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I'm sorry about the gap in updates. I went into labor... again. This is the second time it's happened. Thankfully my water didn't break and they stopped the contractions. I'm thirty-five weeks so chances are he'd be fine but we want to keep him in there as long as possible. Little Eli is just too excited to be born and see the world already!

Rays of light shone through the window, the soft fabric of the drapes blowing in the light breeze, and the birds chirped a harmonious melody outside of my window. I realized all of this however after I noticed a pair of very strong, very comfortable arms around me.

It took me a moment to remember His Majesty coming to me in the night, pulling me to him. It did not look as if he had moved once all night. Neither of us had; his arms were still enclosed around my waist, his face nestled in the crook of my neck causing his warm breath to fan out over the sensitive flesh of my earlobe. The only difference from last night was that I lay now turned towards him, my hands resting on his chest.

My stomach plummetted, filling with butterflies. I shouldn't be feeling like this. He was the king of England. I was his mistress. End of story. The only reason he had even spoken to me was for the purpose of conseaving a child together, an heir to the thrown so the crown would not be taken from his family. But he had answered my questions with an honesty I could not deny yesterday. There was more to him than met the eye. He would not take a child from his mother, even if said mother would be a mere peasant.

He had looked past the obvious, no schooling and no money to the traits he wanted his child to have. It was not enough to spark any hope that there would ever be something between us but it was enough to ensure my child, future prince of England or not, would have a good father.

My hands fluttered from their resting place on Edwards chest to my stomach, the butterflies reconveaning somewhere in my heart, making it beat over time.

Could this be it? I did not feel any different, no sickness or intuition that some mothers speak of. ...But I did not feel the painful cramps of a menstral cycle either. I had never been more than two days late before. My mother had teased me something harsh before about being so painfully punctual that even my cycle dared not be late. But late it was.

And after so many... meetings with the King could there be any doubt that his seed had been implanted within me? My cheeks flushed crimson as I thought of our escapade in the grand hall, remembering his surprisingly carefree words: "If that did not create a child I do not know what will."

It was rather crude of him to say, almost as if he were bragging. But I must admit he was right. I did not know much about intercourse, having only been with his Majesty, but I knew as surely as I know the sun will rise that, that had been above ordinary. Perhaps His Majesty had something to brag about.

Everything was so confusing. I had wanted more in that moment. I knew someone could enter the grand hall and find us out at any given moment. I knew that his behavoir was marked with contempt for his wife. I knew also that his only purpose in so doing was to create a child.

And yet all I remember in those moments of heat were wanting more, feeling alive, and needing. I could only wonder if he too had felt the almost animalistic need for my own body.

My cheeks flamed a most vivid hue of red and I burried my face in my hands even though there was no one there to witness it. What was happening to me? Only three weeks ago I had been a blushing virgin, inexperienced and scared out of my mind. I was still scared and I wasn't as experienced as some. But I was now blushing for a whole new reason.

My blush intensified as I felt rather than saw the King shift as if waking up.

Sure enough not seconds later his muffled voice spoke out, sounding disoriented and undeniably sleepy.

"Isabella?" His breath reached out like a caress to warm my neck. "Are you awake?"

He pushed himself up on one elbow, brushing the hair from my face, more from anxiousness than affection I'm sure.

I let me hands fall, praying the pink had faded but knowing it was futile. His close proximety, the intense gaze of green eyes made it not only improbable but imposible.

"Good morning, Your Majesty," I choked out.

He made no reply but to scrutinize me, his eyes gazing calculatingly at my cheeks.

"Are you too warm, Isabella?" he asked finally, his fingers tracing the pink hue of my cheek bones.

I shook my head, purposfuly bringing my face away from his touch without seeming disrespectful. I could not think with him that close.

"No, your Grace," I assured him.

He looked ready to dispute this but only shook his head, sighing.

"I have asked you to use my given name whilst we are alone," he reminded me.

Actually he had said to call him by his first name while we were within the four walls of my courters but I did not remind him of this.

"I apologize... Edward."

It felt so odd to call him by his first name, so intament. And yet I had known him in the most intament of ways time after blissful time.

"How are you this morning," he asked hesitantly, never taking his watchful eyes from my face.

My own eyes fell ubruptly away as my hands fought the urge to rub my stomach. I knew this not to be an innocent unassuming question. He wished to know something that would change my life, alter the very course of fate. Not only would my life be changed, it would be stolen. My life had never been my own. My entire existence had been devoted to my family up to this point. The weeks I had spent in the palace had been the freest time in my life and even then I was serving the purpose of another. I knew I would love this child for all of eternity with all of my heart but from this moment onward, with no taste of freedom in my belly, I would br a mother. I would be striving for the safety and happiness of my child before all else for the rest of my meager life.

"Are you... feeling ill?" he continued, almost nervously. It was times like these that made me wonder if Edward really was only seeking an heir. He had said himself that he was a slave to the thrown. It must be a very lonely life.

"There has been no evidence," I began, blushing anew. How do you tell the King of England you have not begun your mestral cycle?

I blew out a breath, flustered.

"I think we should call for the physician," I finally said, dodging the whole topic of the female cycle.

A look of alarm flashed accross his features before he regained hi composure, managing to look regal despite a case of bed head.

"Do you beleive there is... that we have-"

He shook his head angrily at himself, maybe not as in control of his emotions as I had thought.

I surprised myself by cautiously resting my hand on his forarm, hoping to calm him.

"I have never been two days late before this," I whispered.

His eyes laid on my face for an immeasurable moment before he captured my hand and pressed his lips to the palm.

"Finaly," he breathed.

I could no longer contain the laugh of relief that had been lurking some where deep in my chest. Edwards lips quirked upward, transforming his face into a rare display of peace and joy and gently pushed my shoulder so that I was laying on my back. He kissed each of the fingers on the hand that had been captured before sucking on the pulse point on my wrist.

My breath spiked.

"Th-the... should we not call for the physi-"

"Ssh," he cut me off, silencing me by capturing my lips with his.

"Don't think," he murmured, pushing my night dress up my body. "Just feel."

So I did not think. I did not think about the old physician or what would happen when he served us our garuntee, or our lives being stolen from us. I did not think of Edwards motivation, for we had already acomplished our purpose. I just felt.

I felt him kiss his way down my bosy, stripping me of my night clothes as if we had been blessed with forever, being more gentle than he had been even for the first time. I felt my body react his without the worry of completing a goal; my breasts swelled and my nipples puckered under his torturous touch, my skin boke out in goose bumps, and my breathing sped. For the first time when he eased himself into me we felt like two puzzle peices, destined to come together effortlessly. My legs came around his waist out of instinct and feeling instead of his guidence and the pace we kept was our pace. Edwards hands came to cup my face and his eyes board into mine with each heavy thrust and for the first time my own eyes stared undauntingly back.

AN: So there it is. She's pregnant and I am too... still. Ugh, is it almost over? Lol. And I even added a lemon for you guys because I know you love them, don't deny it. ;P It was extremely tame but still hot? I hope. Lol. Ok, until next time my friends!