A/N: Back finally with a new installment of the boys younger after a year. I was finally able to write this reality simple idea. For some reason it took a while to complete. This is about little Ike's journey to the world! I know Kyle didn't seem to know Ike was adopted way back in season 2 but there was no way to write this and not have him involved in what was going on. So happy readings!

It was a perfect warm spring day, 2006 and in that afternoon Sheila Broflovski, Sharon Marsh, and Liane Cartman were on the benches of East Snowy Hill Park, looking on as their children had fun on the playground. It had been warm all week and now that it was Saturday the mothers thought it would be the perfect day to take their kids to the park for a picnic and some good park fun. Kyle, Stan, his sister Shelley, Eric Cartman, and Kenny were enjoying their free day from school, as were many other kids that day. It appeared other parents had the same idea to take advantage of the sun. At that moment five-year-old Kenny went up to the mothers on the bench, as always, hood pulled over his head.

"Is it lunch time yet?" he asked.

"We just got here," Sharon spoke. "Go play for a little while longer dear. We'll tell you when it's picnic-time."

Kenny sighed and went back on the swing before some other kid stole his spot.

Sharon shook her head with a smile as she went back to her book.

"I wonder why his mother couldn't help us out today," Sheila commented.

Sharon looked up. "I'm not sure, it's been almost two years now and we still know little about his family. The boys have yet to go over to his house."

Sheila shook her head. "All that I know is he has an older brother and little sister. Poor boy, he must not be proud of his family or we would know a bit more by now."

Sharon sighed. "I try not to worry. He's a good boy and makes the least amount of mess whenever he's over. Plus our boys really seem to like hanging around him, he must have some good qualities that make up for his poor family home."

"You're a piece of shit!" four-and-a-half-year-old Stan said angrily to Cartman as he stood in front of a slide and showed no signs of budging.

"Cool! You're starting to say 'shit' now huh Stan?" Kenny smiled when he reached his friends.

Stan turned around. "Huh? Oh, yeah. I think it's my favorite word so far you taught us. And right now Cartman's being shit because he won't let me go down the slide!"

Kenny rubbed his chin. "How 'bout this?" he cleared his throat and yelled to the fat boy, "Move your fat ass you fucking piece of shit so others can go down the slide!"

Stan gasped as did Cartman; he moved aside, mouth open in shock.

"Thanks!" Stan smiled and went down.

"That… that was cool," was the only thing Cartman could say.

An hour into playtime the mothers called the kids over for lunch. While Sharon and Liane got the coolers out of the car Sheila set up an area on the grass with two large blankets. No sooner did Sharon set down her ice chest did her kids come running as if there was an emergency.

"Mom! Mom! Shelley hogged the swing the whole time!" Stan said out of breath.

"I did not! No one said I had to give my swing up for you," Shelley glared.

"Yeah-huh! Mommy said if I wanted to swing and you was on you had to let me on it too!"

"Kids please… let's try and have a peaceful meal with no arguing for once, please?" Sharon stressed as she sat down.

Sheila looked on as the kids began to get situated for their lunch; Sharon's kids were still fighting, Eric was threatening his mother about 'there better be potato chips or else', and Kenny was sitting quietly, although his eyes were longing for the coolers. Meanwhile Kyle was sitting like a good boy, waiting patiently for his food. Sheila smiled and reached into an ice chest.

"Here you go bubbe, ham and cheese. I made sure to place a slice of tomato on it this time," she handed over a sandwich in a baggie.

"Thanks Ma. Do you have any apple juice?"

It was a rather nice picnic, save for Shelley complaining Stan was sitting too close to her and Sharon having to place an ice chest between them to calm her down. Then Stan getting upset Shelley was allowed back on the playground before him for she finished all her lunch and he was still picking at his. Finally Stan was allowed back on after everyone else had long finished and the mothers decided to relax on the grass the remainder of their time at the park.

"How do you do it?" Sheila wondered to Sharon.

Sharon looked up. "Do what?"

"Deal with Shelley and Stanley. It's nothing but constant battling for attention with you. Not to put down your parenting…" Sheila quickly added.

Thankfully Sharon didn't look offended. "I try to see them for the different people they are and decide what battle is worth fighting over each day. They're usually worse when they're forced to be around each other. They both wanted to go to the park today but I told Shelley Stan and his friends will be here too which made her annoyed all day. She hates having to look after him too. But, I keep hoping all the arguing will be worth it in the end," she finished bitterly.

Sheila shook her head. "I couldn't imagine. Thing is, I could. I still feel this emptiness inside me, the woman in me who wants another child but I don't know if 'd be able to handle it."

Sharon smiled at her friend. "I think you would Sheila, you've been trying for a while now. It will happen."

Sheila sighed, time to confess something she had been hiding for some time now. "It won't Sharon. You see, I went to see my doctor weeks ago and…"

It was very difficult for Sheila to explain what she had feared for three years now; she was unable to carry another child. She and Gerald had been trying to conceive since Kyle was three but to no avail. It weighed heavily on her heart for she always saw herself with at least two kids. As much as she loved Kyle she still felt she had room for another child. She wanted to experience those first-time mother moments all over again. She had been ready for another baby for years but to be told now there was little hope… she didn't want to give up on trying for another baby but the odds it would happen were against her. It was difficult to be at the park at times, seeing mothers with their two or three or more kids. Seeing two kids hanging on the hands of a mother's arms. Seeing an older sibling carry his or her baby brother or sister. Not only that but she knew her son would make a great big brother. She didn't want him to be lonely when play time was over with Stan; she wanted to give him a real brother or sister. She wanted a second child so much.

"Well maybe you are meant to have only one," Liane said, trying to offer advice.

"I don't know how someone can possibly know how many kids they're supposed to have. I mean, you have an only too Liane, isn't there a part of you that wants another child?" Sheila voiced.

Liane thought. "Not really. Little Eric is a handful and I'm so busy dealing with him I couldn't possibly have another. He's my perfect pumpkin and I think it would be best I didn't try for any more kids. And I'm not even married, I think it would be a bad idea to have a child with a man I didn't know again or go to a sperm bank. No, I know that Eric is all I need."

Sheila knew she had a point so she turned to her friend who had two kids.

"Would you want a third child Sharon?"

Sharon took her time answering. "I don't really know. I'd like to say yes because if I really wanted another I could. Randy and I are still plenty able to have another baby if we really wanted. But then I think of the two I have already… it might not be a good idea. I would hate to see how Shelley would react if I told her another baby was on the way, and Stanley's so used to being the youngest in the family. I kind of like having him as my baby, I can't see myself having another child when he requires so much attention as it is. I know I have room in my heart for another but, Randy always tells me, one girl, one boy. Perfect American family."

By the end of the day Sheila knew her friends were talking some sense into her and were trying to help. And as she looked on the boys she couldn't help but wonder if one was enough. Eric complained when his mother told him it was time to go home, Stanley was crying to Sharon about Shelley popping the red ball he bought to the park, and the strange little boy Kenny whose family she knew nothing about. Who was to say just because she would have another baby Kyle would get along with it? Who was to say Kyle and his brother or sister would have a very strained relationship like the Marsh kids? That Kyle would be like Shelley and torment their younger sibling just because he could? Or even worse, little to no relationship at all as seemed to be the case with the McCormick kids? Would she really risk a bad relationship with her kids if she chose to have another kid in any way she could? Like any good friend Sharon was there for Sheila the whole time she worried about whether she should try for another child or not.

"You're meant to have another child Sheila," Sharon would keep saying. "You wouldn't be feeling like this if you thought one was enough."

"I know but I can't help but worry since I'm unable to get pregnant. Gerald and I decided… we'd… we'd stop trying. After what we were told I don't see the point anymore," Sheila spilled one day at the Marsh house for coffee.

"Sheila…" Sharon gasped. "Look, that isn't the only option you have. You could try surrogacy."

"No no no," Sheila shook her head. "I could never watch another woman carry my own child. Sure my pregnancy with Kyle wasn't the easiest but it's part of being a mother isn't it?"

Sharon didn't want to say yes because she herself loved the feel of being pregnant even if it was a strain. So she tried another option.

"What about adoption?"

Sheila thought for a moment. "Is that really safe though? How can you know for sure the child you're about to bring into your home isn't a carrier of a genetic disease or has behavior or emotional scarring?"

Sharon looked over her coffee cup. "Children you give birth to your own can grow up just as damaged."

And Sheila had her answer. That night she spoke with her husband in bed about the possibility of adoption.

"I don't know honey, what if the child is a carrier of a genetic disease or something?" Gerald spoke, rubbing his neck.

"Gerald, Kyle was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when he was two and he's the only one in the family with the disease."

"Yeah but"-

"Stanley was diagnosed with asthma last year and he's the only one with the disease in his family," Sheila pressed.

"Well, fine but"-

"Apparently Liane Cartman is the only person in her family who isn't overweight or obese. My point is, even those born into families with a disease may end up not being a carrier of one and there are children who are diagnosed with an illness and they are the only ones in the family who are. We can't let something like illness stop us from adopting a child. This will be a child whose parents either don't want him or can't have him. He will be placed in a home until someone finds him to be the perfect fit to their family. But who's to say the child will be adopted? Gerald, there are so many children in the world in need of a good home and we can provide one with it," Sheila almost pleaded, tears in her eyes.

Gerald was still rubbing his neck. "Well, you are right. We can't prevent something from happening but I don't want another baby placed in an orphanage if we're able to care for it ourselves."

Sheila looked at him, eyes wide.

Gerald wrapped his arms around her. "Let's try adoption honey."

"Oh Gerald!" his wife flung her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.

By Kyle's fifth birthday the Broflovskis had everything figured out in the adoption process and decided to go with both American-based and international adoption. They wanted a second child dearly and the more options they had the better.

When Kyle got wind of what his parents were planning he was jumping for joy.

"I get to have a brother or sister! Just like everyone else! Ya!" he was even happier to tell his friends all about it.

"Wow, you really gonna get a brother or sister?" Stan asked one school day.

"Yeah, my parents have it all planned out. They said it's going to be different than normal baby stuff. I don't know what they mean by it, I just know they can't have another baby themselves," Kyle explained.

"Then how are you going to get a baby if your mommy can't carry it?" Stan asked.

"I don't know. I mean I thought moms have the baby inside them but I guess mine won't. They're gonna wait and hear from someone who doesn't want their baby and they're going take him home here."

"What?" Cartman gasped. "Your parents are going to steal someone's baby? I knew you Jews were insane!"

"Well that's what my parents said; they signed up to get someone's baby. I don't know the details," Kyle shrugged. But he didn't care; he was finally going to be a brother!

The first bit of bad luck arrived in August of that same year. The Broflovskis were told a young couple planned on placing their unborn child up for adoption only to be told the child had been born prematurely and the couple realized how precious the life was and decide they wanted to keep him. They had not heard anything else by the holidays and it caused for a slightly upsetting Hanukah. By this time Kyle's friends were getting annoyed.

"You told us you'd have a baby brother or sister by now," Stan said.

"Yeah, you lied," Cartman sneered.

"I did not! I guess no one wants to give us a baby yet…" Kyle tried to defend himself and his parents. But he didn't understand either, he knew it took nine months to make a baby and he knew how long a month was so it should be soon then his parents would have a kid. Even if his mom wasn't the one carrying it, they still should have had some news by now. He wanted a baby brother or sister; he wanted to show him or her all the cool stuff in the world. Why did they not have any news by now? Why weren't there any signs of a baby yet?

May 20th 2007. Sheila decided upon herself to go over to the Marshes to deliver the best news she had gotten in a while. Kyle was with her, ready to tell Stan the news as well. Sharon set up two coffee mugs as Sheila went right into it.

"There's a young woman who lives in Texas and is going to place her daughter up for adoption and chose Gerald and I as parents!" she spilled.

Sharon smiled and hugged the chubbier woman. "Congratulations Sheila!"

Sheila had tears in her eyes. "The woman is only nineteen and already gave birth. She tried caring for her baby but it's gotten too hard for her. She lives in a bad neighborhood and wants better for her daughter than she can provide. She- she knows she won't be able to care for her so she placed her for adoption and found that we were the best match. The girl's name is Allie and is two months old. Her profile is up on the site for the adoption center we are registered to. Let me show you, she's so beautiful…"

While Sheila was showing Sharon all the details online Kyle excitedly told Stan the news in his version.

"I'm getting a sister!" he announced.

"You are?"

"Yeah. There's this lady who doesn't want her baby anymore so she's gonna let Mom and Dad take her!"

"I don't know why a mom wouldn't want her baby anymore," Stan frowned as he clutched onto a stuffed animal of his.

"It is kinda weird. But that's what's happenin'."

Stan still looked unsure. "You keep saying you're going to have a new baby but it never happens. We've been waiting forever. You said it takes nine months for babies to come."

Kyle began to do some quick calculations in his head. "It's been… almost a year since Mom and Dad said they were getting a new baby. That's more than nine months."

"That's why I think you're lying. You aren't getting a new baby sister!"

"Am so! If I was lying why is my mom telling your mom the same stuff right now?"

Stan looked over to the dining room where their mothers were pouring over his mother's laptop.

"Adults lie all the time," he said simply.

"Well I'm getting a sister this time Stan. Just you see, she's going to come and I'm going to teach her all sorts of things and we'll be best friends. Just you see," Kyle bragged, arms crossed.

But Stan had every reason to be suspicious of his friend. Mr. and Mrs. Broflovski were set on going to Texas to meet their new daughter at the end of April only to be told the girl's birth father was granted full-custody of his daughter at the last second and once again the Broflovskis were left back where they started. Stan said smugly to his friend 'I knew you was lying.' Kyle had to wonder by this point if he was indeed going to be a big brother or not.

"Mom, Dad, why don't I have a baby brother or sister yet?" he asked them one day during July.

His parents shared a look.

"Well Kyle, you see, it's not that easy to have a child," Gerald tried to put in simple terms.

"Yes. You see bubbe, a lot of complications can- can interfere with the whole process," Sheila added.

"What Mom and I are doing- adoption, is a long and difficult thing. We're relying on other parents out there to give us their child because they don't want them. But at the last moment the parents can decide they do want to care for a kid and keep them. We have to find someone who is willing to give us their child because they know they will not be able to care for him or her. Understand?" Gerald explained.

"I guess," Kyle sighed. "But the guys think I'm lying now. Stan doesn't believe me when I tell him I'm getting a brother or sister. What if he's right?"

His parents shared a look.

"This may sound wrong coming from a father but Kyle, Stan's wrong. You're going to get a brother or sister, I know it," Gerald rubbed his neck.

"Are you sure? Did I do something wrong? That's why we don't have a baby yet?"

"You did nothing wrong bubbeleh, adoption is just a long waiting game," Sheila touched his cheek.

Even if he understood what his parents said Kyle still went to bed second-guessing their words. It was a long waiting game, and sometimes during games, you lost.

As the time went by Kyle began to believe he would be getting a sibling less and less. Stan kind of had a point; what mother would want to give up her child? Maybe all the parents in the world wanted to keep their kids now, how was he to know that wasn't entirely possible? Time went by. He spent it in first grade, celebrating Stan's sixth birthday, celebrating Halloween, celebrating Thanksgiving, having to participate in a first grade Christmas song play, and being lonely and bored come December 25th as his best friend spent the day with his family celebrating Christmas where of course he wouldn't feel comfortable interrupting. Then the most amazing news came through December 27th. Kyle's mother had been on the phone with someone for a half hour now and by the sounds of it, it was something exciting.

"Yes, we'll be there! We'll be there right away!" Sheila cried before hanging up. She ran up the stairs where Gerald was and Kyle, who was downstairs at the time working on a puzzle, could hear his father's shouts down the stairs. Wondering what the heck was going on now Kyle stood up just as they came down.

"What's going on?" he asked them.

"Kyle, the most amazing news just came in," Gerald said tearfully as he had an arm around his wife as tears spilled from her own eyes.


"We just got a phone call- there's- there's a baby who has just been put up for adoption and- and he or she can be ours!" Gerald explained.

"Really?" did he dare believe them?

"There's no information but the child is a newborn and in Canada," Sheila got out. "We have to fly there right away and adopt him or her!"

"Wow! We're going to fly to another country?" Kyle grinned.

At this his parents looked at each other.

"About that… son, I don't think it's a good idea you come. This is something Mom and Dad have to work out on our own," Gerald said.

"What? But where will I go?"

Two hours later the Broflovskis were at the Marshes' doorstep talking, Kyle already inside with his hand over the handle of his suitcase.

"I'm sorry it's such short notice," Sheila was explaining to Sharon and Randy.

"Don't worry; you two have business to take care of. And Kyle will have a fun time this week won't you?" Randy smiled at the six-year-old.

"I guess," Kyle shrugged.

Sharon was beaming. "Just think you two: when you come back you will have another child! A new baby! This is what you've been waiting for for years! It's finally going to happen!"

Sheila gave a watery smile. "Until I get to hold that baby myself it won't be real." She and Gerald said goodbye to their son, thanked the Marshes again and left.

Shelley groaned. "Great, another stupid turd I have to deal with for a whole week!"

Stan turned to his friend. "So you get to spend the night for seven days! That's so cool!"

Kyle had to smile; his parents were off to get a new baby and he would be spending that time with his best friend. It would be a very good week indeed. While Kyle loved that he was spending seven whole days at his best friend's house the idea faded the more he was around. It was a little weird being woken up by Stan's mom and he hated how Shelley purposely took forever in the bathroom each day when she knew he or Stan had to use it. He felt bad for asking Stan's mom to pick up some veggies for lunch since no one in the family really munched on them. He would sit on the couch with a bowl of carrot sticks and ranch dressing while Stan and the others ate left-over Christmas cookies and other baked goods. And he was Jewish. And to put it short, he felt like he didn't belong by day two. Sure it was fun they were still on their winter break and he could hang with Stan all day long but that was what made it a little dull, he had Stan to play with all day long. It was fine and fun when they went over to each other's houses after school or if they had a sleep-over but to spend a whole week with someone? Tempers were soon flying.

"Why did you choose the red bowl?" Stan had cried out to him during the morning of day four.

"What're talking about?" Kyle frowned as he ate his Kix.

"The red bowl! That's my bowl! My favorite bowl and you're eating out of it!"

Kyle blinked. "Oh. Sorry dude."

"You know that's my bowl I always eat cer'el from! It has a dinosaur on it and you never liked dinosaurs!" Stan continued to protest.

"Why does it matter so much?"

"'Cause only those who like dinos can use it but you don't so you can't!"

Sharon had overheard the voices as she walked into the kitchen. "Stanley, remember what I talked to you about before?" she said sternly.

"He's using my bowl!"

"Stanley, we have to be respectful and polite when we have guests over. If Kyle wants to use your dinosaur bowl then he's allowed to."

"It's MY bowl!"

Sharon had to guide her son to a chair at the breakfast table and poured him cereal in another bowl as calmly as she could. Stan glared at Kyle the whole time.

"It's my bowl…" Stan uttered under his breath, head in hand as he ate with the other.

"Well it's a stupid bowl anyway," Kyle finally had had it. "Dinosaurs are extinct!"

Stan gasped. "They are not!" even though he had no idea what extinct meant.

The boys argued for a couple more minutes before Stan called Kyle a 'shithead', resulting in a timeout from his mother. Kyle sighed as he sat on the couch, occasionally glancing at Stan on the time-out chair in the corner those six minutes. He wondered how things were going with his parents in Canada. Did they already meet the new baby? Would it be theirs finally or would it be just another flop? He didn't think he'd be able to stand seeing his parents so devastated again if they did come back without a child. He hadn't heard from them often as they were very busy. He hoped they would come home soon with a new baby; he didn't want to risk hating Stan any more than he already was now.

It was still winter break and on December 31st Kyle spent the night at the Marshes to celebrate the New Year for his parents were still doing their adoption thing in Canada. He was a little upset he was not there to cry 'Happy 2008!' with them but his best friend's parents made sure the night was as fun as could be. Stan's grandmother who lived forty minutes away had come over as well as a few close friends. The night was a pig-out on all sorts of appetizers and finger food; Kyle helped Stan and his mother make the homemade BBQ chicken fingers and later, made sugar cookies shaped into stars with Stan and Grandma Mara. They also played a few good games of Uno before playing a family game of Twister (Grandma Mara was the spinner). It was close to 9 o'clock now and Kyle had to look over to Mrs. Marsh, knowing she put the boys to bed at this time previous nights.

"Are we staying up or not?" he asked her.

"Well I tend to allow Stanley to stay up as long as he can for New Year's. There is no real bedtime tonight sweetie," Sharon smiled.

Kyle frowned; no bedtime? He always had to be in bed at a certain time back home no matter what the holiday. It was now ten and Stan's parents had the boys go up and change into pajamas before allowing them to come back down. By now Stan was relaxing on the couch, tapping his bare feet together lazily as he held onto a stuffed alligator. The adults were standing around talking and Shelley was on the glider in the living room watching the festivities on the TV. Kyle climbed up to Stan on the couch.

"Do you always stay up to watch the ball drop?" he asked the younger boy.

Stan looked at him and shrugged. "I only saw it twice. Last year and when I was three but I don't 'member it. My parents just told me I was in and out of sleep all that night and woke up to watch the ball before going right back to sleep. I'm hoping to see it again this year. Shelley will tease me if I can't stay awake enough to see it turn midnight…"

"Well I've never seen it- real life that is. I always have to go to bed by ten. What's the point of staying up an hour and a half if I can't even see the ball? My parents always tape it for me and I watch it the morning after."

Stan grinned. "Hopefully we get to see it together this year."

Stan and Kyle filled up on cups of Martinelli's Sparkling Cider to stay awake and Stan stuffed his face with as many cookies as he could. It was now 11:55 and he was currently on his side, blanket over him, arm around Greener the Gator, eyes in slits. Kyle was in a slouched position, blanket around him too. Everyone gathered to count down and as soon as the ball dropped everyone cried 'Happy 2008!'

"We made it," Kyle yawned.

"Thank god…" Stan rubbed his eyes.

Sharon went over to give her son a hug and kiss before kissing Kyle as well.

"Happy New Year boys!"

"Happy New (YAWN) Year Mom…" Stan barely managed before closing his eyes. Randy and Sharon took hold of a boy and carried them upstairs and tucked them in their respective beds.

Twenty minutes later Kyle's eyes itched open; he looked around and saw the soft glow of Stan's Batman nightlight playing shadows on the walls. He sat up in his sleeping bag and saw Stan asleep on his side, breathing deeply through his mouth. There was a little whistle noise coming from him and it always annoyed him; Stan always breathed funny and made little sounds in his sleep because of his asthma. One of the reasons he couldn't wait to get back to his own room. Kyle placed his hands behind his head as he looked up at the ceiling; any day now his parents would be flying back to Colorado with his new baby brother in arms. Though they hadn't talked a whole lot over the week Kyle was told he would be getting a baby brother. That excited him. He couldn't wait to be a big brother to him! As he thought about the new baby he could hardly fall back asleep.

Kyle was given the best news over breakfast that morning- his parents would be arriving around five that evening.

"Really?" a large smile was on his face, he could care less about his Cheerios now.

"Yes, are you excited?" Sharon asked.

"Yeah. They're bringing the new baby with them too right?"

"Of course they are sweetheart; he's going to be in their arms as soon as we see them."

Kyle looked too happy to eat now.

"I don't know why you're so excited for a little brother, they're the worst things in the world," Shelley stated as they ate.

"Hey!" Stan cried.

"I get to teach him stuff and play with him and he'll have me to look up to his whole life! I think it'll be fun to have a little brother," Kyle glared.

"He's going to be crying and whining and getting all of your parents' attention," Shelley elaborated.

Stan was glaring at his big sister. "They do not!"

"Yeah, I don't care about that. As long as I still get to read him stories that's all I want," Kyle answered.

Shelley rolled her eyes and muttered 'turd'. The day went by slowly. Kyle didn't want to do anything with Stan, annoying him. All he could do was count down the time as each hour passed.

"Let's play a video game or something," Stan complained.

"No way dude, my parents will be here in two more hours!"

Stan frowned. "Stop counting the time, it's stupid."

"You're only saying that because you still can't tell time."

Shelley, who had been walking by at the time, chuckled.

"I can so…" Stan's brow deepened as he kicked at the carpet. He couldn't wait till his best friend was out of here now!

Ten minutes after five Kyle was sitting around in the living room when Sharon came back from the window.

"Kyle, your parents are here!"

Kyle excitedly scurried out the door as soon as she opened it and went to his father's open arms as he made his way up the Marsh driveway.

Mrs. Broflovski was smiling. "Bubbeleh, I'd like you to meet someone very special. Kyle, this is your brother Ike." She lowered the bundle of blankets in her arms and he peered over to see a tiny baby with a rather funny-looking head and a little poof of black hair on his head. Kyle smiled.

"Hi Ike, I'm your big brother Kyle."

The baby stirred but did not wake. After a few minutes of getting acquainted with his parents again Sharon welcomed the family back inside. Sheila and Gerald explained the adoption process over some coffee while Kyle sat around with the newborn in his arms.

"Told you I'd get a baby brother or sister Stan," Kyle sneered.

Stan stared at the baby. "I guess he's pretty cool. He's like your own baby doll. Maybe I should ask my mommy for a brother or sister."

"You should! That way we both can have one!"

The Marshes hosted dinner for the Broflovskis that night and before Kyle knew it he was back home answering his parents' question of if he had a good time staying the week at the Marshe's. Kyle wasted no time explaining how annoying things got over the days. He couldn't stand Shelley and even Stan was becoming unbearable.

"He got so upset I used his cereal bowl!" he cried. "And he makes funny noises when he sleeps. And he can be so stupid at times. All he wanted to do was play while I wanted to stay on track with what we're learning in school. He got so mad at me because I failed this cat facts quiz he wrote. He would get so upset if he had to eat veggies and ate a candy bar before bed one night and was really wired that night forcing me to stay up." He sighed. "I'm just glad to be here instead of there now."

That night all Kyle heard was baby Ike crying but it was okay, he found out he was only born December 3rd and was still really little and woke up every few hours. Kyle couldn't wait till he was older and show him all he wanted. He was in disbelief, after so many hit-and-misses his parents were finally able to adopt a kid and now would be able to prove to the guys he had a baby brother. He knew they'd get there one day, and now that Ike was here, Kyle could rest easy knowing he finally had the picture-perfect family.

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