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I felt like I was walking into the lions den as I followed the stout chamber maid down the grand hall way. I wasn't of course, but my perdicament might just be worse.

Everyone knew the King needed an hier to the thrown and the Queen was not producing. I suppose after three years he was tired of waiting. Either that, or he had officialy given up hope of his wife providing him with a strong child. It was also a known fact that male children were plentiful in the Swan family. For five generations there were no baby girls in the Swan family. Until Charles Swan, fifth generation male, brought forth a girl. He never said anything but I always knew he was disapointed, ashamed to a certain extent. His father only spawned males. His grandfather and his great grandfather, all the way up to his great great grandfather had had boys. And then there was me: Petite, shy, and most definitely female.

It wasn't hard to put two and two together, to realise why the king had asked for me. It didn't make it any easier to swallow though.

I had cried my eyes out, had begged, and pleaded with my parents when I realised what their intentions were. But my father said it would be a great honor to birth royalty. I also had my suspicions that my parents were being well componsated for my services.

It made me feel dirty and helpless. And scared.

I'd never done what he was going to expect me to do before. I was only sixteen years old. All of my friends were getting married and having children but it seemed very young all of the sudden.

"You're to wait for his hieness in here, ma'am," the lady nodded to a heavy door engraved with what looked like real gold. It was unsettling to see so much gradour in one place when I had grown up in poverty. Everyone was clothed in rags where I lived and yet here was the king and queen, eating feasts every night and engraving the doors with gold.

"Thank you, I whispered timidly.

The chamber maid gave a curt nod. She too knew why I was here and she refused to even meet my eyes. I wanted to fall down at her feet and beg her not to leave me to this fate but it wouldn't do any good. I would be in grave trouble for shaming my parents, not to mention disobeying and possibly humiliating his hieness.

The door sounded ominously loud in the echoing silence as it closed behind me.

The room was even more grand then I'd thought possible. There was a writing desk pushed to one side of the room with what looked like ivory handles. Atop it set the finest quil pens. The floors were sheathed with fantiful carpets in majestic colors. I'd heard of people being so rich they could have merchandise sent over from India and China even. But I'd never known anyone rich enough to see such things with my own eyes.

Even so none of these things, as beautiful as they were, could distract me from the large bed in the middle of the room.


My heart hammered in my chest before running to hide in my throat as I turned at the unexpected voice.

"Your majesty," I courtsied, blushing with nerves.

He seemed to apraise me even as I tried to keep my eyes on the floor. Mere peasents were not to look at royalty in the eye but it was hard to keep my attention elsewhere when I was so overcome with curiosity. He was very handsome, in a frightful way.

His eyes were commanding and his stature was confident. He had the air of someone who had never been told no once in their lives and never lived a day outside of the gorgeous surroundings of a castle. His green eyes held secrets; they looked as if they could belong to someone very dangerous and yet there was the smallest hint of kindness there as well. Mixed stories had flown across the streets of England. Some talked of his wisdom and generosity, his compassion, where others spoke of his ferocity on the battle field and his cruel punishments. King Edward the second of England did not give second chances, nor did he take no for an answer.

"You may look at me," he allowed after a moment.

"You are quite pretty," he decided, circling me like someone deciding wether they should buy something or not.

I blushed, fighting the urge to lower my eyes and anger him. I was dressed in my finest clothing and my father had made sure I ate more than my usual rations for a week so that I did not look a sickly as I usually did.

"Too skinny," he added in a thoughtful matter as if he could read my worries plainly on my face. "But very pretty. You look nervous."

I swallowed, shuffling from foot to foot.

He raised an eyebrow at me.

"You may speak," he allowed.

I nodded hesitantly. I wasn't positive I would be able to articulate my thoughts. I hadn't even had a chance to think of what I would say to his majesty when I saw him for the first time. I had been too worried about the act that would follow...

"I am, your majesty," I said, shaky.

He nodded as if he had guessed as much.

"You have never had intercourse before?" he guessed.

I was unable to contain my blush this time or the urge to avert my eyes.

"Answer me."

"No," I shook my head.

There was nothing but silence and I worried I had already done something wrong. Did he want someone with more experience? I had voiced my worries to my mother once and she had assured me that his hieness would want someone pure and clean to carry his son, but maybe she had been wrong.

"That's okay," he broke the silence, startling me.

I could hear his footsteps fall on the fine carpeting as he took a step towards me, closing the distance, and lifted my chin so that I had to look at him.

"I'll teach you."

I bit my lip, fighting against tears. I didn't want to do this. This isn't how it should be. I should be in love and married, not trying to creat a son for someone who is married to another.

"Don't be afraid," he whispered, looking not at my eyes any longer but watching my lips. I gulped.

"You will be well componsated for your services and all of England will be eternally greatful for their hier."

With that said he lowered his head with the air of someone who has done this a million times and pressed his lips to mine.

It felt weird at first, something completely foriegn to me, as he moved his lips gently but purposfully.

His hands snaked up my arms to my shoulders where he rubbed a small circle with his thumbs before moving his fingers into my hair.

I panicked as his tongue reached out to stroke my bottom lip.

I couldn't do this! This was too much to ask of a mere sixteen year old girl.

"Isabella," he sighed, pulling back and looking at me sternly. "Open your mouth."

I swallowed and shook my head.

"I can't," I whispered. "I can't do this."

He frowned as if thinking for a long time. I fought between wanting to run from the room and not wanting to make a single move under his heated gaze.

"The time for doubt is gone," he finally said. "You have agreed to something and to go back on your word will shame you and your family name."

I felt a tear slide down my cheek as I realized there was no way to back out of this now. I really never could have backed out of this if I was being honest with myself. My parents had been the ones asked in the first place. Once my father agreed to the arangment I was doomed.

I shook myself rather harshly from his grasp and walked numbly to the bed. I was a doomed person. I had seen a public execution once in the town square and I was guessing I looked much the same as that poor man had as he walked to the scaffold: saddened by his fate but resigned, knowing there was nothing more to be done.

"I will not bring shame to my family," I said, another tear seaping out of my eye and rolling down my lashes. "I will not go back on my word, your majesty."

He seemed plesently surprised by this although I can't believe he would think I should tell him no. I would gather that even if I had said no he would have gotten what he wanted in the end.

I can not put into words the emotions bubbling in my speading heart when he simply walked to the bed and pushed me lightly on the shoulders so that I was sitting.

"I am happy to hear that, Ms. Swan," he nodded.

I opened my mouth obediently when his tongue came to enter this time. My breathing picked up and my heart raced at a dangerous speed as something awakened inside of me.

There was a tingling feeling all over my body but I did not want to feel it. I was doing this out of duty. I was ashamed to feel anything at all.

His majesty groaned and his kiss became more heated, his hands tugging slightly on my hair.

I blushed, squeezing my eyes shut against my free falling tears. I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing but I was afriad I would anger him if I sat here doing nothing so I reached out tentively with my own tongue to meet his.

I gasped at the feeling as he mingled our breath and tongues together effortlessly.

He leaned back, breaking the contact after a moment and studied me with the look of a hunter. He licked his lips. I knew then that only half the stories I had heard were true. There was no way this man was wise, just, and kind. There was something evil hidden in the depth of his eyes.

And it was with this thought in mind that I was commanded to lay back.

I squeezed my eyes shut again as I slowly sank onto my back on the plush quilt, my stomach a mess, my heart heavy with sadness and guilt, and my eyes full of fresh tears.

"There's no need for you to be so meloncholy," King Edward reminded me, sounding irritated. I heard the rustling of cloth but I refused to open my eyes with fear of what I would find.

"This can be pleasurable for you as well," he told me. "So long as you allow it."

I balled my fists together at my sides, promising myself that I would not allow it.

The rustling of cloth halted for only a second before I felt a tug at my skirts.

God, forgive me. I thought as the skirts were pushed one by one up my legs and arround my waist. Stockings were pealed purposfully down my legs and the shift was pushed to the side in its turn. And then there was nothing but the cool air of the room.

He gingerly lifted my left foot and placed a kiss on the top of it, surprising me. He then kissed my ankle, up my calf, the back of my knee, and the side of my thigh.

My breathing hitched and I squirmed a bit as a forgiegn feeling washed over me.

He set my foot down without going any further like I had thought he would and moved to do the same to my other side. This time when he reached my thigh he pushed further.

I yelped as I felt something gently rub against my privates.

"Do you feel that, kitten," he asked, his voice gruffer than it had been.

I released a shaky breath as he ran his thumb over the sensitive spot again.

I tried to cross my legs but he kept them apart by force.

"Don't be afriad, Isabella," he murmured, pressing more firmly. My eyes flew open and I gasped.

"It can feel so good, pet."

I wimpered as he applied more pressure and rubbed his thumb back and forth before dipping his finger inside.

"Relax," he implored, pulling his finger out and gently pushing it back in. "It will hurt far less if you relax."

My hips bucked unintentionally and my breathing grew louder. His words weren't even reaching my ears as he continued with his shallow strokes. I vagually remembered that I was ashamed but the thought grew fainter and fainter as a strange feeling swept over me.

"You're getting close," he muttered, almost to himself before pinching me harshly with his thumb and forefinger.

It was hard enough to hurt but despite the pain the tingling that had been residing in the soles of my feet raced up my legs with reckless speed and burst out in the place he had been paying his attention.

"Oh!" I gasped, squeezing my eyes shut for a new reason and shaking my head from side to side on the goose feather pillows.

"That's right, Isabella," he praised, making a couple more shallow thrusts with his fingers.

"Oh, oh, oh god," I muttered, squirming uncontrollably.

My head lulled back as if I could no longer keep it supported as he withdrew his fingers and crawled up the bed.

My eyes were open and I wasn't quick enough to avert my eyes. The rustling I had heard earlier was in deed his majesties clotheing.

I swallowed, mortified but unable to look away. His chest was chisled, his arms were well defined, his hips were narrow, and he was huge. Another feeling of terror swept through me as I thought about that being pushed into my small enterance. I wasn't sure it was going to fit. He was going to be so angry if I messed this up some how but I'd heard it hurt and it would be worse the larger he was.

"You're doing so well, Isabella," he congratulated.

He lifted me gently off of the bed and untied the skirts that were bunched around my waist before lifting my slip over my head and then I was completely bare. I tried to cover myself but he captured my wrists in his hands and pushed me back.

"Do not ever cover yourself from me," he demanded, glaring.

I swallowed.

"Yes, your majesty," I managed to choke out.

"You may call me Edward," he allowed.

My eyes widened. He couldn't be serious!

"Only when we are within these four walls," he threatened, releasing my hands now that it was known that I would not be moving them. I wouldn't dare disobey and he knew this. I couldn't fathom the shame my family and I would suffer if he decided I had not held up my end of this exchange.

"Yes... Edward," I said, forcing myself to mutter the name that was supposed to be the most sacred in all of England.

He nodded once, trailing his fingers down my body. I swallowed my protests as his fingers moved over my breasts. As he spent more time on them I began to squirm again. He seemed to get tired of the grazing he had previously occupied himself with and placed his whole hand over them, squeezing gently and then harder.

He leaned over me to capture my lips again as he slid in with a groan.

"You feel amazing," he breathed, pushing in without hesitation until he hit my barrier.

He pushed himself onto his knees, pulling one of my legs up and placing it on his shoulder.

"Breath," he instructed, watching me carefully.

I took a deep breath in as I was told and as I released it he shoved against my barrier. It hurt so bad I yelped, the zillionth tear of the night spilling from my eyes. But to my surprise he halted and stroked my cheek with surprising gentleness.

I was so confused, bombarded with a million emotions there had been no way to prepare myself for. I was trying to think rationally but Edward didn't wait for long.

"Does it still hurt," he asked through clenched teeth, as if it was taking great strength to stay still for so long.

I actually had to think about his question before I could answer honestly; that's how distracted I was.

I shook my head no and a stream of air hissed out from between his clenched teeth as he withdrew and pushed back in. Replacing the pain was a very pleasurable feeling and I wimpered a little, unable to stop myself.

He reached for my hips and helped me meet his thrust as he pulled almost all the way out and pushed back in quickly.

My eyes rolled back in my head. My guilt and apprehension were miles away, my fear completely gone. In that moment I only wanted one thing: more.

I think I may have said this outloud because Edward growled and pushed back in with such force my back slid up on the bed.

"Oh my god," I muttered, reaching over my head to hang on to something.

"Isabella," he moaned, slamming in to me with renewed vigor.


Edward's muscled arms released my hips to support himself and I gripped onto them, needing something for fear I would fly away if I didn't teather myself to earth.

That same wash of tingles was coming back but I knew how it would end this time. Even so I was unable to keep it away.

"Edward," I screamed, not realizing until long after the fact that I had done so.

He gritted his teeth slowing as my head thrashed from side to side on the pillows.

"Yes," I muttered, a change since I had been saying the exact opposite in the beginning. "Yes, yes!"

"God, Isabella," He grunted, swiveling his hips instead of his thrusting. The movement kept me in heaven for so long I was afraid my heart would stop.

When it finally did stop he picked his pace back up, if anything he increased his spead. The muscles in his shoulders were stretching, his chest shone with sweat, and his jaw was closed tight.

I closed my eyes, overly tired all of a sudden and a little sigh came out of my mouth although I couldn't tell you its meaning.

"Say my name."

I opened my eyes, frowing up at King Edward the second.

He grunted as he thrust forward again, his teeth clenched.

"Say my name again," he demanded.

My breath caught.

"Edward," I uttered, tilting my head as he hit a spot inside of me I had never known existed.

His eyes rolled back in his head, his back curved with the effort of one last thrust, and he stilled deep within me.

"Isabella," He groaned, his head thrown back as mine had been. "Oh my god, beautiful wonderful Isabella!"

He burried his face in the crook of my neck breathing deeply for a moment before with-drawing and kissing my forehead.

"Thank you," he brushed the hair out of my face and kissed each cheek. "You will be staying here until we know if you are with child. If you are you will live here until the child is born of course."

I nodded, dazed and feeling sad and disapointed with myself now that I had come back into my right mind.

"This can be your room," he notified me, getting back off the bed with a chilling grace.

He pulled his breaches back on and tucked his white shirt in before grinning almost bashfully at me.

"Good night, Ms. Swan," he said, business-like. Maybe I had imagined the smile. Of course he hadn't grinned bashfully. I felt ridiculous even thinking such a thing!

"Good night," I whispered.

And with that he closed the door with the same ominous thud it had provided earlier. It sounded as hollow as the feeling in my gut. I curled into a ball, finding the moon through the lone window in the room and let my tears fall unwitnessed, wondering if I was in fact carrying the future prince of England.

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