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:That boy that boy that boy that boy is a monsterrrrr. That boy is a monster...erer

Green Eyed Monster

I think I'm dying.

Or maybe I'm already dead. I don't know.

All I know is there is pain, then nothing. And then excruciating pain repeats, ten-fold. I see nothing but black. Pure, empty, meaningless black.

I think I'm screaming. Am I screaming too loudly? Not loudly enough? Why can't they hear me? Why won't they help me? Am I dying? Dead?

Are they?

Please, someone, please just-

They're back. I don't what they want, or why they're so intent on tearing me apart. Molecule by molecule, every fiber of my being, they've invaded. I have no secrets- I am theirs.

Get out of me!

They're clawing at me –biting, getting under my skin. I gasp and holler, wither and cry, pleading, begging for mercy, mercy. Any end to this horrific nightmare with which I have become one.

They are laughing at me, mocking me, killing me. I can feel it inside of me, licking my bones, scarring my flesh, sucking me dry until there is nothing, and I am empty, devoid, meaningless.



I think I'm falling, succumbing to the nothingness –to being nothing. But I'm still- did I ever even hit the ground? I think I did. I don't remember. Am I saying something? Is that my voice calling? Is that the sound of my wretched crying echoing in my ears?

Oh god, when will it end –when will this torture, the goring of my being, my heart and soul, and this everlasting agony- just make it-


But then it slows, akin to fighting my way through the gelatin my mother cannot properly make. And I'm running, but they're giving chase, biting my heels. I can't escape –there is no escape. Is this the vindication for something I've done? But why can't I-


I'm gagging, choking on, on –I don't even know. But one of the reaches me, biting into my shoulder, sinking its teeth into my flesh, my collar, until it becomes one with me. And there are others, on my legs, my arms, stomach. One bites into my face. I can't breathe.

Danny! Answer me!

And yet I'm still-


Voices, so many voices. Whispers. Goading me, enticing me. I should go with them…

Oh my- look at him! Get him out of there!


I can't, I don't think-

What happened to his hair? It's not even-

What should I do? What should I do? What do I do? Am I dead?

I think I'm dead. After all this, I should be dead.

Oh please let me be-

Do I want to be dead?


Colors, so many colors…too dark. Can't focus. Smothering me, they're smothering me.


Get away from me- all of you. Get away. Let me fade in peace.

Tucker…his eyes…

I'm falling…

When he first woke up he realized, he had a snow-white hair, and glowing green eyes…