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Life had always been simple for Riza Hawkeye.

Each morning she woke up at five o'clock sharp and took a shower, dressed in a plain blouse and skirt, and headed downstairs to prepare breakfast for herself and her father. On the way she would pick up a silver tray outside her father's study.

By six o'clock there would always be a slice of toast, halved diagonally on a plate. Next to it would be a cup of steaming black coffee and a crock of either strawberry jam or butter located right next to the fork. On another platter would be an egg and a few strips of bacon with little fat. Her father ate the same thing every day. It never changed.

Riza herself usually opted for a cup of orange pekoe tea and a bowl of warm oatmeal, usually with a light sprinkle of cinnamon. Afterward, she would walk the distance into town and go to school, where she studied for six hours.

Once she came home from school she would wash the dishes from her father's breakfast and the lunch she'd made for him while she had cooked breakfast. If the day went smoothly, Riza would start her homework at five, finish by seven, and cook a simple dinner. She would leave a tray outside her father's study, and eat the rest by herself. She was in bed by ten. In the morning the routine began again.

Yes, life had always been very simple for Riza. But once he came in, it became much more confusing.

He would ask for waffles for breakfast, or pancakes with syrup when all she had to offer were eggs, bacon, toast, and oatmeal. He would tell her to wear something different instead of her usual attire. ("It's awfully plain and stiff-looking. Riza, can't you wear something different? Like a dress or something more casual"?) Worse, he would cause so much disruption that her father would come out—and his breakfast would still be unfinished.

She hated him at first. He had, after all, disrupted her seemingly peaceful and quiet life. Because of him, she could not walk a single step into town without being bothered by girls begging her to tell them about "the hot new apprentice". Riza had to spend more money and time buying whatever he had requested her to buy and consequently she ran out of time to do her schoolwork, forcing her to stay up later. It was a complete bother having him around.

But as time passed, Riza realized that he wasn't too bad at all. Sometimes the dishes would be washed by the time she came home, and he would already have cooked dinner. Many times he would "accidentally" turn off her alarm clock and allow her to sleep in an extra hour while he made breakfast, and on occasion Riza would find a blooming rose on her nightstand.

Her life had always been simple, but with him in it, it was not. But in a good way, Riza realized. Definitely a good way.

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