A/N: I absolutely adored Quinn's mother last episode. She annoyed me in the earlier episodes, but I loved her in this one. She definitely proved herself to me. And I feel like we never get to see how Quinn acts with her mother outside of judgment and arguing.

"Who was that boy you were kissing?"

The question comes abruptly before Quinn can even take a breath of air. She briefly closes her eyes, hoping with fervency that it's simply her mind playing tricks on her, but sure enough, her mother sits on the recliner, reading a book with her reading glasses perched atop her nose. She smiles to placate her mother but her insides are twisted and she thinks she must be ready to have a heart-attack.

"What'd you say?" Quinn asks innocently, glancing out the window to see his truck pulling away, much to her relief. She sits on the sofa, attempting to look unafraid when all she feels is terror. Her mother had never approved of Quinn's mere somewhat-friendship with Puck; she could scarcely imagine how she'd react to them dating.

Ms. Fabray closes her book and does that mother smile, the one that means very little but is supposed to terrify you. "The boy outside. With the ugly truck. Who was that?" She's still smiling; Quinn thinks it's only the beginning of a harsh argument.

"Oh, that was..." Lie, lie, lie. She feels she can't breathe and inhales slowly and cautiously until: "Um, Puck. Noah Puckerman?"

Ms. Fabray cocks her head curiously to the side. There's very little anger in her eyes, only a slow, dawning confusion. She pauses before she replies. "The boy your father threatened with the holy fire of God if he ever touched you?" she asks, sounding significantly surprised.

"That'd be Puck, yeah." Quinn bites her lip and clenches her hand into fists at her sides, squeezing her eyes shut. She realizes then, in a sliver of a sane moment, that her mother still has no idea that Finn was never the father of her baby.

Ms. Fabray glances outside again. Then: "He was pushing you in the wheelchair. And he was in the room. Why?"

Quinn thinks she'll never be able to admit it to her mother. It's a whole different story with Finn; his parents raised him very religiously, and Quinn's father had approved of him before they even dated. All her mother knows of Puck is that he bedded several of her friends in a short amount of time and that scares Quinn more than anything.

She says nothing.

As if something just dawns on her, Ms. Fabray turns her head. "Oh." She pauses again. "Oh." She stares at her daughter for a moment longer and Quinn feels she must be judging her before a word has left her mouth. "Finn wasn't the father, was he?"

In a slow, steady movement, Quinn shakes her head no, gaze transfixing on the pattern of the carpet below her.

"Well." For the first time, Ms. Fabray seems to have all words stolen from her. "He seems to love you very much." It's a soft statement, as if she'd rather have it another way, but she says nothing else about it.

Humbled by the words, Quinn dips her head again, hiding a smile she hopes her mother could never see. "I think so."

"And you seem very happy with him," carries on her mother, still not looking directly at Quinn.

She glances up almost at once. "I am." She begins to wonder if her mother is going to accept it after all. It was always Quinn's father that reacted in such a rage over the littlest things. Quinn realizes that she barely knows her own mother again.

Ms. Fabray smiles at Quinn, leaning forward to pat her leg gently. "I think I'd very much like to meet him."

She wants to say something else but for reasons she can't explain, her eyes water and her face crumbles and she cries tears of relief and joy. She remembers the days when her parents judged her every move, inspected every person she ever spoke to.

Her mother wraps her arms around her and for a moment Quinn feels like she is a child, and she wants desperately to clutch onto the bliss.