The following is an interpretation of the characters Leliana, Morrigan and my Female Cousland (Detra) in my eyes. She is the Morrigan from the game but she will not follow every single guideline set forth for her by the developers, same goes for the Cousland character and Leliana. This is, after all, my story. I take the mold that Bioware/Gaider has written and take each item/situation/person in the direction that I want to so it won't be exactly the same.

You will also recognize a ton of stuff from the game so I'm not losing the heart of the story, just taking turns that make sense to me and make the story the one I want to tell.

The other team members are in the story a lot as well but it will mostly focus on the three women above. But there is plenty of action- do not fear!

Also, my stories are dialogue driven so expect tons of chatter.

Feel free to review if it moves you. If not, review anyways- it doesn't take that much of your time and it makes somebody happy in the process, if you're into that sort of thing.

I hope you enjoy the journey!

"Look out! Darkspawn ahead!"

We had been on our way back to camp from Redcliffe Castle, having finally quelled the demon within Arl Eamon's son when suddenly Darkspawn surrounded us.

We were so close to camp... the Darkspawn must have planned an ambush!

Let the others at the camp be all right!

Weapons were unsheathed by everyone in the party and Wynne already had Arcane Bolts flying through the air towards their targets while Leliana screamed at us above the din.

"Stand fast! There is a fire trap ahead!"

Leliana dashed ahead of us and we followed slowly as we saw where the trap was located and she disarmed it.

"Go! I've got it!"

Morrigan took her Aodh axe from her back as well as her shield and smiled.

"'Tis good we ran into them, I was beginning to grow weary of the quiet."

Morrigan let out a war cry I had never heard from her before and ran towards the nearest Genlock and lit into him, the ax biting a gaping wound across his neck.

Leliana let her arrows fly as I raced towards an incoming Hurlock and took him down quickly, heading for the next one and the next one after that. They seemed to be never ending.

It seemed as if dozens of Darkspawn were emerging onto the field from the shadows and I did not think we would be able to take on all of them, just the three of us, but I would die trying if fate called for it. We had lived through worse than this.

I continued cutting down every Darkspawn that came at me and soon I was surrounded by bodies, yet they kept on coming.

I spotted an Emissary down the field and he was just recovering from Morrigan's Stonefist spell and I knew I needed to take him down immediately. Magic on the field is your worst enemy unless it is your own.

The Emissary noticed me soon after and turned his staff on me as I charged at him and I dodged a couple of attacks but he was aiming wide. Morrigan must have placed a Misdirection Hex on him as he was not aiming properly and I planned to take full advantage of that.

With a bellow, I headed towards him and actually dodged into one of his attacks; the Hex had worked against me. It was a cold spell and I froze in place, the very action of trying to move any part of my body becoming painful. My sword slipped from my grasp from the ice that enveloped me and I willed the spell to end quickly so I could finish this.

I stood helpless as the Emissary laughed and then concentrated his fire down the field at the others and I felt a sudden warm sensation at my back and heard more laughing from that direction as well.

The short term spell ended and the Emissary turned on me once more as he saw me begin moving again but did not get another chance to attack as he exploded into a volcano of blood before me.

I felt a sharp stab in my back and spun around to find a Genlock rogue ready to stab me yet again. I rolled out of the way and then was scrambling to find my dropped sword when an arrow struck him in the neck and he fell at my feet, dead.

Another Darkspawn was headed in my direction and I finally had my sword in hand and turned to face him just as Leliana's second arrow struck him right in the head. He had been running so fast that his body slid towards me in a cloud of dirt as the arrow took his life.

By the Gods, that woman can fire an arrow.

I saw and heard Sten and Alistair coming at us from the woods followed by the rest of the campsite crew and I was relieved to see they were unharmed. They looked confused as they hurried towards us and pain wracked my body, causing me to double over and then fall to my knees.

Leliana had made her way across the field and was at my side now, talking to me but the pain I felt made her words sound jumbled.

"I need to remove this dagger. Steel yourself, Detra."

Warmth spread across my back as well as pain and I grunted loudly.

Evidently the rogue who had attacked me just minutes ago had stuck and left his dagger in my back along with having inflicted other wounds. The cold spell had blocked most of the pain as I had not felt this before.

"Wynne, I need you!"

Leliana was barking orders to everyone around her and I fell forward, the pain increasing every minute. My adrenaline had slowed and now I was beginning to feel the end results of the skirmish and I did not like it one bit.

Wynne was suddenly in view and I barely caught her apology and the fact that her mana had been depleted on the field, there was nothing she could do. So then Leliana yelled for Morrigan and the witch chided her for yelling when she had been right behind her.

"I am right here. Why are you yelling like a fool?"

Morrigan was then kneeling next to me and I saw the glow of magic being performed and it felt odd for a moment, better the next, but still there was much pain when she finished.

"Detra, we are taking you back to camp. Sten! We must move lest more Darkspawn arrive!"

I felt woozy now and heard the clanking of armor all around me then felt myself being lifted off the ground. We were moving now and I looked up into Sten's face as he carried me. His eyes were set ahead of us and he never looked at me.

Why does he always look so angry?

There must be something that makes him...