A/N: Okay so I know that this idea has been done to death...but I couldn't resist! So what antics do the NCIS team get up to at a sleepover?

Disclaimer: Oh the things I could do if I actually owned Tony and Ziva…

The storm was raging outside, and Abby wouldn't be surprised if one of the shady trees in the park across the road was found toppled over onto its side the next morning. She sat on her bed fiddling with her deep purple canopy and hugging her stuffed hippo Bert in her pink and black skull pyjamas. A small smirk appeared on her face. The team had no idea what was in store for them tonight.

It had all started in the bullpen, where the team were hopelessly poring over old cold cases, trying not to fall asleep from boredom. Tony had already given up all hope on doing something productive and was currently playing BingBall on his phone. McGee's head rested on his hand while he tried to focus on his work, and even Ziva, who from an outsider's perspective would look seemingly like she was on task, was having trouble keeping her mind from drifting. All of a sudden, an IM popped up on each of their computers.

Abby_S: having fun u guys? :)

Tony_D: oh har-dee-har-har abby...it's more boring in here than Phantom of the Opera...

Ziva_D: Yes, I must admit it is quite dull at the moment...

Tim_M: I think I might play World of Warcraft...

Tony_D: you do that elf-lord...

Tim_M: T_T

Abby_S: hahah..wait...you guys are distracting me from why I messaged you!

Ziva_D: And why would that be, Abby?

Abby_S: i need u guys to come to my lab right away! I need to tell u something!

Tony_D: why don't you just tell us now...?

Abby_S: because that would ruin the surprise! come on!

And so Tony, Ziva, and McGee headed into the elevator and pressed the floor button for Abby's "Labby."


Abby turned around as fast as lightning at the sound, her pigtails flying everywhere. She wore her usual attire, a black lace shirt, tartan skirt and her 10 inch high platform boots, with her lab coat over the top of it all. She clutched a Caf-Pow and was pretty much bouncing up and down where she stood.

"Hey you guys!" Abby squealed. She hugged each of them in turn. They then stood in silence for a few moments, until Ziva broke it.

"Abby you...needed to tell us something?" she prompted. Abby's face lit up with remembering what she had wanted to say.

"OH! Right...gosh I haven't been this excited since the nuns and I won the bowling championship! Okay so we were one strike down and we only had Sister Rosita left and she had a bad leg from a fall down the stairs at the chapel and all of a sudden she tripped on it and fell and the ball actually went down and hit all thepins and then-"

"ABBY!" said the team loudly, interrupting her. She smiled anyway.

"Okay so I WAS going to go to a Brain Matter concert this weekend but the lead singer is in hospital with a brain tumour...yeah I know how ironic is that? Anyway I checked your schedules and you guys are all free too so guess what we're doing this weekend?" she squealed.

"What are we doing Abby?" sighed Tony, but he couldn't help but smile at her hyperactive-ness.

"We...are having a sleepover!" she said excitedly.

Silence again.

"A sleepover?" asked McGee incredulously. "Aren't they for...teenage girls?" he said. Before Abby could protest, Ziva had interrupted.

"I for one, think it sounds like a great idea, Abby," she said. She wasn't sure really, but she had seen these things in movies, and they looked quite fun. "We could paint each other's fingers," she suggested.

"Fingernails, Ziva. You mean fingernails. And sleepover, does that mean girls in skimpy PJs having pillow fights?" Tony grinned. Ziva punched him in the arm and Abby just glared.

Abby recovered from her annoyance and resumed her usual caffeine-induced hyperactivity. "Okay so it's on Saturday night, everyone wear cool pyjamas and bring something either fun, or edible,"

she said.

"Or both," said Tony, waggling his eyebrows. Ziva punched his arm again and he winced. Gibbs chose that exact moment to walk in.

"Both what, DiNozzo, and Ziva what's with the violence?" he said, strong black coffee in hand. "And while I'm in a questioning mood, what are all my agents doing in here? You got something, Abs?" he


"Oh, yeah, right! Okay so both the husband and the sister had a shot in the head which came from an R-47. The wife owns one, so at the moment she's prime suspect," said Abby, while typing away at something on her computer.

"Never so brutal a double homicide had rocked the city of Chicago..." said Tony in a funny voice. The others looked at him blankly. "It's a reference to the classic, Chicago, in which stage performer and temptress Velma Kelly kills her husband and her sister after finding them in bed together. You know, feathery skirts, cold blooded killing, cabaret?"

They all just looked away, and Gibbs whacked Tony on the back of the head on his way out.

"Thanks Boss," he winced. Gibbs just smiled a faint smile.

"Don't mention it."