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When Sesshomaru woke up he was in a dark room and he was chained to a wall. He looked at the chains bored before he broke them with ease. Sesshomaru got up and walked around the room he saw a small light and got closer to see what it was, he saw Kagome chained to a wall in a candle lit room that had over a dozen candles in it. Her wings were bloody she had cut marks on her body and evidence of her being slapped and crying were on her face. Sesshomaru would have broken down the wall but he found himself dragged by his leg away from the hole in the wall. A large demon brought Sesshomaru up to his face to try and eat him. Sesshomaru reached for his sword but he realized he didn't have it let along his armor and his Haori. Sesshomaru made a "Tch." Sound before he killed the demon with his claws.

"You ready to give up yet miko?" Naraku's voice asked. Sesshomaru went over to the hole in the wall. Naraku was standing in front of his Kagome. Kagome raised her head and spit in his face.

"Get stuffed." She said, Naraku slapped her but she made no sound of protest. Naraku went closer to Kagome pushing his body against hers, Sesshomaru growled and his eyes bled red as Naraku licked Kagome's neck. Kagome's eyes widened and she glared at him though she couldn't do anything because she felt too weak.

"I have other ways of getting you to join my side. I'm sure if you were tainted by me then Lord Sesshomaru wouldn't want you anymore." Naraku said. Kagome felt tears running down her face again.

"Get away from me." She hissed, she flared her pure aura making Naraku stumble back a bit. Sesshomaru destroyed the wall. Naraku and Kagome and Naraku stared.

"Sesshomaru!" Kagome yelled in relief, Sesshomaru ran quickly making a small apology as he ripped her from her chains. He saw his armor, haori and swords were by where Kagome had been chained so he took them too. Naraku just stood there smiling to himself as he let the two escape.

Sesshomaru ran for ages but he didn't even know where they were. They seemed to be underground though. Sesshomaru quickly ducked into a tunnel that led towards a light. He came out from under ground and was in a forest that was slowly dying. Sesshomaru didn't know where the area was but he needed to get out of there fast. He ran out towards some caves that were off in the distance. Hopefully they would be safe.

Meanwhile everyone at the castle had gone out searching for the lost pair. Everyone had split up. Miroku was with Sango, Inuyasha was with Shippo, Hiroto was with Sakura and Hiroshi was with Kirara Rin was back at the castle incase they came back.

Sesshomaru finally reached the cave by nightfall, it was much further away than he had thought even with his demon speed. He sat Kagome down in his lap and started to check for wounds. He was surprised to find none what so ever on her.

'Her powers must be coming back.' Sesshomaru thought as he moved some hair out of her face. She looked beautiful with the light of the moon on her face.

'Kiss her.' His beast said softly. Sesshomaru didn't argue but didn't agree, though he found himself slowly moving forward. Sesshomaru closes his eyes and locks lips with Kagome as her eyes start to open. Kagome's eyes widen because she couldn't see properly. Though when she saw it was Sesshomaru she relaxed and began to kiss him back. Sesshomaru's eyes shot open and he broke the kiss. Kagome looked up and saw he was shocked. She giggled at his expression, Sesshomaru's face turned deep crimson.

"Aw I see that the great fearsome Lord Sesshomaru is blushing." Kagome sang with a smirk. Sesshomaru growled and turned away.

"Oh come on Sesshomaru I was only joking." Kagome said. Sesshomaru still looked away. Kagome pouted and sat up in Sesshomaru's lap, he looked at her when he felt her move. She was still pouting and Sesshomaru turned away, still embarrassed.

'I think I have enough energy to transform.' Kagome thought and tried transforming into her humanoid demon form.

'Success!' She mentally cheered. Kagome turned Sesshomaru's face forcefully towards her and glared before she closed her eyes and kissed him. This time Sesshomaru's eyes widened before he returned the kiss. It was such a peaceful moment that they hadn't realized Sango and Miroku were standing at the mouth of the cave.

"Should we disturb them?" Miroku asked

"They look pretty comfortable…." Sango replied. Kagome and Sesshomaru broke their kiss and their heads snapped around to face them. Kagome blushed dark red and Sesshomaru had a light tinge of pink along with his crimson stripes.

"Uh." Kagome said dumbly. Miroku and Sango burst out laughing. "Stop it it's not funny!" Kagome exclaimed with red cheeks. Sango smiled and winked at Kagome.

"How did you get here so quickly?" Kagome asked as they walked back to the castle.

"What do you mean? You're basically behind the castle." Sango said pointing to the castle that was in front of them.

"What?" Kagome exclaimed seeing the castle. "I thought Naraku would go much more further than this." Kagome said.

"Kagome are you ok?" Inuyasha yelled as he ran up to them.

"Yeah I'm fine Inuyasha." Kagome said smiling.

"Because she and Sesshomaru were making out." Sango said very loudly. All eyes went on Kagome and Sesshomaru. Kagome started nervously laughing.

"Kagome and Sesshomaru sitting in a cave K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Sango sang with the kids. Everyone was laughing, Kagome was blushing scarlet and Sesshomaru had a small pink blush.

"Stop it Sango!" Kagome cried, she was going to die of embarrassment if Sango kept at it.

"K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" They sang everyone started singing it soon.