Ok, so this is a story I started when I randomly got bored. I started it from when Zetsu first fnds Tobi. The characters will be a little OOC for the fist chapter or two, and it will only be a couple of Akatsuki members until later on when I add them in.

Warnings for the next couple of chapters: Slight OOC, violence, child molestation, and I will add more when I can think of them.

Where... where am I? Why am I under this rock? Ahh! It... hurts! It hurts all over! I cant get out from under the rock! Owwww... Am I... am I going to die here? Wait... I don't even know who I am... Hurts... The pain is too great... If I move... Owww! Someone, please! Put me out of this agony!

"He's dying." Who is that? Please, whoever you are, kill me! "We can eat him." Yes, please, eat me! Anything to stop this agony! "No. Let's keep him. We can save him." What? No! You're meant to eat me, not help me! Please! The pain... Oh, god, don't touch me! Ahaha, stop! It hurts! "Shh. It's OK. The pain will be over soon."

"Shhh. It's alright." That voice. I know that voi - Owwww! The pain is back! Please, let me die! Kill me, please! "What's your name?" I don't remember who I am... does that mean I can't talk anymore? I can't think properly! The pain takes over everything! "Can you still talk?"

Here goes nothing. "I..." I can still talk... "I... don't remember... who I..."

"Try not to talk. Just lay down. You were almost dead when we found you."

"Why... too much... agony... please, I want to die..."

"He wants to die, let's eat him!" There's that voice again... the person I want to win the argument. "No! We cannot eat the boy!"

"Please... who are you...?"

"We? Before we can answer you, you must look at us. Open your eye."

Eye? Why did he say 'eye'? "OK..." Oh, my god. I opened both my eyes but I can't see out of my left eye... "Where... where is my eye?"

"It wasn't there when we found you. Shh. Now, look at us."

This guy... has the pain made me delusional? I see... a man... with a - owwwwww - fly-trap on his head... one side of him was white... the other was black... Yes... I must be delusional... Oh. The blackness is coming back. Hopefully I won't wake up this time... Please, let me die this time... don't save me...

Is that... water... on my face? Why... why would water be on my face? Oh... it's the plant-man... why is he... dripping water onto my face? Am I... dirty? Maybe my missing eye bled over my face... do missing eyes bleed out?

"You're awake." The plant-man... "You were unconscious for over a week. I almost thought you weren't going to wake up again." Opening my eye, I see that the white side of the man had spoken to me. "Yes. We were almost going to eat you." The black side spoke that time. "Speak for yourself." I giggled. It was... amusing, to say the least, watching this strange man argue with himself like that. "You fell unconscious before we could tell you our name. Our name is Zetsu."

Zetsu-san... I like that name. It suits him. "Do you know what my name is?" I hope he knew, even though I don't think I've ever met Zetsu before.

"No. We have never met you before. You say you can't remember your name?"

"Yes. I can't remember any of my past... I don't even remember why I was in so much pain."

"We found you under a boulder. Your entire right side was crushed and the blood smelt so delicious." "Yes, your right side was crushed," White Zetsu said, ignoring what the Black Zetsu had said about my blood. "It took a long time to heal you but we managed. We had to replace a couple of organs and heal your crushed and shattered bones but we avoided eating you." Why is the black side so obsessed on eating me...? "Anyway, I guess it's only fitting that we name you. We're going to name you... Tobi."

Tobi? I like that name, I guess. I don't mind Zetsu-san naming me Tobi.