Helping Hand
Author's Note
Like the Talk this also has a similar background. Naruto has lived past hid era and has taken a new identity in a new time period. Unable to have a family with a human woman and continues to live on hoping to bring the world a step closer to peace. Some mentioning of themes from Kitsune Among Titans
Story Start

Naruto was currently laying in his bed, ready to drift to sleep off to sleep after a tiring day of work. He had just finished locking up the book store a hour ago and was looking forward to the solace of sleep. He wasn't in any mood to be disturbed so whoever it was knocking on his door better be dying of a medical emergency.''

''Hello...Naruto. Have you returned from your book store?''

Naruto knew all the distinctive voices of the Titans and recognized Starfire's melodious voice. He was slightly annoyed, but decided to see what Starfire wanted. Opening the door the door he greeted the auburn haired girl. She had about a good six inches on him being 6'5 and all. ''Hey there Kori, was there something you needed?'' He asked as Starfire's eyes darted about as if she was keeping watch or skulking around in secrecy.

''This is quite embarrassing. May I come in?'' she asked as Naruto nodded.

''Sure,'' he replied as the alien beauty entered his room. Naruto knew many a guy who would give an arm or leg to have the Tamaranean beauty in their room. She took a seat on his bed and clasped her hands as she began speaking.

''After our latest battle with the enemy I was injured...'' Naruto nodded at that. He recalled what happened last evening. There was an explosion and Kori was hurled into the wall. Thankfully nothing was broken and she didn't suffer from serious injury due to the fact that Tamreneans were quiet resilient. '' body as a result should I put this,'' she paused for a moment. ''Bathed in tension. I need someone with skillful handles to apply the Gangra oil to my body and help me relieve the pain from my injuries.''

Naruto blinked owlishly at her statement. ''You want me to do what now?''

''Please,'' she pleaded. ''You are the only one I can turn to. Cyborg does not have the hands for this. Raven can't and...well Robin and Beast boy...'' she trailed off as the blond finished for her.

''Are Robin and Beast Boy...'' Naruto understood where she was coming from. If Robin and Beast boy lived in Naruto's era they probably would have suffered the common nose bleeds that came from being a denizen of that universe and perverse thoughts respective to their person. ''Are you sure Raven can't,'' he paused, considering Raven's personality. ''Never mind...'' Naruto turned away so Starfire couldn't see his face. He knew he wasn't the last person to have 'thoughts' about Starfire and Raven in that way and wouldn't be the last. Hell there was tones of fanfiction dedicated to it.

Thank Kami he got the rights and licenses to his name and all other information selling only exclusive information and liberties to certain companies. As such none of those less than normal writers, who in the most likely case suffer from some brain deficiency couldn't write those horrible lies about him pursuing any relationship with anything less then female. Too bad the others didn't think ahead as such and was still fighting the court about this legal matter.

Poor bastards.

''I'll do it then.'' He said, trying not to sound too happy. After all his team mate was in pain and she coming to him in a time of need.

''Excellent...I shall retrieve it right away...'' She was gone and back within a minute. ''Now what area should we prepare?'' She asked looking around.

''Let's just use my bed.'' he casually suggested.

''Are you sure? Would the smells not bother you?'' she asked him as the shinobi shook his head.

''I've been working on dampening my senses. Would be a good test.''

''If you are sure then...'' Starfire said as her fingers went to the catch of her bra. Almost as she was doing a strip tease her bra slowly rose up. Sliding up her arms and over them she lazily let it dropped to the ground.

Naruto gulped then closed his eyes and shook his head. He couldn't have thoughts like this. Starfire was his friend, like a sister. A sister like Sakura, but taller, curvier, with exotic skin, who sounded quite sexy when she spoke in Tamarenean, didn't kick his ass on a daily basis, and...oh this was going to be much tougher then he thought. His attention focused back on the orange skinned Amazon who seemed to be tugging at her skirt. She then bent over and slid down her skirt exposing her form and very squeezable rear. She indeed loved the color purple as her lingerie was the same color as her tank top and skirt. She then set the Ga, something oil on the counter nearby and laid on Naruto's bed in a sexy pose.
''Are you ready to oil me up and rub me down friend?''

If anyone had come upon this scene they would have included that Starfire was trying to seduce Naruto. Though Naruto had knew the young woman quite well. It had been what? Three? Four years since they had met and formed the Teen Titans. It was a one in a million meeting. A flip of a coin that would define the path of destiny or faith. Naruto had spoken to a diety that told him of a life where he was never a Titan. How somehow he had defined fate yet again. Maybe this longevity was a punishment by the gods of a human that dared renounce their names as so. Regardless the two teens were great friends. If Naruto was recalling correctly he had fun poking fun at Robin about his mutual crush on the auburn haired woman who seemed to return it. Naruto began to wonder what happened until he came across a message while scrummaging through Robin's computer for blackmail.

Oracle, Barbara Gordan, someone from his past.

Looks like there was more then just one interests in the bird's life.

Maybe that's why things have been tense around the two lately? Would things have really worked? It seemed weird that humans could have relations with anything humanoid shape in the many numerous forms of fiction. Most of the time the biological differences were bypassed in romance stories because it was just sappy pairings by starry-eyed fans and such.

Shaken from his thoughts he poured the oil onto Starfire who just seemed to hum.

''I need you to firmly massaged my neck, back and legs. When your done you remove the rest of my clothing and be sure to pay special care of my chest, buttocks and hips.'' She listed off as if she was just telling him to massage or foot or shoulders.

Naruto knew by no means that was Kori an idiot. People unfortunately took her naivety to the way the Earth works and her kind nature as to being a fool. Kori was more than a super heroine. Speaking of none-earth basis things the Tamarenean was actually quite intelligent. Psychics, Combat, Other Cultures, Math, and other such things she had quite a well of knowledge. It was just her light-hearted nature at times and the fact she seemed quite fund of making tamarenean dishes, despite most people stomach's not being able to handle it that set this image that seemed to be reinforced by a lot of her ill-informed choices early on.

All the while Naruto tried to think unsexy thoughts while his fingers and paws softly stroke her orange skin. His fingers brushing across every patch of skin. It wasn't rough like many would expect because of resilient she was. It was actually soft but not too soft. It was kind of hard to describe without thinking of a feeling of warmth. Her legs were quite lean and strong as to be expected. Naruto toyed with the idea of Starfire learning Kickboxing or some martial arts that focused on the use of the legs. Heavens know she had the strength for it.

Then came the hard part, quite figuratively and literally speaking.

Naruto tried not too focus too hard on the flesh that his hands needed. Starfire's moan didn't seem to help as the erection in his pants continued to stir. Pitching a tent, while rubbing down your sexy team mate, was definitely not something Naruto pictured he would be doing when he got home that night. From the soft round mounds of her rear to her perky breasts and hard nipples Naruto wasn't sure if his hands had touched anything so wonderful.

She then sat up and turned her back to him. She then pointed to her mid lower back and slowly trailed her finger down to the crack right above her anus. ''I need you to stimulate the ne nerves here. Your fingers won't be enough so I ask you to trust me. I'm going to need to take off your bottom clothing.''

Naruto was beginning to wonder if he could ask the higher ups a favor and ask to be reincarnated as a Tamarenean in his next life. If this is how they helped each other with pain then there was no telling when it came to sicknesses or stuff. All sorts of perverted scenarios came to Naruto's mind.

Naruto groaned as Starfire started stroking his erection. Apparently not wanting to wait a second to finish her 'treatment'. She turned around and backed her lower back against Naruto's crotch. ''K-Kori...''

She placed his hands on her side. ''If you wish you can hold on to my sides for support. She then grabbed her ass cheeks and widen then slightly. She then enclosed them around Naruto's shaft and started moving up and down.

Naruto gripped Starfire's side as he fought back a moan. He couldn't believe Starfire was hot-dogging him. The rub down was one thing, but this was a little too much. A minutes had passed and the intensity heated up. Naruto found himself grinding his hardened member between the patch of area between Starfire's two cheeks.

''Cumming!'' Was her soft, lustful cry as she moved upwards, rubbing her swollen lips against Naruto's engorged head. Naruto wrapped her arms around her torso causing them to both crash top of his manhood rubbed against her womanhood as his seed spilled onto the sheets below. Naruto could fill her juices dripped onto his cock as he fervently dry humped his team mate until he was finishing bottoming out.

They both broke apart sweating and panting. '' that how really...'' Naruto couldn't even finish his question.

Starfire just gave him a sly smile,'' would be nice now wouldn't it?''

Naruto's mouth was agape as realization set in by the revelation. ''It was quite nice for you to lend me a helping hand. Maybe you can give me some of your seeds to help 'cure my cold' or 'stabilize my core' next time I am 'unwell' dear Naruto. Maybe Tomorrow night?
Naruto sat there dumb founded as Starfire gathered her things and went off to her room. After shaking off the shock Naruto knew one thing. He was definitely closing shop early tomorrow.

Author's Note
Yet another fun idea that came to me. I think setting up these major NarutoxCrossover stories help with the basis of these oneshots more. Which is why I haven't done Oneshots of many other types. Once I get the stories out I come up with these fun crossovers. Anyway if a sequel is wanted just give your votes. I know people are waiting for His Affection, The Hunt, and Bethroed. Will try to get them out when I can. I will eventually move on to other Titan Girls so don't worry.