So, this is my first 24 fic. Some of the details might be slightly off because I've only seen seasons 1-5, halfway through six, the finale of seven, and the finale of eight, but I couldn't wait anymore to write this.

This is what I wish would happen; actually this is what I am going to pretend really happened. I loved them together and 24 wasn't the same after they were gone, or even when Tony came back by himself.

I don't own anything or you can bet Michelle never would've died and Tony wouldn't have ended up having to get revenge.


"Michelle! Michelle!" Tony Almeida ran outside as fast as his legs would go. He could feel the heat from the car in the air and the car was engulfed in flames. Then he saw her. Michelle. The love of his life. Lying on the ground. Still. He ran to her. She was still alive, but barely. He was about to call for help when the gas tank exploded.

"MICHELLE!" He yelled waking up in a cold sweat. He had just had the same nightmare that he had nearly every night after he had finally started sleeping again.

"Almeida, cool it." The guard for his cell block said walking towards his cell.

"What do you want, Bobby?" He asked sitting up and glaring at him.

"Put these on and shave." He said opening the door and handing him a stack of nice clothes, nice shoes, shaving cream, and a razor.

"Why?" He asked walking towards the man.

"The President wants to see you." He said looking at him curiously.

Tony took his clothes and watched Bobby walk off. He was confused. He hadn't seen anyone other than some other prisoners and a few prison guards in the year since he had been there. And he didn't care one bit because the one person he wanted more than anything to visit him had been dead for over seven years.

He got dressed trying to figure out what was going on. He left the tie on the bed. He could never figure out how to tie them, Michelle had always had to do it for him. He put the shoes on and then walked over to the mirror. Taped to the mirror were many pictures of Michelle, the two of them together, and the last ultrasound picture of their son that had been taken about a week before they were taken from him.

He looked at himself in the mirror. He looked a lot more like he had when Michelle was still alive, then just a year ago when he was double crossing everyone. He quickly shaved and then shoved his favorite picture of him and Michelle in his pocket.

As he rode to the White House, he remembered the day it had been taken. It had been their first date. He had planned it to be perfect: he would meet her at her place then they would go to the movies to see a movie that she had been telling someone at work she really wanted to see, and then they would have a romantic picnic in the park and watch the sunset together. It didn't exactly go as planned. He met her at her door and told her how gorgeous she looked in the light blue dress she was wearing. Then he kissed her on the cheek. Not part of the plan, but it was nice and they both enjoyed it. Then they went to the movie. The one they wanted to see was sold out, so they had to see a different one. It was some movie that they had both seen before. It was a potential disaster, but turned out great. They spent the whole movie laughing and talking and throwing popcorn at each other, which resulted in them getting yelled at by the manager, which brought on even more laughter. After they went to the park and started their picnic. It started perfectly, they were laughing and talking and there was no one else in the same area as them. Then suddenly it started pouring. They looked around to realize there was nowhere to get cover from the rain. So they decided to just leave the picnic and run back to his car. By the time they got there they were soaked, their clothes were sticking to them, but they didn't care. They ran and just sat in the back of his car watching the rain bounce off the windshield. They looked at each other and their eyes met and then they kissed. After they pulled away he reached on the floor and took out his camera and took a picture of the two of them laughing with their arms around each other as rain fell around them.

"We're here." One of the prison guards who had driven him said turning off the car. Tony got out of the car and one of the other guard put shackles around his ankles. Tony would protest, but he didn't really bother, he knew no one would listen.

They took him inside and where the President's secretary led them through countless hallways before stopping at the oval office.

"Are you sure she said HERE?" The first guard asked.

"Yes, I'm sure." She replied opening the door and letting the two guards take him in. The guards led him towards a chair in front of the desk where President Taylor was sitting. They bent down to attach the cuffs to the chair.

"Those will not be necessary. Please take them off if him." She said regarding the hand cuffs.

After the guards took them off of him, she motioned for them to leave.

After they shut the door she turned towards Tony. "Mr. Almeida, I don't know if you are aware, but I have done some things that I shouldn't have done and I am going to take the consequences from the Attorney General, but before then I want to tie up some loose ends and your name came up." She said looking at him.

"My name?" He asked confused.

"Yes. Charles Logan tried to commit suicide after he lost his last chance to redeem himself. He lived, but has quite a lot of brain damage. A team went to search his house to see if there were anymore conspiracies that we should know about and they found a folder." She said trailing off with the folder under her arms.

"A folder? I… I don't understand." He asked confused.

He watched a grin spread across her face. "Mr. Almeida, your wife and son are alive." She said handing him the folder.

"What?" He said taking it. He looked through it. There were mostly legal documents and things, but there was one thing that caught his eye. Paper clipped to the back was a picture of Michelle and a boy who looked almost seven years old. President Taylor kept talking but he could barely hear her as he read through the folder and felt happy tears fall down his face.

"They've been living under the names Michelle and AJ Keeler in a small town in Northern Maine. Logan's people convinced him that if only David Palmer died that the conspiracy would be discovered faster and then he would get caught. So, the paramedics were lead to believe that she had died on the scene and U.S. Marshalls who were lead to believe they were doing the right thing, took her to a secret hospital then when your wife finally woke up, Logan's people had already recruited you. He made her believe that she was still in danger. She refused to go without you, but he was desperate because he was worried it would expose him so he convinced her that your son would be in danger if she didn't go. So, she went, but made him sign a legal document saying that he would inform you. She discovered that he had lied she tried to contact you, but his people prevented her. But we found the file and they flew here this morning."

"Oh my God. Oh my God." He said softly as he took the picture out of his pocket.

"Would you like to see her?" She asked standing up.

"Michelle's here?" He asked excitedly.

"Yes, I'll send her in." She said walking towards the door.

He stood up waiting for Michelle. He didn't know if he'd have to stay in jail, but he had suddenly gotten his life back, even if he spent all of his time behind bars, Michelle and his son were alive and that was all that mattered.

Then he saw it. Michelle running towards him. He ran towards her and before he knew it she was back in his arms. They were both sobbing and holding on to each other as tight as they possibly could.

"I love you so much Michelle." He said pulling back, putting her hands on her face, and looking into her eyes for the first time in over seven years. She seemed even more beautiful than she had before.

"I love you Tony." She said leaning up and kissing him.

They had both forgotten what the kissing each other was like. They had both tried to remember, but it was nothing compared to the real thing. They missed each other's smell, each other's taste, and how kissing each other felt like the most natural thing in the world.

"Do you… Do you know about what I did?" He asked after they pulled away. His arms were around her small waist and hers were around his neck.

"Yeah." She said softly. He was worried that she'd be disappointed, but the look in her eyes said it all. She would've done the same thing.

"I thought I lost you." He said kissing her forehead.

"No, you didn't lose me. It would be going against all the laws of love for us to lose each other." She said laughing as they reached up to wipe away each other's tears at the same time.

"You're alive. You didn't die. Our son… Oh my God, I have a son." He said smiling and laughing.

"Yeah. His name is Anthony Almeida Junior." She said smiling.

"Does he know about me?" He asked looking down at her.

"Yes, he does." She said handing him a photograph. "Actually you were his first word."

"What?" He asked laughing and looking down at the photograph.

"I was upset and missing you and I was watching our wedding video and I paused it on you and he walks up to the TV, put his hand on the screen and yelled 'Dadda!' Then I started crying. Our one year old had to get me to stop." She said smiling at Tony, her eyes beginning to fill with tears again.

"Hey, it's okay. I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere, all right?" he said cupping her face in his hands.

"AJ's really smart and funny. He was the first kid to read in his kindergarten class. And he's really sweet and he's… he's a lot like you." She said smiling.

He kissed her again. His head was spinning and he had a strange tingly feeling over his entire body. After seven years of thinking they were dead, they were alive. They were alive.

"So when do I get to meet him?" He asked.

"After we're done in here. He's really excited." She said smiling.

President Taylor walked back into the room with another folder tucked under her arm. "Please sit down. I need to discuss some things with you." This time however she gestured for them to sit on the couch and she turned the chair around and sat in it. Michelle and Tony sat with holding hands as tight as they possibly could.

"Michelle, I'm sure you are familiar with this." She said taking a piece of paper out of the folder and handing it to Michelle. "It's the legally binding contract that you made Charles Logan sign. People were told that you were dead for the sake of a conspiracy. A conspiracy that killed David Palmer, one of the greatest presidents to ever occupy this office. I know for a fact that if your husband had known you were alive, he wouldn't have done what he did. Now, Tony, you killed innocent people, but if we had discovered Logan sooner or had put him in jail, we might have discovered that Michelle and your son were alive sooner, so our failings as a government that you faithfully served for twelve years makes up for those actions. I have a document here which will release you from custody and remove your actions from all records. But I do have something to ask from you."

"What?" Tony asked as he looked at the document that could fix everything.

"The CTU in Los Angeles, which, as you know, used to be this country's best CTU, is now our worst. It is our most strategically located and we need to get it back up to that standard. Now, the two of you were there when it was at its best and before we temporarily disbanded it. I would like for you two to come back and help run it, just long enough to get it back up to that gold standard." She said.

"No, we got away from all of that. We can't get dragged back into it." Tony said remembering everything he said when he was trying to get revenge.

"Sweetheart, it's okay. I can't live with you in jail. Not again." She said squeezing his hand.

"Okay, but our son can be allowed in the offices so that if something goes wrong he won't be in danger." Tony said as President Taylor took out a pen.

"Okay, I'll add that to the transfer of authority documents." She said signing the document and taking out more papers. "Okay, you'll both be reinstated by the time you arrive in Los Angeles. Tony, you'll be Director and Michelle, you'll be second in command." She said handing each of them a form to sign.

They each signed the forms and then handed them back.

"Okay, that'll be all." She said. They all stood up and shook hands then Tony and Michelle left.

"So, I guess we're going back to Los Angeles." Tony said looking through the plane tickets and information President Taylor's secretary had given them.

"Today." Michelle said looking at the tickets.

"Great. So do we know who's going to meet us?"

"No, just a CTU agent." He said.

"Tony, wait a second." Michelle said stopping him before they got to a doorway.

"What?" He asked turning around.

"AJ's in there.' She said smiling at him.

"All right." He said with a huge grin on his face.

They walked through the door. AJ was focused on playing a video game.

"AJ, sweetheart. Time to go." Michelle said softly.

AJ turned off his game and then got off of the couch.

"DAD!" he yelled running towards Tony who pulled him into a hug.

"Hey, buddy." Tony said hugging his son.

As the three walked off Tony put his arm around Michelle and AJ talked his father's ear off all the way to the airport and also for the first hour of the flight. Then AJ fell asleep so Michelle showed Tony the photo album of AJ's first seven years.