Raider of the Lost Heart

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The courtyard of the Cullen's country estate was breezy that morning. An opaque mist enveloped the air, and Mourning Doves made their sanguine melody in the surrounding foliage, as Edward Cullen and his family stood before Edward's glossy black coach; preparing to see him off.

Edward had been born into the life of a well endowed nobleman. His family had been blessed, not only to have a surname of mark, but also to have had wealth permeating through their bloodline for the past two centuries. Edward's father, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, was a man of the medical arts. He studied and concocted medical theories at Oxford University, as well as practicing his craft in the city and in the countryside. His mother, Esme Cullen, came from a long line of talented artists. She sculpted, and sketched and was quite the skilled painter, all while maintaining a household and three children. Not only was Esme Cullen well renowned for her skilled crafts, but she was also known to hold the most sought after soirees in the whole of England; save from her majesty's of course.

Edward's life had been served to him on a silver platter, and as such, he soon grew weary of it. He was now seventeen years old and he could no longer tolerate the constant tirade of soulless individuals and their endless parties. He knew that he had to venture off on his own if he ever wanted to know the true meaning of this life; of his life. And so it was, with a determined mind and a heavy heart, that he said his goodbyes to his beloved family.

"Fare thee well brother dearest. I shall count the days remaining until you return home to us." Edward's darling, younger sister, Alice, swept a tear from her ivory cheek.

A deriving pang of guilt impaled Edward as if the petite, young girl had been welding a sword rather than a dainty, white handkerchief. Edward immediately embraced her, and bid her condolence. "I shall miss thee as well sweet Sister. I must say, that had it not been for you and Jasper, I would surely have found life amongst the wealthy more than I could bear. I'd have perished long ago without you sweet Alice." Alice sniffled and her tearstained completion brightened ever so slightly.

"I am pleased to hear you say so, young sir." Edward turned to face his older brother. Jasper, wore an expression of deepest amusement on his visage. His tousled golden hair, whipped about his face in the gusty wind, and his firm arms were folded resolutely in front of his broad chest.

"Sir, have you no parting words for your one and only brother?" Edward mocked

"I have," he smirked "be blessed the moment indeed when you return; I will surely have missed our quarreling."

The brothers' expressions turned stoic for part of a moment before laughter and merriment befell upon them. They embraced each other; heartily, giving one another sturdy thumps on the others back. "Hurry back Edward; you shall indeed be missed."

Then Carlisle and Esme stepped forth, effectively silencing the brother's boisterous vivacity. "Be safe my son; know that we shall always be here for you, should you decide to relinquish this endeavor."

"Sadly Mother, I cannot endure the enmity of British society any longer. I must leave this place, before I have become entirely mad with its frivolous goings on." His mother bit her lip, and held a handkerchief, of her own, to her heart shaped face.

"Worry not my dear; Edward is a hearty lad, he will fare fine."Carlisle shook Edward's hand, "he will fare fine." he repeated; continuing to give his son an appraising look.

"Well, I best be on my way; 'tis a long journey to the seaport, and I must make haste." Thus, giving his family one last round of farewells, Edward climbed into the coach and directed the coachman to the Port of London.


Edward was set on creating a new life for himself. He was determined to renounce society altogether, and the only way he knew how to make certain of this decision, was to make himself appear as an outcast. And what better way to see the world, and become a reject to society, but to become a man of the sea. Not just any man of the sea, but a pirate.

Ever since he was a boy he had dreamed of going on adventures as the pirates did, and now was his chance. Several months ago he had began making the arrangements for his expedition. He had a ship built for the occasion; a large majestic ship with tailored black sails. The only thing that was missing from the ship was its name. But he would deal with that later, besides, he had more pressing matters on his mind at present; matters like procuring a band of ruffians to be his crew.

One evening, back when his ship was still being built, he ran into a large, scruffy looking man in a pub. The man's name was Emmett McCarty, and he was an ex-pirate.

"Pardon me for asking good sir, but how is it that you have come to be an ex-pirate?"

"That's 'cause I've got no captain, no crew, no ship, and I haven't plundered so much as a crumpet in over a year." Well that settled that, thought Edward. This man needed employment and he needed a first mate.

After that first encounter, Emmett was obliged to call himself first mate of Captain Cullen and the nameless ship. Emmett had then helped Edward acquire a crew. The crew consisted of twelve or so strong men, with not altogether spotless records, and one woman.

"A woman?" Emmett had bellowed, slamming his pint down on the table top. "Captain no way in Hades are we employing a woman on our ship!"

Edward crooked an eyebrow "Are you having doubts about this crewmate simply because she is a female Mr. McCarty?"

"Of course I am Captain! Have you no brains man?"

Edward smirked "So I take it that you don't believe that a woman could apply herself to the task of crewing a ship."

"Of course not Captain! That and it's bad luck to have a woman on the ship!"

"That's rubbish Mr. McCarty. Would you, at the very least, do her the courtesy of interviewing her? What harm could come from that?"

Emmett continued to shake his head. "A woman has no place on a pirate ship Edward. It simply isn't done_"

Rosalie Hale walked into the pub at that point. She was a beautiful female specimen, with long, flowing, blonde ringlets that fell just below her pert breasts. Her eyes were the brightest shade of sky blue and her rosy lips were plump with beckoning lust. Edward watched as Emmett's mouth fell open; utterly enthralled by her insurmountable beauty.

"Is this where I sign in?" Rosalie asked matter-of-factly, as she approached Edward and Emmett's table.

Emmett remained in his silent stupor, Edward on the other hand, nodded his ascent and handed her the parchment and a feathered quill. "Welcome to the crew Miss Hale."

Thereafter, Edward could see that Emmett would no longer accost him on the issue of Miss Hale. However, he knew that this was only due to the fact that Emmett was deeply infatuated with the stunning young maiden. And in turn Edward felt a surge of jealousy. He desired nothing more than to be able to feel the passion of a woman's love. He was jealous that Emmett felt that way for Rosalie and that he did not. Not that he found Rosalie worth conquering; it was simply that he didn't feel that instantaneous pull that Emmett had evidently felt. But, he knew that he would have to set those feelings aside for now, he was, after all the captain; he must not allow himself to be aroused by such matters.


Edward's coach arrived at the Port of London, and he climbed out. Heavy London fog loomed in the air, and dark clouds, overhead, threatened to dump their moist contents. Edward inhaled deeply, as he surveyed the port. Then he spotted it; there in the harbor, not one-hundred paces away, was his ship, his nameless ship, with all thirteen crewmates already readying the vessel for departure. This was doubtlessly going to be the most thrilling venture of his young life.

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