A Helping Hand


Author's Note

The final chapter. From the start this was going to be a short fic and well, its finished. Enjoy!

Story Start
Starfire pulled back her hair in a pony tail and put on some light make-up. With a casual top and dark skirt on she had her ensemble together. Today was the day that the games came to an end and she finally got what she wanted.

She walked into the Kitchen where Naruto had finished his cup of coffee and was on his way down to the bookstore. With a sway of her hips, making sure Naruto saw she greeted him.

"Star, did you do something to your hair?" then- "are you wearing make-up?" because of Starfire's exotic complexion she usually didn't wear any make-up beyond lipstick.

"I, wanted to try something different. Do you not like it?" she asked as he glanced her over.

"I think it looks...great. You look great. I mean, you chose to look great, who wouldn't? Not to say just anyone could look like you. Just great.''

A satisfied grin formed on Starfire's face as Naruto continued to babble. ''Well I am off. I have something I need to prepare for, so see you later.'' she turned and began leaving the kitchen, swaying her hips as she left.

Hours later Starfire made her way to the Naruto's bookstore, a little black box in hand. The doors opened and then closed it behind her silently. Her feet slipped across the floor. Her eyes searched the room for him, and saw him facing towards the shelf at one end of the room. She floated over to him and wrapped her delicate hands around his shoulders.

He stiffens slightly, and then relaxes as he picked up on her scent. ''Starfire.''

''Naruto...'' she returned. He moist breath causing the hairs on his neck to stand. ''Just Kori.'' she said as she picked out the box she quickly nestled under her armpit when she used her hands to surprise him. Floating to the other side she presented him with the gift.

''What's this?''

''Open it,'' she gently urged him.

Naruto complied and opened the box to see it was a simple, silvery and crystal looking material fastened into the shape of a ring. Naruto decided to put it on. ''This is...nice.'' he said, a bit confused.

''I heard it was an Earth custom to present one's lover with a ring when they want to go through courtship rights.''

''W-What?'' he asked, his voice cracking slightly. He became further flushed when Starfire floated onto his lap. ''I believe I may have been a bit subtle on expressing my want to date you.''

'Subtle?' Naruto couldn't help but wonder what Starfire would have done when she wasn't trying to be subtle. Her hands cupped the side of his face as her lips brushed against his. He melted into the kiss, his fingers reaching up and running through her hair. ''Kori.'' he whispered, his nervousness melting away. He longed for the taste of her mouth and the feeling of her skin. At any moment now he was going to explode and he couldn't take it anymore.

His hands glided down to her shoulders, pushing away the strips of cloth that held up her top. It fell down to her stomach, revealing her breasts. His kisses trailed down her neck and throat, nipping at the exposed flesh of her breasts. She kissed back, teasing him with her legs grinding against his thigh as she stroked his cheek.

'Let's take this to the backroom.' he whispered, leading her to one of the back room, moving gracefully together. Kori gasped, feeling him explore her depths as his warmth coursed through her. Possessing her, trying to dominate her as he gave into his passion but she would not exhaust so easily. In their passion, she soon found herself on top, sitting on his lap as she took control. Their fingers interlaced and bliss course through their bodies. His table, his desk, and even his comfy office chair. Tender kisses were exchanged as every inch of flesh was explored and they climaxed.

When it was over the two of them took up a comfy positioned his chair. Content in the status of their new relationship. And to think it all started with a helping hand.