So, this is 5 years later.

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"Sweetheart, what are you doing?" Tony asked as he came into the kitchen to find his wife elbow deep in soap suds.

"What does it look like? I'm washing dishes." Michelle replied without turning around.

"That's what the dishwasher's for…" He said coming towards her.

"It's full and I don't want to leave dirty dishes in the sink." She replied giggling as he wrapped his arms around her. They had about three times as many dishes as usual. It was her birthday and Jack, Kim, Stephen, eight year old Teri, and three year old Sarah had come over in addition to Chloe, Morris, ten year old Prescott, and five year old Bridgette.

"Michelle, let me finish up here." He said kissing her cheek.

"No, I'm almost done, it's fine." She said continuing to wash dishes.

"Sweetheart, it's your birthday. No washing dishes on your birthday. That's a rule."

"Oh really?" She asked turning around in his arms and putting hers around his neck. "Then how come we don't have a no cooking rule on your birthday?" She asked innocently.

"Cause we'd starve." He said kissing her. "Now go."

"Fine." She said walking towards the living room where eleven year old AJ and four year old Isabella were currently fighting over what movie to watch.

Tony couldn't help chuckling to himself when he heard Michelle quickly threaten to make them watch Titanic if they didn't stop fighting.

"Daddy!" Isabella called as she walked into the kitchen a few minutes later. By now he was putting away the last dish.

"Yeah, Bella Boo?" Tony asked. He had started to call her that when she was just a few hours old and now he was the only one who could get away with calling her that.

"Mommy said to tell you to please make some popcorn. She also said to tell you to pretty please bring her some ice cream." Isabella said walking into the kitchen.

"Isabella Marie Alemeida, what are you wearing?" He asked laughing as he turned around. His daughter was wearing pink sparkly butterfly wings, her pink ballet tutu, her pink ballet slippers, and a crown in addition to her Disney Princesses nightgown.

"It's my princess outfit." She replied as he picked her up and placed her on the counter. She was so tiny and light, like her mother, that it barely took any effort to put her there. "Ooohh, guess what we're watching!" She said excitedly as Tony put a bag of popcorn in the microwave.

"What?" He asked grabbing a pint of ice cream out of the freezer and moving towards the silverware drawer to get two spoons.

"The Littlest Mermaid!" She said excitedly. It was her favorite movie, and ever since she had been able to talk, she called it The Littlest Mermaid instead of The Little Mermaid.

"AJ wanted to watch that?" He asked coming to sit beside her as they waited for the popcorn to finish popping.

"No, he wanted to watch that dinosaur movie, but Mommy said I was too little." She said referring to Jurassic Park.

"Oh, okay." He said opening the ice cream and sticking a spoonful in his daughter's mouth. "Good?" He asked.

She nodded handing him the spoon. He began to get himself a spoonful when the microwave began to beep. He stuck it back in the ice cream and took his daughter off of the counter.

"Can you get me a big bowl?" He asked her as he took the bag out of the microwave.

After he put it in the bowl, he handed it to her and told her to please take it to the living room.

He then grabbed the ice cream and the spoons and followed her.

When he walked in AJ and Isabella were sitting on the couch already digging into the popcorn and Michelle sat on the couch.

"Took you long enough." She said grabbing a spoon and sticking a huge spoonful in her mouth.

He stared at her in disbelief. He still had no idea how such a small person could eat so much.

"What?" She asked her mouth full. "I'm pregnant cut me some slack."

"You're what?" He asked.

"Crap, that isn't how I meant to tell you." She said softly looking down into the ice cream. She had very romantic and thoroughly planned out ways to tell him about the first two and this wasn't exactly either of those things.

"Sweetheart, that's perfect. All that matters is that you're having a baby, it doesn't matter how I found out." He said stroking her face. He leaned in to kiss her before being interrupted by Isabella's loud shriek.

"The movie's starting!"


After the movie ended Tony and Michelle looked over to see Isabella asleep with her head in AJ's lap.

Tony gently picked her up and then looked at his son. "Time for bed, bud."

"Okay. Mom, can you come tuck me in?" He asked standing up as he turned to Michelle.

"Yeah, I'll be there in a second." She said smiling at him.

After he made his way upstairs Michelle gently took Isabella's crown, tutu, wings, and slippers off of her before she followed Tony upstairs as he carried Isabella off to bed.

He put Isabella in her bed. He could hear Michelle talking to AJ.

He turned to leave.

"Daddy?" Isabella's soft voice called out behind him.

"Yeah, Bella Boo?" He asked turning around.

"Can you tell me a story?" She asked.

"Of course I can." He said climbing into bed beside her.

Isabella rearranged her stuffed animals before looking up at him.

"Once upon a time there was a beautiful kingdom called Las Castles. In this kingdom there was a special place that protected the whole land from the evil witches and wizards. In charge of this place was the handsome Knight Tony. He was married to the fairest maiden in all the land, Lady Michelle. One day they and their fellow knights and maidens discovered that a group of evil wizards were trying to invade the land with a bad dust that made you sleep forever. They discovered that the dust of a good fairy had been infected with this evil dust. Knight Tony led a brave team of knights into Le Royale Mall to find this fairy, but just as Knight Tony found the fairy one of the evil wizards wounded him. He was okay, but Lady Michelle was so scared because she loved him so much. After the kingdom doctors healed Knight Tony he revealed that he, Knight Jack, and Knight Gael had come up with a plan to get the real bad dust and keep it out of the hands of the evil witches and wizards. But just when the brave Knight Jack thought he had the bad dust he discovered that he had been tricked by a different evil wizard and that it wasn't the bad dust. They soon discovered who had the bad dust and that they planned to unleash it in the Chandler Plaza, which was a large inn in the center of the kingdom. Lady Michelle bravely led a team of knights and maidens into the inn. But the bad dust was released before they could stop it. Knight Tony was so scared because he thought that Lady Michelle would sleep forever like their friend Knight Gael. But they discovered that Lady Michelle had a special force field that protected her from the bad dust. Knight Tony was so happy because Lady Michelle meant everything to him. But when they thought everything was okay Lady Michelle was kidnapped by the evil knight who was behind everything. He was even worse than evil witches and wizards. He knew that the noble Knight Tony only had one weakness, his wife. Knight Tony helped the evil knight because he said he would kill Lady Michelle if he didn't help him. Eventually Knight Tony was able to trade the evil knight's daughter for his wife. Knight Tony had to go to jail, but he didn't care because Lady Michelle was safe and that was all that mattered."

"The end?" Isabella asked looking up at him.

"You'll get the next part tomorrow." He said kissing her on her cheeks, then her forehead, then finally her nose. He then said, "Sweet dreams, Bella Boo. I love you." This was what they did every night.

He got up and noticed Michelle standing in the doorway with a soft smile on her face.

"You heard that?" he asked.

"Every word." She said smiling. "Did you know that all of the bedtime stories that you tell her are disguised CTU stories?" She asked as they walked down the stairs together.

"That's not true." He said smiling. "I only tell the ones with happy endings."

"Happy ending? Tony, you're talking about CTU. What's the happy ending?" She asked laughing.

"You." He said smiling as he leaned in to kiss her.