The Stage

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Plot Summary- Rayflo pushes Charley into doing some 'innocent' role-playing. Their acting however may just light a fire between them.

Note- This chapter does in fact have a Lemon in it, and—as a result, is actually the most descriptive Lemon I have ever written. So if there's anyone who feels uncomfortable with Lemon's or sexual situations, then I suggest reading until you hit (Lemon). Thank you and I hope everyone else enjoys!

Charley played everything that had just happened in his head. From the game they had played to the falling apart in Rayflo's arms, to Charley contemplating his choices. He played his memory over and over and took in every piece of evidence. Watching it like this night had been play, and his recollection was the stage—him and Rayflo the actors.

What would god say? Would god punish him as his church so claimed he would? Or would he offer him understanding? If god made each creature than didn't god make him this way? He didn't choose to love Rayflo, his life had been thrown into his master's and wasn't that in itself god's doing? How did he know that he wasn't meant to be with Rayflo the way he wanted to be?

It only served to confuse him further. Even if I did give in, and god forgave just this once…How is that fair to Master? It wasn't. Not at all. He couldn't give this man his undeniable love once and take it away the next morning. It wasn't in him to do so. His master had done so much for him; he could never lead Rayflo on like that.

So what was he suppose to do? Turn him down? The pain would be excruciating for the both of them. He did believe his master would still love him…But could his master still be around him? Probably not. Charley would have to look him in the eye knowing that he had denied his master of perhaps the only thing he had ever asked him for.

There's no way to win. Charley thought, groaning to himself quietly. There was no compromise or grey area. There were only two choices. The outcomes changing as he considered arguments. Essentially, there was either one right choice and one wrong choice, two right choices (he doubted that very much) or two wrong choices (perhaps the most likely one of them all).

Perhaps he was thinking too hard. He thought about what his master said. Just tell me what you want, Chris, and I'll respect it. He took away the arguments and the scenes of tonight's little play. He took away god, the bible, the vampirism, and every little thing that made his choice so complicated.

What was left? His love, devotion, and even his desire for his master. He wanted him. He needed him.

"Chris." The first word spoken in, what seemed like forever. "I never wanted to hurt you…Just come home when you're ready okay?" His master moved to get up and Charley panicked. He grabbed his Master's arm and flung him back on the bed. Charley climbed on top of him and kissed him. This time it was not sloppy or unsure. It was strong and intentional. He could taste his master's cigarette on his lips but found that he liked it. Maybe because his master always smelled of cigarettes.

The kiss stopped and Charley looked down. His master watched him, shocked at what had just happened. "Are…Are you sure this is what you want?"

Charley didn't give himself a chance to take back. No more. He made his choice and he intended to stick with it. "I'm sure."

Rayflo reached up and gently stroked his cheek. Charley closed his eyes, admiring the soft feel of his master's hands. "Think about this Chris..."

"I have." Charley insisted, putting his hand over Rayflo's. He wrapped his robotic hand around Rayflo's and pressed it against the bed. Soon, he pinned his master's second hand to the bed. He stared down at Rayflo—still very unsure, still very nervous. "I've made my choice."

Rayflo's eyes lit up and a playful smirk came across his face. Without warning he flicked his wrists free. He forced Charley on to his back and touched his forehead to his young vassal's. A growl leaving his throat as he spoke. "Well then little Cherry…Let's play…"


Charley stared up at Rayflo, blushing at his master's suggestion. Rayflo chuckled at the innocent young vampire. Despite what Rayfelle had put him through and all the things Charley did during his feedings, his little Cherry was still white as snow. He knew in his heart that while the young man would learn quickly; he wouldn't have the first clue as to how to engage in sex. While it might have been an inconvenience, it was also a turn on. Having him rely on his guidance and leadership spoke to the elder vampire's predator instincts.

Rayflo's hands gripped both sides of his vest. The fabric slipped off Charley's shoulders and Rayflo pulled it down his arms; casting it away when it was off.

The elder vampire's hands wrapped themselves around the straps of the wife-beater. "I love this shirt on you…." Apparently not enough—his master ripped through the straps and started tearing the shirt apart. Charley braced himself as Rayflo clawed and ripped the shirt off him. Never hurting him, but effectively destroying the piece clothing he claimed to love.

Rayflo unbuttoned his jacket and disposed of it along with the black tie. The white button up shirt clung to his master's perfectly built body. With one quick swipe, the first four buttons were ripped off the shirt. He pulled down the collar to show Charley exactly the elder vampire had to offer. Charley's mouth watered as he gazed at his neck.

He was about to take the offering when his master stopped him. "Nah-uh…First, take off your pants, your underwear too."

Charley lowered his head. In all the times he had drank Rayflo's blood, many of those times, Rayflo himself stripping to nothing more than his birthday suit, Charley had never once made himself naked in front of his master. The idea made him nervous as he disliked the idea of being revealed and vulnerable. But his trust for his master out-grew any concern he had for his comfort zone.

But as for how he surrendered it; Charley had plans of his own. He was willing to give in to his desires but that didn't mean he couldn't have some control. He just barely touched the belt buckle of his baggy pants; noticing the way Rayflo licked his lips. His fingers traced the metal of his belt and ever so slowly, freed the belt of its position.

Charley then proceeded to touch the fabric of his pants. Not daring to move them an inch even under his master's hungry eyes. Well one hand fumbled and kneaded the waist band; another hand began caressing Rayflo's thigh slowly. Rayflo bent his head forward, shivering at his nervous vassal's touches.

The religious man was driving him insane. His hands would dance up Rayflo's leg, just barely touching the front of Rayflo's suit pants before retreating again—almost as if the younger vampire was afraid to actually touch his master. The gentle movements and Charley's innocence was enough to send him over the edge.

"That's the way you're going to be huh? Fine then," The older vampire pushed Charley's hands away and pulled down his pants and underwear in one swift motion. Charley drew a sudden gasp of breath as he felt a cold draft tickle his body. Rayflo chuckled and kissed his vassal's nose. "Now that we have that out of the way—are you ready for your fix?"

Ready was an understatement. Charley was dying to drink from Rayflo's fountain. He longed for it like the heroine needed the needle; or the smoker needed his cigarette lit. He was addicted to Rayflo and to him; there was no sweeter drug in the world.

Leaning up carefully, Charley rested the tip of his nose against Rayflo's neck. He nuzzled his master's skin gently and pressed his lips to it. His fangs extended against his tongue and the need became too great. He opened his mouth and dug his teeth into his master's flesh. Rayflo gasped and threw his head back.

Charley cupped one hand to the unoccupied side of Rayflo's neck while the other landed on his hip. As the blood transferred bodies; the younger vampire brought the elder's body closer to him. Rayflo released quiet moans as his vein throbbed against Charley's teeth. These feedings had always brought Rayflo a certain amount of pleasure. In fact, he had always used the ron de vous as attempts to quench his apparent desire for the religious man. But now that the truth was revealed; the act somehow seemed more pleasurable like a form of foreplay.

Speaking of which, Rayflo thought. He started trailing his hands down his young vassal's chest and stomach; smirking when Charley jumped or shivered even while he continued to feed. His hands had dirty little minds of their own and wanted to see just what would happen when he touched his soon-be-lover in ways he could only imagine.

When one, boney finger rubbed against Charley's member, he tensed. The touch had taken him by surprise yet, it had given him a good, almost electric feeling. He tried to push through the shock so he could finish his meal but Rayflo persisted. The elder vampire moved his finger against his vassal's fruit yet again. Charley groaned; the vibration causing Rayflo to cup Charley's manhood and to stroke it with even but slow movements. The younger vampire couldn't ignore the new sensations his master was giving him and pulled away from Rayflo's neck. He leaned his forehead against Rayflo's shoulder as he struggled to keep back his moans and grunts.

"Do you like this, Cherry?" He whispered into Charley's ear. The breath against his ear made Charley cling to his master. A pressure started to build in his stomach for reasons he couldn't begin to understand. All he knew was that when his master picked up the pace; the pressure grew, and when the pressure grew, so did the desire to be rid of it.

"Master…" Charley whimpered out hoarsely as the pressure continued to expand. "What…what is going on?"

Rayflo chuckled at his vassal's purity. "I don't know, Cherry. What are you feeling?"

He knew the older vampire was toying with him. Normally, he would respond to such nonsense by ignoring his master complete. That option quickly went out the window when Rayflo reduced his speed to torturous short strokes. "It's…it's like a fire engulfing my stomach…It hurts but…"

"It feels good?" Charley nodded and started to thrust into his master's hand; looking for the same consistent speed as earlier. "Is there something you want, Cherry? Just spit it out."

Curse him! Charley thought, feeling embarrassed by his master's request. He had never considered himself a man to beg. He had his dignity and held it high like any man should. He had always been warned that things of the sexual nature could make a man desperate and needy and it was better to avoid the subject all together; lest he face humiliation.

But he was only in the company of his beloved master—and though he hated the thought of pleading for relief from the older vampire; he also did enjoy the feelings he was causing. He realized beyond dignity, there was another thing all men had; needs.

"Master…please—help me." He moaned. Rayflo smiled, nuzzling the young vampire's cheek. He leaned his mouth to Charley's ear and whispered.


His hand stopped their movements completely as Rayflo jumped off of Charley. The young vampire looked to his master in sheer frustration, whimpering for his release. The pain of being left aroused and unsatisfied was so much worse than the embarrassment, pressure, and confusion he felt.

Rayflo giggled as he watched his soon-be-lover's react to what had just happened to his body. He found his vassal's innocence to be endearing. Many people would wonder just what a sin-indulged play-boy like Rayflo would see in a religiously-devoted man like Charley. What they failed to see was that their differences were the very reason the elder loved the younger so much.

There were plenty of gorgeous humans, vampires, or otherwise in the world who would have given themselves to Rayflo. But how many people were truly as pure and well-meaning as the young man panting below him? And even among that group; how many accepted the vampire for who he was or what he did? Not many. Charley was the only one, and by that distinction, the only one he could truly love. His vassal had shown unconditional devotion to him in every way, and now Rayflo was prepared to do the same.

When Charley was finally able to relax, he wasn't sure how to react to what had just happened. He felt another break-down coming on but quickly pushed it out of his head. He instead focused on a less exhausting, yet more embarrassing problem.


"Yes, Cherry?" The seductive voice said. The older vampire shed what was left of his shirt off of his body; revealing his aged yet still delightful body. Charley watched with undeniable fear; unsure of how exactly to express his current problem. It wasn't anything Rayflo didn't already know; but saying out loud still seem ludicrous to the younger vampire. "Talk to me, Chris…"

The older vampire pressed his hand against his vassal's cheek. Charley sighed and nuzzled the hand; taking all the comfort he could get. "I don't…I don't know what to do next… I'm sorry, but…This is all new to me."

"I know it is." Rayflo said soothingly before jumping off of Charley. The younger vampire's eyes followed as Rayflo picked up his jacket, fishing in the pockets before producing a small bottle.

"I just…thought it would come naturally to me." Charley admitted. While he spoke, the older vampire was taking off what was left of his clothing. "But...maybe this is just who I am."

Once he was completely naked; Rayflo took back his place on top of Charley, groaning when their erections touched. He thought about how he wanted to do this. With as inexperience as his vassal was; Rayflo considered being the one to lead this erotic dance. After all, the vampire was experience in both positions and would know how to comfort and pleasure Charley to his fullest.

On the other hand, Rayflo knew his vassal would be much more comfortable entering him as opposed to the other way around. While he was bound to make mistakes in that position, it made it less likely that devout Christian would have a panic attack. It's hell of a lot less painful too, Rayflo thought. The last thing he wanted to do was to make his young soon-be lover uncomfortable.

He grabbed his vassal's hand and opened the bottle (filled with scented oil) and dabbed it in the middle of Charley's hands. He then spread it over the younger vampire's fingers until they were good and covered. This made Charley confused. "Master?"

He kissed Charley's cheek and started leading his hand lower. "You have to prepare me Cherry; otherwise, I'll be in too much pain to enjoy it."

"Prepare you for….?" The younger vampire trailed off when Rayflo and his hand had reached their destination. Charley blushed madly, looking at anything but his master. The older vampire laughed.

"That's a nice shade of red on you, Cherry." He kissed Charley's lips, licking off blood from earlier. "You're doing well, Chris…Just go slowly."

With Rayflo's encouragement, Charley slowly pushed one finger into him. The elder vampire gasped and shivered at the feeling. His vassal marveled at his expressions and moved his finger slowly; enjoying the sounds his master was making.

He proceeded to add a second finger, his curiosity taking complete control of his senses. He was doing everything he could to get those incredible reactions from his master. Rayflo panted and moan against Charley's skin, kissing his lips to encourage him.

"Oh god!" He cried out when Charley hit the bundle of nerves deep inside him. Charley's eyes widen at that discovery. Smirking, the younger vampire hit the spot again—and again, and again. For the first time, Charley was the one causing his master these sexual feelings; what's more, he was doing it with little guidance.

Charley could have continued like this if Rayflo had allowed him. With heavy breath, Rayflo stopped his vassal's hand. He blew a lock of brown hair out of his face and spoke. "That's enough—I need you to make love to me. Now, before I take things into my own hands."

Rather than test his master, Charley pulled his fingers out and tried to find a natural position. His newly formed confidence was broken and just like that; he was awkward and nervous again. Rayflo, realizing this, helped Charley find a good place to be. When they finally agreed on a position, they were both on their sides, with Charley behind Rayflo.

The older vampire wrapped his vassal's arms around his body, forcing Charley's upper body against his master's back. He felt Charley shake against him. One hand enclosed around the younger vampire's hand. "Are you okay?"

His vassal's head rested against his shoulder. Rayflo felt something liquid and realized Charley had once again started to cry. As hot and bothered as the playboy vampire was; the guilt was stronger. "Chris, please don't cry. This is supposed to be fun. If you don't want to do it, then don't."

Charley kissed his master's shoulder. "I want to…" He whispered against his master's skin. "I-I'm just…afraid."

For him to admit it, Rayflo knew it was true. Like a young boy, Charley had always strived himself on hiding all of his emotions, especially fear. He was relieved the even in this vulnerable place; Charley could be open with him. "Afraid of what? Afraid of god? Hell?"

"Among other things." He admitted quietly, stroking the elder's hand. "I'm also afraid of disappointing you—what if I'm not the lover you want me to be? If…If you decided you preferred me pure, It will be too late. "

Unable to look his soon-be lover in the eyes, Rayflo just stared straight forward. He tried to make sense of his confession, but couldn't for the life of him. Charley could have been the worst sex partner on the face on the earth, and he'd still be the lover the older vampire wanted. He couldn't remember a time where he'd wanted anything other than to be in Charley's arms. He recalled the lonely nights in the hot tub, his coffin, and in his home. Waiting for his vassal to come home and just be there. Now that they were almost lovers; Rayflo couldn't imagine a better person to be with.

"Chris," Rayflo began, trying to best summarize what he had just thought. "You're a good man, and nothing is going to change that."

Charley's lips rested against his shoulder. Somehow, that one little phrase made him feel a little less tense. He knew his master would love him even if he managed to screw this moment up. Rayflo's love always has and always will be similar to god's love; forgiving and unconditional. If he didn't, why would he have gone through the trouble of setting this up? Why would he have dealt with Charley's distant attitude for so long when Rayflo literally, could have had his person of choice? The only logical answer was that the older man did in fact care for his well-being like he claimed to.

His mind finally at peace, Charley begins to push his member into his master's cavern. Rayflo's hand tenses around his vassal mechanical one. As Rayflo expected, Charley is a gentle and slow lover; pulling almost completely out just as slowly as he went in. While appreciated at first, once the pain resides, it really just starts to piss the older vampire off.

"Chris…" He groans, pushing against his vassal's body. "Please…go faster."

Charley barely picks up the pace, not sure of what was too fast and what was too slow. Deciding to offer his guidance, Rayflo begins rock his hips, setting a steady rhythm for Charley to follow. Once the younger man understands; Rayflo hands him back the reins, allowing himself to enjoy what he's wanted for so long.

The young vampire made animal-like noises as he clutched harder to his older lover. The pressure was building once more, this time taking complete control of his body. The more he tried to fight this take-over, the more he gave him. Rayflo's moans and breaths didn't help. Charley's mind was spiraling beyond his grasp and he found it difficult to care.

"Master, ah...I can't …" He managed to say. As proof, his hands began to drift down his master's body. His hand repeated the actions Rayflo had performed on him earlier. He stroked his master's member in time with his thrusts—which were growing faster and harder by the minute.

"Chris! God yes." The older vampire arched and moaned loudly. His release was coming on quickly; and he could tell it was going to be huge. His lover's hand, though robotic, was surprisingly gentle compared to his thrusts. These two things kept each other in balance as he prepared himself. "More, please...I'm almost there."

Charley started moving as fast as he could. Crying his master's name over and over again as the pressure built up. Then without warning, it all exploded inside of him. "Ah!" The sheer white pleasure blinded him as he rode out his first orgasm. His hand by default gave one quick stroke that finally pushed Rayflo over the edge with a scream. The two men were left panting and reeling from what had just happened. Charley after a few moments was able to pull out of his master's body and lay on to his back. His mind scrambled to piece together what had just happened but could only come to one conclusion. He had felt something truly amazing and powerful, and it was thanks to his older lover.

Rayflo leaned over the bed to get his jacket on the floor. Charley watched breathlessly as the older man pulled a cigarette and lighter out of his jacket. With quick precision, he stuck the cigarette into his mouth and lit it. Releasing a puff of smoke with a smile.

"Glad to see I didn't create a so and so lover…That was…wow." Rayflo said, looking down at his exhausted lover. "Cherry, I didn't know you had it in you."

Contrary to his nature, Charley laughed and pulled a blanket up. His body was crashing quickly and soon he'd be fast asleep. He snuggled close to Rayflo who wrapped an arm around him. "Tired?"

"Yes." Charley answered firmly. Rayflo laughed and took another drag of his cigarette.

"Good thing I rented the room for the night and day…" He finished off his cigarette and put it out in the ashtray. The older vampire than inched down back on the bed, holding his new lover close as can be. In the glow, everything seemed perfect. Even if tomorrow, Charley decided he never wanted to have sex again; Rayflo would have been happy with this one moment.

Charley felt himself giving into darkness. He laid his head against his master chest and yawned. "Thanks for everything…Ray Johns."

Rayflo smirked and stroked his vassal's hair. The curtain drawing a close to the play they had just performed. The stage was clear; time for final bows. He leaned over to kiss Charley's forehead. "Any time, Cross…"

"Anytime…" He repeated before Charley fell asleep.