H-E-Double Hockey Stick

I'm just a normal teen. Age 14. Things to sum me up- Eat, Sleep and YouTube. NORMAL.

Or so I thought.

I mean I've had no problems in my life! Now this? What the… ?

I mean sprouting kitty ears is NOT normal.

I guess I don't blame my parents for kicking me out of the house…

Pain struck through me. Tears threatened to build up. I sucked it up and pulled my legs up close to my chest.

I was a normal kid. Now, now I was some kid on a bus on my way to Oregon. I had some money, and one back pack filled with clothes, and iPod with a charger, a laptop and a book, but that was it.

From now on I was on my own.

And no, Oregon was not a random destination. It was only a two day drive from where I lived, used to live, in California. So basically it was far enough away with out being extreme. I am only 14 you know?

Also there is this little town called Briar Creek I want to go to. It's a small town so hopefully I will just be there and be able to 'start over' easily. Nobody will know me, and I can say the ears are.. Well I don't know yet. Maybe they will disappear as weirdly as they came.

They came like what? A week ago? I don't remember. Anyways they didn't hurt or anything, they were just suddenly there. Black triangles in my brown hair. They actually looked good but they creped me out, I was a freak.

Oh well I brought myself up close together to keep warm and closed my eyes to take a nap on this long bus ride.