CHAPTER 25 - Samstag Abend zwei (Saturday evening two)

Christian got off at Koenigsalle.

He knew there was a bus stop just two blocks from No Limits where he could have got off; but he needed time to think about what he was going to say to Olli when he saw him.

He needed to prepare a script and then explicitly stick to it.

But how do you tell someone you love that you don't love them anymore?

How could he let go of Olli without ripping his own heart out?

No, he had to be strong.

As he walked on his eyes scanned his surroundings and that's when he suddenly saw Olli.

Olli was wearing the blue and black plaid coat that Christian just couldn't stand.

He had thought of telling Olli that the coat looked like he was wearing upholstery but he hadn't wanted to hurt Olli's feelings. Maybe tonight he would tell Olli exactly what he thought of his clothes.

His first instinct was to just cross the street and confront Olli right there on the pavement but he quickly changed his mind. He needed to decide what exactly he would tell Olli. So Christian satisfied himself with just following Olli while he formed his break up speech inside his head.

He followed Olli but kept a safe distance from him.

As they walked Christian carefully memorized Olli's image as his love obliviously walked on ahead of him.

Olli's buzz cut hair shone in the light cast by the street lamps.

His coat, which Christian personally hated, reached just below his thighs.

Olli had turned up his collar, most probably to protect his neck from the cold chilly wind that had started to blow as evening slowly turned to night.

Olli's dark jeans hugged his shapely legs. Christian's eyes caressed Olli's whole form and he realized with heart crushing regret that Olli was the best thing that had happened to him.

Rob was definitely a lucky man.

Olli suddenly stopped in his tracks. He stared inside a shop window.

Christian slowly crept closer and saw that Olli had stopped in front of a jewelry store and was admiring the baubles on display.

As he watched, Olli stared down at his own hand and spread out his fingers.

Olli then closed his hand, making a fist and simultaneously closed his eyes as if in prayer.

Christian saw Olli's chest expand as he took in a deep breath.

It looked like Olli was drawing up courage to do something drastic.

As Christian fixedly watched him Olli opened his eyes, reaching for the door handle Olli pushed the door open and entered the jewelry store.

Christian stealthily peeped into the store and watched Olli try on rings.

So Olli was planning to pop the question. That too after only 3 months of acquaintance with Rob!

Rob had to be something really special otherwise Olli would have never planned to take such a huge step.

They'd been together for two years and Olli hadn't ever mentioned the 'M' word seriously. It had always been in mirth.

Christian's heart shattered once again.

Christian was even more astounded when he saw Olli pay for the rings with his credit card.

The Olli he knew believed in cash payments only, ever since the Rebecca fiasco.

When had his Olli changed so much?

No, he wasn't his Olli anymore; so it was obvious that there would be some changes.

After slipping his precious purchase into his coat pocket Olli turned to exit the shop and almost saw Christian.

He almost saw him but Christian quickly ducked into the neighboring shop.

Christian knew he was behaving like a voyeur and a stalker but he just couldn't stop himself from following Olli.

As he continued following Olli they walked across the bridge where he had told Olli that he planned to quit boxing.

As they continued walking Christian noticed that a part of the bridge had been cordoned off with reflective tape and on part of the bridge's the railing was missing .

That's exactly where he had been standing that bleak Monday morning after he had left his life and love behind.

But he also remembered that after he had reached the bridge all plans of committing suicide had evaporated from his brain. Instead he had been thinking of going back to No Limits.

He had been planning to fight for Olli and his plan had been almost complete when he had suddenly met someone.

Someone who had first tried to sway his resolve and when that hadn't worked that person had simply pushed him off the bridge so that he plunged to his death.