavi asked and he gained the attention of the innocence. Crimson looked at him with confused eyes and then pointed at Edward….oh….she was asking him what happened to his host.

"Erm… Ed managed to catch a fever when we are on our way back to the HQ. maybe it was the result of the battle and too much stressed." He explained to her and immediately she flew above Edward, like she was prepared to do something when suddenly someone spoke,

"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCHED PIPSQUEAK YOU STUPID INNOCENCE!" or rather screamed that everyone in the room (namely Lavi and the innocence) was taken a back in surprise. Well it was obvious to whom that voiced belong to…

"Envy what is your problem now?" Lavi asked grumpily, it's been a long time since he heard the limb speak again.

"I do not want this bitch touch pipsqueak!" he snarled at Crimson that made other to fight back, and the two started to debate using telepathy.

"Excuse me? Who are you calling a bitch? I just want to heal my master!" Crimson said.

"I do not trust innocence!" Envy replied back.

"What? You are an innocence to!"

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you are!"





Lavi can saw sparks between Crimson Butterfly and Envy though he does not know what the two was talking about.

"That's it!" Envy exclaimed as Edward's body started to sit up,

"Ed you mu-" Lavi does not finished his sentence because when Edward sit up he was covered by a red light and the second Lavi opened his eyes he saw a guy with a….palm-tree like hair who is wearing a mini-skirt.

"W-who are you?" Lavi asked.

"Huh? Are that idiotic, Mr. Undecided Exorcist?" the guy looked at him with irritated eyes. Oh-uh…he knows that insult, then that means this guy is…is….


"Hmmp! Yes it's me. Now don't you dare touch pipsqueak you stupid bitch!" Envy pointed a finger at Crimson, "His body is MINE! I'm the only one who is allowed to share a body with pipsqueak! You hear me! Only ME! So scram off!" Envy continued as he jumped off the window which Lavi does not know how he got there and his reflexes was too late because when he was about to shout at Envy he was already gone and a light shone behind him when he look back Crimson was back into a key.

"Now what am I to do? Envy went out and Edward is still sick!" Lavi exclaimed as he rushed outside the door to find the cross-dressing palm-tree or so how Edward calls him.

…^_^ how many years should it take before I could find my love^_^…

Envy ran and ran until he reached the market place of the town. He panted heavily….how long is it since he ran on his own? How long is it since he took his human form completely? Since his share a body with the alchemist all he did was share his shape-shifting powers to the pipsqueak, not that he does not like it in fact he was glad that he was able to help him though he will not say it face to face to the other.

He grew fond of Edward after their last battle. He saved him from being turned into ashes by the famous Flame Alchemist and he understand him until the end before he committed his suicide…and that was the first time he called him by his name. When he died he stayed inside the gate like other homunculus who received their punishments, there he fell asleep something he did not get when his father created him. He was surprised when he saw Edward Elric in front of the gate ready to receive whatever he was about to get. Why is he in here? Didn't he defeat father? He did right? So why is he in here? Those questions echoed around in his head then an answer hit him, his brother the alchemist was ready to give up anything to get his brother back. When he heard that the gate will threw him on the other side a feeling he does not know started to show on him.

'No! No! I will not allow it! Aren't you satisfied enough at the pain he already had?!" Envy questioned the gate.

"Homunculus since when did you defend a human?" the gate asked him back. He does not know what to answer all he knows is that Edward deserves some happiness.

'I will not let you to hurt him anymore!' he spat back as he try to get out from whatever is binding him.

"Hmmm…Interesting…" the gate whispered, "Very well you could help him…Go with him to the other side of the gate and help him to return back in here."

'Why You…" Envy snarled.

"And there you might find both what you are missing…" those were the last words Envy heard from the gate the next thing he knew was that he was falling and soon he realized that he became a part of Edward Elric…that day was amusing because they were both freaking out non-stop at the result.

Remembering that day made him smile a little…having a journey with pipsqueak is not that bad at all. The blond made him socialize with other people, made him to know the creatures he was jealous with and made him to warm up with them….yes…Edward made him to feel like a human….

"Hey there little miss are you lost?" a big guy approached him and was followed by three more men all of them having a perverted look on their faces, "Do you want us to help you?" the guy who first asked grinned maniacally at him. Envy narrowed his eyes and started to walked away. "Hey! I'm talking to you!" the guy grabbed his shoulder and that ticked him off because the moment he yanked him Envy grabbed his lower arm and slammed him on the ground so hard that it developed some cracks.

"Why you…" the rest pulled out some knives from their pockets. Envy smiled, a sinister smile, well there were some humans who is very well conceited. He let the guys run into him and the minute they jumped on top of him Envy vanished and in a second he was standing where the guys were before and the guys was standing where he was before. The men collapsed on the floor having some wounds all over their body while Envy just played at the knife that was originally belonged to one of the guys. He whistled a little, weak…that was the only word he could describe to these guys. He walked away leaving an astonished crowd behind.

He walked aimlessly until he reached the town's river. There he saw some guys (again?) who was picking or bullying a little girl…he sighed,

"Hey you brats." He called out as he walked to them, "Don't you know that picking fights to someone weaker than you is lame."

"Mister, if you don't want to get hurt then leave us alone." The boy said with a smug smile.

'Brats!' Envy made his fingers to produce a sound as a venomous aura erupted from him…oh let's just say our camera choose to focus at the sky instead at the violent scene and when our camera came back you can saw that the kids were running away while having some bruises and scratches courtesy of our homunculus.

"Don't you dare hurt someone weaker than you again or I'll curse you, BRATS!" Envy shouted at the retreating figures. He sighed and gazes at the girl who was crying silently. He sat down beside the girl and asked, "Are you okay? Did they hurt you?"

The girl sniffled a little, "Almost…"

"Well, what are you doing here all alone?" he asked again as he patted the little girl trying to calm her down.

"I-I'm waiting for my brother…" the girl said as she started to stop crying.


And as if on cue a little boy started running towards them, "Elena!" he shouted as he stood between Envy and his little sister.

Someone you can depend on, someone whom you share the same blood…

"You are you trying to kidnap my little sister!" the boy accused him.

Someone who will protect you and always be there in time of need…

"No brother! He helped me from those guys who always bully me!" the little girl said.

"Eh?" the boy was dumbfounded.

Someone whom will always jump to conclusions that is sometimes just ridiculous…

Envy smiled at them and both patted their heads, "You should take care of each other, neh?" the children returned his smile and waved at him to say good-bye when they walked away from him….

Someone who will take care of you…until you can fly on your own…

'Come to think of it didn't my father and Hohenheim have the same blood…then does it mean that I'm somehow Edward's older brother?' Envy thought as he walked again aimlessly.

…Meanwhile with Lavi….

Lavi ran practically from here and there trying to have a glimpsed a green-haired guy or a blond guy.

"Ah! Where the hell are you Envy! Edward!" he shouted earning some suspicious look from the people around him…

…Meanwhile with Kanda and Allen…

Kanda is walking with a ridiculous speed on the street followed by a confused Allen,

"Kanda, oi Kanda!" Allen shouted as he finally caught up with him and grabbed his shoulder (I think this scene keeps on repeating *sweatdropped*) our cursed exorcist can't see our samurai's eyes because it was covered by his bangs, "What's your problem?" Allen asked. Instead of answering Kanda yanked him off and started walking again, "Kanda!"

They walked and walked until they reached the town's river where no one can be seen aside from the two of them that is just when he faced Allen and said, "I'm angry."

"Yeah I know that, my question is why?" Allen asked. Kanda sat on the grass and buried his face on his knees.

"Oi Kanda!" Allen shouted as he sat beside him.

"It's been a long time…" Kanda whispered.


"I said it's been a long time since we last touched each other and slept on the same bed!" he shouted still not facing his lover and Kanda looks like having a fever right now because he was boiling from embarrassment.

Oh…so that's why… Allen smiled and hug his lover, "Silly, you could have said so… I could kiss you if you want but about the others we just needed to wait for a perfect time." He soothed him as he rubbed his back, "Now let me see your face…" Allen said as he cupped Kanda's faced and saw that it was flushed from embarrassment,


"Urusai! Moyashi!"

"Hai, hai, Ba-Kanda." Allen said as he pulled Kanda for one of their deep and intensifying kissed. Each tongue tried to explore the insides of the other; they just pulled back when the need of breath has taken its toll. They both panted, Allen put his right hand on Kanda's cheek and caressed it smoothly, and slowly he whispered, "Aishiteru, Kanda Yu."

"Aishiteru, Allen Walker." Kanda replied.

"Saa, let's go back to the hotel and wait until Ed recovers!" Allen smiled enthusiastically.


"Mah, mah, Kanda don't be like that." He leaned towards him and whispered, "If you could put up with it then I'll give you A. Re-wa-rd. when we get back home." This statement made Kanda to boil again and he just simply nodded.

"Great!" they both walked back to the hotel not noticing that they just passed by a cross-dressing palm-tree.

When they reached their room the door was opened by a panicking Lenalee,

"Lenalee, what's wrong?" Allen asked.

"L-Lavi and Ed… THEY'RE GONE!" she exclaimed.


"I just went out to buy some supplies and I left Lavi with Ed when I came back the room was in complete havoc!" oops…did I forgot to mention that before Envy went out he and Crimson fought to each other? Well now you know.

"Quick let's go out and searched for them!" Allen said.

After two hours…

"Lavi!" Allen managed to saw him at last.


"We were looking for you…" Allen panted because he ran all the way, "Where is Ed?"

"That's why I'm out here! I'm looking for Envy!" Lavi answered frantically.

"Envy?" Allen asked being confused.

"Oi you Baka Usagi!" Kanda shouted as he spotted him.

"Lavi! Where is Ed?" Lenalee asked the same question. Then Lavi narrated to them what happened and how Ed changed into Envy and how the room became a disaster.

"Hey, Kanda didn't we passed by someone who looks like that?" Allen asked the sword-wielder.


"Anyway, we need to find him! Ed still has a fever!" Lavi said as they searched again…

After four hours of searching…

All of them returned to the hotel empty handed and when they opened the door they saw Edward sleeping peacefully on his bed and the room was miraculously clean again. Kanda was seething in rage as Allen stopped him in drawing his Mugen while Lavi and Lenalee sighed in relief.

Lenalee went beside Ed to check his temperature and to her surprised it was normal now,

"Let's give him some sleep tonight, tomorrow he might be ready to travel again." Lenalee said as she ushered the three boys out of the room while bidding Edward a good-night…..

…^_^ it's already night now come on children it's time to sleep! ^_^…

Edward's room was dark, well not entirely because the moonlight lit it. The door slowly opened and a figure of a man entered. He sat down on the bedside and stroke the blonds' head lovingly, "Heh, it's been a long time since I last saw you sick…" the man said, "Take care, my son."

"Hohenheim…" a voiced called him and he gazed at his son's right arm.

"Yes, what is it Envy?" there was a silence…then…

"Be sure that whatever messed you are trying to take the pipsqueak into you will get him out alive." He was taken a back at what the homunculus said but then he smiled,

"I promised."


…^_^ the scene is short I know but let's start to rest now shall we? ^_^…

The next day…..

"Ahhh….." Edward stretched his arms having a good sleep for the first time.


"Hmmm…" Edward answered not minding the insult right now.

"I'm glad you're alright now…." Envy whispered.

"Eh?" Edward was shocked at what he had heard….

"S-shut up….it's just it will be a hassle to me if you die and…." Envy started his rambling that Ed can't help but laughed.

"Hey! What's so funny?!"

"N-nothing, it's nothing." He tried to control his laughter and sighed, "Arigatou, Envy-nii." He said with a gentle smile.

"Y-y-y-you c-c-called me E-Envy-n-nii?" Envy asked.



"Eh? Why? Well….." Edward was deep in thought, "It's just that considering my old man and yours share the same blood isn't that made us related to each other also?"

'Ah…he has the same thought as mine too…' Envy thought.

"And you are a couple of hundred of years older than me, right?" Edward teased.






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