Follow Me
Royai, specifically written in response to chapter 108 of the Manga so DO NOT read if you do not want to have anything spoiled.

"I'm going to be busy again, follow me!"

That was what he said, and follow him was exactly what she was going to do, but she was surprised when it wasn't Major Armstrong who delivered the message, like he delivered the message to everyone else; but Roy himself.

He had managed to get them alone first, kicking out all of the medics that surrounded her stretcher, and he had helped her sit up to look at him eye to eye. He looked at her with a smile, and she imagined that he was thinking how much better she looked now that they had cleaned the blood away. What she didn't realize was that he was thinking nothing about blood, or the faint scar on her neck. He was thinking about how beautiful she looked with the determination shining out through her eyes.

"I'll follow you to the end of time," she said, "Wherever you go."

He took her hand, still smiling.

"I know," he said, "But before we begin there's something that I want to do first."

Riza gave him a questioning look, a look that turned to surprise as he leaned forward and gently kissed her. But she didn't push him away, if anything, she was so very close to kissing him back.

"But… the rules," she said, but weakly, because she didn't really want to protest to this.

"They promised to give me ten minutes," he said, "So; for the next ten minutes… hang the rules, and then you can follow me for the rest of our lives."

So Riza let him lean forward again and wrap his arm around her waist to press their bodies together, and it felt right. He was warm and solid as he pressed against her and they felt like two puzzle pieces that had finally been fitted together after so long sitting detached side by side. Colonel Mustang kissed his first lieutenant properly for the first time…

"I…" he said, when they broke for air, but she kissed him again quickly to stop the sentence.

"Don't say it," she said, "Because if you say it out loud, you'll think it all the time, and as much as you want it, you have to keep your distance."

"Not it," he said, "You."

"Okay," said Riza, "As much as you want me you'll have to keep your distance, and so will I, because I…"

I love you too.

He kissed her again and then stepped back, almost unwillingly, their fingers still entwined.

"Follow me?" he said wistfully.

Riza smiled, "I'll never stop."

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