Holding my last breath

Safe inside myself

Are all my thoughts of you

Sweet rapture and light

It ends here tonight

"Detra! No!"

Leliana screamed after me but I disappeared into the multitude of bodies that surrounded the two of us and towards the thrashing dragon.

Leliana began running towards where she thought I had gone as Wynne called to her and stopped her.

"Wynne, help me! Detra has gone off to..."

Wynne interrupted her, calmly planting her staff against the ground, leaning into it.

"She has gone to do what she must, Leliana. This is her destiny. This is what I have told you about from the very start."

Leliana frowned, fed up with Wynne's grand destiny speeches. Wynne did not understand what was at stake here, that Leliana was tired of losing everything that meant anything to her.

Leliana was angry now and she let Wynne know it.

"I do not accept that! Detra does not need to die! They are many of us here who can help her dispatch the demon! Look around!"

Wynne shook her head somberly, touching Leliana's hand gently.

"No, child. Only Detra can fell this demon. A Grey Warden is needed to do what must be done."

Leliana's eyes narrowed, sensing something more behind Wynne's words.

"What do you mean?"

Wynne looked up from the ground and into Leliana's eyes.

"One life for a great many others. It has always been this way and Detra knew it would come to pass. This is her destiny, Leliana."

Leliana unsheathed her daggers and raced in the direction of the Archdemon, praying she would not be too late.

I moved with great purpose towards the dragon, my mission clear.

I would truly be able to save Thedas should I still this dragon.

I let the thoughts of everyone surviving consume me rather than what I would lose. This is what I had been headed towards all along and I could not falter now.

It was time.

More Darkspawn had appeared and were making things difficult for all those around me but I could not help them, not now. If I did not make it to the dragon, all would truly be lost then.

A noise escaped me when I felt a searing pain in my shoulder as a flaming arrow pierced the flesh of my back and exited the front, the white-hot tip sizzling in my ear. I stumbled and nearly fell, but would not be hindered at this point. I broke the tip off of the arrow and pulled the arrow out from the back as carefully and quickly as I could, wincing a bit.

I continued on my path and once again, the dragon was enveloped in another fog of electricity, stilling its thrashing quite a bit. My shoulder throbbed but I ignored it and pressed on, more determined than ever.

I was rather close to the Archdemon now and my eyes took in the lone figure standing near it.

I knew it was Morrigan once again. It had been her spells we had seen all along and she finished with the tempest spell just as I drew closer to her.

At least I would be able to say goodbye to her.

A sudden pain in my chest hobbled me a bit and I had to stop, had to just look at Morrigan.

She must have known I was there or I made some noise because she turned to me again but this time I could see her face.

The pain in my chest dissipated as we simply looked at each other over the short distance.


I began but was not sure what else I could say as her eyes quieted me. It did not matter, for Morrigan grabbed hold of a sword that had been on the ground beside her and ran from me towards the almost-still Archdemon.

What is she doing?

I hope she does not think she can kill it!

She knows how this must end!

"Morrigan! I must do it! It must be a Grey Warden or it will..."

Morrigan did not acknowledge me at all but I saw the sword flash in her hand as she approached the thrashing dragon.

She knew only a Grey Warden could fell the Archdemon. She had been the one to tell me!

My mind was ablaze and I ran even faster towards Morrigan.

"No! Morrigan!"

Morrigan was not responding to me but was now scaling the dragon's leg, moving towards its head.

I kept screaming her name, moving towards her but it felt as if I was stuck in a thick liquid, watching Morrigan move faster while I moved slower.

I froze as Morrigan reached her target and I heard such a scream come from her mouth as she raised the sword above her head and sunk it deep into the Archdemon's head.

The sword radiated the most brilliant light I had ever seen and Morrigan struggled to hold on to the weapon as the Archdemon's body began shaking and writhing.

In those next few seconds after Morrigan struck the blow, everything became perfectly clear to me.

The light grew and grew and suddenly it felt as if all of Denerim was engulfed in it. And then came an explosive force so powerful that I was thrown back down to the ground quite a distance.

My ears pounded as I wrestled to pull myself off the ground, the pain in my shoulder giving me problems. Many others around me were also recovering and my eyes searched.

I spotted Morrigan just a few feet away from me and she was lying still. I sucked air deeply into my lungs and dragged myself to my feet, running towards her.

My armored knee ground against the granite as I clumsily slid to Morrigan's side and I pulled her up off of the ground.

I found her wearing a content smile on her face that I had never seen before as she looked up at me and even though we had never spoken before, I silently thanked the Maker that she was still alive.

My features strained and my voice cracked with emotion as I finally spoke.

"You're the one who stole it from the Denerim vault..."

Morrigan's feeble smile did not fade and she offered me her hand.

I took hold of it and tears streamed down my face as I pulled her up into my arms, hoping she was comfortable.

"You drank the blood, didn't you?"

Morrigan took what looked like a painful breath and I choked up.

"Detra...You were right...all along..."

Morrigan's eyes fluttered and her touch faltered and I gently shook her.

"Stay with me, Morrigan!"

I pleaded for her life, not knowing why as the tainted soul invading her body would kill her in mere minutes, if not sooner.

Morrigan looked back into my eyes and her smile widened and she looked so calm.

"You were the best thing to ever happen to me, Detra."

I rocked back and forth, trying to soothe her and myself, tears pouring from my eyes.

"I love you..."

My heart strained against my chest and I could not stop the oncoming, desperate sobs that escaped me.

"I love you..."

Morrigan slowly and weakly lifted her hand and touched my face, that calm still within her. I held her hand where it was.

"Live well, my love...live gloriously. And kiss me goodbye."

My body wracked with grief, I bent down to grant Morrigan's last wish and I pressed my lips into hers as I held her in my arms, trembling.

Her lips fell away from mine a moment later and she collapsed in my arms, eaten alive by the destructive force that had channeled itself within her and she lost the battle for her own soul.

Morrigan was dead.

My sobs continued as I hugged Morrigan closer to me, kissing her forehead and closing the eyes that had gone black from the tainted infection within her.

And should you perish, know that your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

And that one day, I shall join you.

The Grey Warden words of farewell brought me no solace as I held onto Morrigan for dear life, my whole body convulsing.

I could take no more.

I turned to the sky and I screamed at the top of my lungs until my world went black.