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Chapter 1: Rima meets Nagihiko

Since the first moment Mashiro Rima layed eyes on Fujisaki Nagihiko, four years ago, she knew she would hate him until the end of her days. Everything about him just screamed 'Sadistic! Evil! Do not go near!'. The other Guardians, however, seemed completely BLIND to his true personality…

Rima first heard of Nagihiko when Amu burst into the Royal Garden, screaming something about Nagihiko, Nadeshiko's twin becoming the new Jack. Behind her came Tadase, Kukai and some weird guy with long purple hair. 'Who's the freaky looking, long, purple-haired guy? And who the hell is Nadeshiko?' is what first flashed through Rima's mind. Then her ears split as Yaya screamed,


The Charas flew up to the purple-haired guy.

'So, Nagi ('Aha! That's who Nagihiko is.' thought Rima.) has a Shugo Chara too?' asked Ran.

'What's he like?' asked Pepe. Nagihiko's up till then I-am-competely-confused-and-have-no-idea-what's-going-on look changed slightly.

'He hasn't been born yet.' he replied.

'Oooh, his colour is different from Temari's.' said Miki upon seeing the egg.

'So even Shugo Chara's have twins!' exclaimed KusuKusu, though how she knew what Temari's egg looked like was anyone's guess…

While all this was going on, Rima was still highly confused- the only thing she could make out was that the freaky, purple-haired guy who's name was Fujisaki Nagihiko, was to be the new Jack and he was this mysterious Nadeshiko's twin. She turned to Tadase, the person closest to her.

'Who is Nadeshiko?' she asked.

'Ah, she's the former Queen.' replied Tadase.

'Hmmm...' Rima then went up to Nagihiko, 'New Jack. Without a Shugo Chara, are you even able to be a Guardian?'

'Er…um…' was Nagihiko's intelligent reply.

'It'll be ok! Fujisaki-kun is, after all, the former Que-' Tadase's enthusiastic outburst was cut short by Nagihiko.

'Oya, King, are your cheeks itchy?' was his random question. Rima gave Nagihiko a suspicious look, slightly weirded out by the guy who was to be the new Jack. She was also slightly curious as to what Tadase was about to say…For some reason it sounded curiously like 'Fujisaki-kun is, after all, the former QUEEN', which couldn't be right, could it?

Amu broke into the conversation,

'You really do look a lot like Nadeshiko!' she said.

'She's studying abroad now, but she used to be in the same class as Amu-chi.' came Yaya's annoying, hyperactive voice. But it was what Yaya said next that really grabbed Rima's attention,

'She was Amu-chi's best friend!' Rima's golden eyes suddenly narrowed at this statement,

'Best friend…' Amu felt a tug on her coat. Turning around, she came face-to-face (well, more like chest-to-face) with Rima's cute face.

'I'm a Queen too, and I'm in your class. Why aren't I your best friend?' was Rima's plaintive question- for the extra effect, she turned on the waterworks.

'R-Rima!' cried Amu

'Don't worry. Those tears are fake.' cut in Nagihiko. Rima looked up sharply.

'How can you tell?' she asked, irritated.

'I'm a gifted actor you see. But never mind that, it's nice to meet you, Rima-chan.'

'No!' exclaimed Rima, hiding behind Amu, 'Amu, you shouldn't be friends with this guy! We can't trust him…'

Yes. Rima had never really trusted Fujisaki Nagihiko. And she had been right to doubt him, hadn't she? The guy had turned out to be a creep who'd dressed up as a girl for most of his life! Yes, she hadn't trusted Fujisaki then and she certainly wasn't going to start now…

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