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He did it again and now Kagome was dragging her feet through the dirt. She was almost lifeless. She came back from her era, Inuyasha complained, they travelled a bit, Inuyasha complained more and they ate dinner. She thought it would be a normal day but he left to see Kikyo.


Inuyasha stood and left, Kagome of course followed him. She daw him and Kikyo in a loving embrace. She fought back the tears.

"Inuyasha… do you love me reincarnation more than I?" Kikyo asked him

"Now why do you think I would love that wench, she has no power and is not as beautiful as you. Who wants a copy when you can have the original?" Inuyasha said without trouble. Kikyo smirking and kissed him. Kagome had enough and ran very far away.


'She knew I was there all along.' Kagome thought angrily. Then it started raining. 'Not only did I have to get lost. It had to rain.' Kagome thought to herself. She tripped and fell over.

"Oh great now im dirty. WHY! WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO ME OF ALL PEOPLE!" She screamed.

"Why indeed." A voice said from the trees

"If you're gonna kill me then just get it over with." Kagome said angrily. Sesshomaru had her up against a tree in a matter of seconds.

"Do not order this Sesshomaru around." He growled squeezing her neck. She didn't flinch. He let go of her and she slid down the tree.

"So what you're not going to kill me?" Kagome asked, her voice was hollow

"What has the half breed done now?" He asked

"Its not like you actually care." Kagome said glaring up at him

"Fine then." He turned to leave

"He broke me." She whispered into the wind

"Are you going to do as you usually do?" He asked

"There is nothing I can do but sit and watch…I love him and I cant help it." Kagome said as tears slid down her face.

"Pathetic, if such love is real why follow him? You will only be killing yourself." Sesshomaru said turning around

"Because I fell and was too stupid to realise my mistake. He will never love me, he will only see her." Kagome said

"Then change that fact." Sesshomaru said leaving

"Maybe I will. Its time to stop being depressed over that jerk!" Kagome stood up and walked into a random direction.

Inuyasha walked into camp in the morning. Sango, Shippo and Miroku wouldn't talk to him or even look at him.

"What's your problem!" He yelled in irritation

"YOU! You left to go see your CLAY WOMAN and Kagome must of found out because she's gone!" Sango screamed in his face

"That wench left! Well we have to go find her. I need my shard detector to find the shards." Inuyasha said.

Kagome eventually came into the clearing with the well.

"Oh man I thought I would never make it." Kagome said and jumped in the well.

'Why did I follow her here?' Sesshomaru questioned himself as he left from his spot in the trees. He went back to Rin and Jaken.

"My lord you have returned!" Jaken said scurrying up to him

"Rin picked a lot of flowers for you my lord!" Rin said as she showed him the flowers.

"Rin keep hold of those until we reach home." Sesshomaru instructed

"We're going back home!" Rin asked enthusiastically.

"Indeed." He said

"Yay!" Rin yelled and did a little dance.

Inuyasha and the group had gone back to the village, but when Inuyasha tried to jump in the well he couldn't get through and was sent flying.

"Argh. Damn well." He said rubbing his head.

"It's obvious Kagome-sama does not want you to come over to her side of the well." Miroku stated

"That wench. How did she know how to do that?" Inuyasha growled

"She learnt it off Kaede because you were annoying." Sango said angrily "She never used it but she must be really angry if she doesn't want you over ther." Sango glared at him. Inuyasha left the clearing.

"Have you noticed Inuyasha's eyes are more dark and blank then usual?" Shippo asked

"I believe Kikyo might have done something to him." Miroku said. the three went to Kaede's hut.

Kagome had crashed dead asleep on her bed after she entered the well, but now she was up and painting her wall.

"Gotta get rid of the pink, it seems so girly now." Kagome said while she painted

"Kagome dear why are you painting your wall purple?" Mrs Higurashi asked

"Because." Kagome replied

"What did Inuyasha do?" Mrs Higurashi asked

"Nothing." Kagome said emotionlessly


"He called me a useless wench." Kagome said angrily

"That jerk! No way is he getting away with talking to my daughter like that!" Kagome mother started cursing.

"Mom! And you tell me not to swear." Kagome said as she finished painting.

"Come on we gonna go shopping!" Kagome's mother said suddenly and dragged Kagome out of the house. First they visited the hair dressers and put purple highlight in Kagome's hair. Kagome also got her ears pierced, her left ear had one piercing and her right had two, one on the top and one on the bottom. Then they went and bought a whole bunch of clothes. After that they went home

"Kagome dear I was wondering if you wanted to train with your aunty?" Kagome's mother said walking into the lounge room.

"Which one? Aunt Katsu?" Kagome asked. Her mother nodded. Kagome's aunt was trained in weaponry.

"I'm coming with you to help you with your spirit energy. Sota and Grandpa have gone to your uncles place so I'll leave a note for when they come back." Kagome's mother said as she grabbed the phone.

"It'll be six months is that ok with you Kagome?" Mrs Higurashi asked

"I'm fine with that." Kagome answered.

"Ok bye. She's coming to pick us up tomorrow." Mrs Higurashi said as she hung up the phone.

"Good night mom." Kagome said walking up the stairs.

"Good night hun." Kagome's mother said. after she heard the door close she took out the necklace she was wearing. "I wish she was aloud to know, but it's not aloud until she's 17." Kagome's mother thought sadly and she too went to bed.

Inuyasha sat in the god tree thinking of why Kagome left. Kikyo had a grip on him but he didn't know it. Now her grip had loosened and Inuyasha was trying to come up with a reason.

"Why did she leave? I haven't said anything bad about her, but maybe it was because I saw Kikyo too many times? Argh my head hurts!" Inuyasha held his head in his hands. "What did I do?" Inuyasha thought depressed.