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John stormed quietly into his room where Dolph was sleeping soundly in his bed. John raised his fist high above his head and slammed it on Dolph's back, summoning a low scream from him.

"Ow! Dammit John what the fuck was that about?" Dolph turned over and sat up in the bed holding his back. John ignored him and reared his fist back preparing to punch Dolph in the face. Dolph narrowly avoided the punch and grabbed John's arm, "Whoa, John calm down you enraged homo! What's wrong with you?"

"What's wrong with me? There's nothing wrong with me! Besides the fact my best friend not only came out of the closet to some random idiot instead of me, and then raped me senseless while I was drunk!" John raged, pulling his hand away from Dolph.

"But I did try and tell you I like men! You just didn't listen to me I guess…" Dolph argued, hoping to turn the tables of wrong doing back on John.

"Yeah, well I guess that totally makes up for the whole you raping me thing!" John spat, sitting down on the other bed across from Dolph, "cause I totally love being taken advantage of."

"Is that sarcasm?"

"Yes." John hissed still fuming.

"Oh." They sat in silence for a few minutes.

"So," John finally spoke. "Do you really want to do this whole threesome thing?"

Dolph shrugged, "I think it could be pretty fun. But only if you're cool with it."

"I think I'd like it…But just two things. First of all, you have to talk to Mike about it."

"Deal," Dolph happily agreed.

"And second, that chick you were texting, Jackie? Was that really…" John trailed off.
"Yeah, it was Jake."

"So you did that stuff with him?" John asked a wave of recognition coming over his face.

"Yup," Dolph nodded.

"You mean you lick-" John stopped mid-sentence disgusted. Dolph smiled and nodded. "And you let him-"

Dolph blushed, and looked away from John. He stood, "You think Mike's in his room? I-I'll go see him now.


Dolph rapped on Mike's door quietly, halfway hoping he wouldn't answer so he could save himself the embarrassment of having to ask Mike such a stupid question. He wasn't even really sure how to approach such a thing. 'Hey Mike you mind if I fuck the love of your life? I already raped him once, so it shouldn't be anything new really' didn't seem like the best approach, but he couldn't not ask, he'd just have to improvise.

Just as Dolph was assuming no one was coming, Mike cracked the door open. "What?" He asked, clearly having been asleep, still in his boxers, apparently having slept in, annoyed by the interruption.

"Oh, hey Mike, I was wondering if I could come in and talk to you… It's important," Dolph choked out.

Miz sighed but opened the door the rest of the way, "Come on in you have 3 minutes."

Dolph nodded and walked in. He plopped down onto the couch not sure where to begin, Mike sitting by him. "So I came over to say that I'm sorry."

"You're sorry? About?"

"All that homophobe crap I said, I feel bad about it now," Dolph said he unsure where he was going with this.

"You woke me up to apologize for that?" Mike was close to just throwing Dolph out now. "Nick if you-"

"No not just that, I just wanted to let you know that I think I'm gay…Bisexual…I like guys." Dolph admitted.

Mike loosened up and chuckled, "Oh really? I would've never ever guessed."

"Yeah I know," Dolph said, not catching the sarcasm. "And I thought I'd let you know I'm dating Jake and-"

"Wait! You mean my old Jake? Why? I mean you're cute- you can do so much better than that! He's like semi-retarded or something!"

"Well why'd you date him?" Dolph asked, getting kind of defensive over Jake.

Mike shrugged, "I guess I get it… So um, I have a question. For a while there I had, like this huge crush on you, you know before I knew you were straight, did you ever… you know."

Dolph smiled, "I guess I am irresistible to everyone in the human race."

"Uhh, I wouldn't say irresistible, just really cute," Miz grinned.

"I think I'm irresistible. For instance," Dolph leaned in towards Miz unable to resist playing a little game with him, "if I were to try and seduce you right now I bet you would give in."

Miz backed up just enough to prevent their lips from touching, "No, I wouldn't… I'm way too dedicated to John."

"You sure about that?" Dolph asked, placing his hand on Miz's upper thigh.

"Try me." Miz whispered his heart rate increasing slightly.

Dolph took his opportunity to press his lips against Miz's, slipping his tongue roughly inside Miz's mouth and swinging his leg around to straddle him. He kissed Miz passionately, pinning him down to the couch for at least a few minutes. Miz finally pushed him away, gasping for air.

"Where the hell did that come from?" Miz asked, struggling to get out from under Dolph.

"Do you really care? Or do you just want more?" Dolph asked, in an attempt to sound seductive. He'd never had to seduce a man before seeing as Jack was always in the mood and he had raped John.

Miz looked into Dolph's face, trying to think of his and John's love as apposed to him screwing Dolph right then and there. "Don't tell John." He immediately began pulling off Dolph's clothing and feeling all over his body.

Dolph grabbed Miz's fingers and began sucking on them, then slowly guided them towards his hole as he went back to vigorously making out with him. Dolph moaned as Miz began finger fucking him slowly but deep. Dolph let Miz finger him wallowing in the pleasure for a few minutes, then finally pulled Miz's fingers out and away.

"Take off your pants. I'm done playing, I need a dick in me now," Dolph commanded.

Miz immediately obeyed, pulling his boxers off and quickly lubing up all in record time. He guided himself inside Dolph, making him scream out in a mix of pleasure and pain. Dolph began bouncing his body up and down on Miz's member, his rhythm speeding up with each bounce.

"Now carry me to the bed," Dolph commanded, liking the feeling of being dominant, even if he was the one receiving. Miz did as he was told, carrying Dolph to the bed while still thrusting into him periodically. They arrived at the bed, Miz dropping Dolph on the bed and collapsing on top of him, his member still deep inside.

"You like it when I fuck you up your tight ass?" Miz asked, pumping as hard into Dolph as he could. Dolph smiled in response and reached down and began playing with his member. He began to moan louder and buck as he came close to cumming. He let out one final moan as he came, spraying himself. The sight turned Miz on bringing him closer to his climax, "I'm going to-"

Dolph quickly pushed Miz out right before he came, causing Miz to come on the bed's comforter. Dolph still wouldn't allow himself to be a sperm dumpster of any type for anyone besides Jack.

Miz completely collapsed on top of Dolph, "Oh my god…"

Dolph tried to wiggle out from underneath Miz unsuccessfully, "Err, what's wrong Mike?" He asked-like he didn't already know.

"That was amazing," Miz said, his face still buried in Dolph's chest.

"Oh, ok then," Dolph felt both incredibly powerful and extremely disgusting. On one side it was awesome to know he was the modern day Casanova, but on the other hand it kind of sucked that he had only recently discovered his sexuality and was already a slut.

"But, I just…I mean-what about John? You're his best friend! And me, I'm supposed to love him, and only be with him!" Miz was practically sobbing, still lying naked on top of Dolph.

He almost felt bad about what he was about to do, "Um, well there is a way you can make this ok."

"What do you mean make it ok? I thought you wouldn't tell John," Miz finally looked up at Dolph.

"I won't….For a price," Dolph knew he would feel guilty about it later, but it was all in the sake of making Jack love him, and he was sure Mike and John would recover somehow.


"If I can convince John to have sex with me and Jake, do I have your consent?"

Miz almost laughed, "You mean if he agrees to do it? Sure you have my consent! John would never come within ten inches of Jake!"

Dolph smiled, planting a kiss on Miz's cheek, and pushed him off. Dolph sauntered into the other room to get dressed. "Thanks Mike, see you around."

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