BMT Fanfiction– Alternate Ending

What would have happened if Akkarin submitted to a truth read during the hearing and the Guild confirm the threats and the innocence of him & Sonea through his mind? The story start at the point where the Higher Magicians gather to debate the punishment after Sonea revealed her involvement in using black magic. Instead of Rothen pleading with the King not to exile Sonea, Lorlen presented another proposition to the King in proving his friend's innocence…

Disclaimer: The Black Magician Trilogy and its characters belongs to Trudi Canavan.

Once the Higher Magicians had returned to their seats, they began to relate what the members of their disciplines had expressed. Lorlen listened closely.

"Many find his story hard to believe," Vinara said, "but if Akkarin was seeking to justify his actions with a fabricated story, surely he would come up with something more convincing than this."

"My Warriors also find it disturbing," Balkan added. "They say we cannot ignore the possibility that he speaks the truth, and we face a threat of attack from Sachaka. We must investigate further."

Sarrin nodded. "Yes, so do my people. Many have asked if there is information in the books we might use to defend ourselves, should an attack come. I fear there is not. If Akkarin is telling the truth, we may need him."

"I, too, would like to question Akkarin further," Balkan said. "I would normally ask that he be detained until his claim is proven."

"We cannot imprison him effectively," Vinara reminded him.

"No." Balkan pursed his lips then looked up at Lorlen. "Do you think he will cooperate?"

Lorlen shrugged. "He has up till now." If only he will submit to a truth-read, he thought to himself. Part of him believes that his friend spoke the truth and he fears that they are already wasting a great deal of time speculating, when a real threat might be approaching Kyralia in no time. As the Higher Magicians continue to debate the appropriate course of actions, Lorlen slipped the red gem ring into his middle finger.

Akkarin. Would you reconsider submitting to a truth-read?

No, the reader will learn the secret of black magic from my mind. Akkarin replied determinedly.

Akkarin, if the threat is true, the Guild might need to turn to black magic for its defense against the Inchani invasion after all. You need to show us your mind, if not for the Guild, think about Sonea! You know there are no alternatives besides accepting whatever punishment sentence upon the both of you if we are not able to confirm your story.


Akkarin! There is no time, answer me before they… Before he finished sending the thought..

"Lord Balkan" a new voice spoke. The Warrior looked up in surprise. "Yes, Your Majesty?"

All heads turned to face the King, his green eyes bright and piercing. "Do you believe the Guild is capable of driving Akkarin out of the Allied Lands?"

Balkan hesitated. "I honestly don't know, Your Majesty. Even if we managed it, it would exhaust most of our magicians. Should these Sachakan magicians exist, they may see it as a perfect opportunity to invade.

The young King considered this.

"Administrator Lorlen, do you believe he will comply if he is commanded to leave the Allied Lands"

Lorlen blinked in surprise. "Do you mean….exile?"


The Higher Magicians looked at each other thoughtfully.

"The nearest non-allied land is Sachaka," Balkan pointed out. "If his story is true…"

Lorlen paled, he quickly focused his thoughts on Akkarin again.

Akkarin, you heard this. Sachaka, they are sending you to your death, you need to submit to a truth read!

Akkarin clenched his jaws; he knew he had no other options. Being exiled to Sachaka will destroy any chances for him to be there at the Guild's defense and he have to protect Sonea. His plan in hiding Sonea's involvement in black magic has foiled with her earlier confession. He has to make a decision.

Lorlen sense a change through the mental link.

Very well, I will submit to a truth-read. Akkarin focused his thoughts at Lorlen.

"Your Majesty, I hope you would consider my request." All eyes turned to Lorlen, he swallowed and continued. "If Akkarin is speaking the truth, I am afraid that the Guild will not be able to defend the attack against these outcast black magicians without the help of Akkarin. While he may have broken the Guild laws by learning & practicing black magic, it could have been for the very reason to protect Kyralia. Considering the possible threat we might be facing, we should not waste further time debating the possibilities, the only option left is to have Akkarin submit to a truth-read."

"But Administrator, you have heard earlier he is not willing to comply!" exclaimed Vinara.

"I can persuade him to comply." Lorlen replied confidently, since Akkarin have already agreed through their secret conversation. "We have known each other for a very long time, there might be a chance that he will still listen to an old friend."

The King brows creased to a frown and considered Lorlen's words. The Higher Magicians regarded the Lorlen with speculation.

"Very well Administrator Lorlen, you may speak to Akkarin but this will be his last opportunity to comply. Should he refuse, he will be exiled to the nearest non-allied land." The King ordered.