Deidara smiled at Tobi, connecting his lips to the younger boy's. Tobi let out a soft moan as he felt himself becoming aroused at this.


"I love you, un…" Deidara whispered, kissing Tobi gently.

Tobi kissed back lovingly. "Tobi… I love Dei-senpai, too."

Deidara smiled as he heard Tobi use first person and closed his eyes, falling into a sweet oblivion filled with dreams about Tobi. Tobi followed suit, feeling like this was the best day of his life.


The two had been together for a month, now, and Deidara had been reluctantly informed about Madara. To Tobi's utter surprise, Deidara had fully accepted the news and it didn't change a thing between them. Madara had claimed Zetsu as his own, so the plant-man was no longer alone once again.

Things were going good between all of them. Things couldn't have been better, and Tobi was just so happy for the life he was blessed with; even the painful memories that he bared.

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