Sirius Decisions

Author's note: All the stuff you recognises in this story belongs to J.k. Rowling and this story is based on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone

Sirius Black was hammering down the door of one his best friends' cottage but it seemed that the person who lived there Peter Pettigrew wasn't there, Sirius stopped and he thought.

Wormtail promise that he would stay in the house didn't he? Where was he? He wasn't the spy was he? That's impossible, laughable even, but he did seem to vanish at the strangest moments. Oh no did he give away his best friend, wife and child to Voldemort on silver platter had he? He didn't know he would live without his best friend, no he could not live without or his godson Harry, there were the only family he ever had.

No no don't be silly, he thought, Wormtail probably got taken away by Voldemort, gosh Sirius that sounds mean. But if Wormtail got taken away there would be some sort of break-in. Why oh why did he come with the perfect bluff? He should of been James and Lily's secret keeper but he thought Remus Lupin had been the spy, and he to convince the to change to Wormtail.


"James, you're my best mate I could ever ask for. Voldemort would know it was me and come after me, so if I was murdered and the house be out to him to see and that's why I think you should use Wormtail, no one believe that it was him to protect the you, Lily and Harry. " He told them, looking really impressed with himself.

"I think it would be best if we use Moony," said Lily, taking a sip of her favourite herbal tea.

"I've already told what I think of Remus Lupin," Sirius said, spitting venomously at the last two words.

"And I've already told you that Moony would rather die than betray us," James said, glaring at his best friend and practically his brother.

"But still no one believe you, if you use Wormtail, they would think you would use me or Remus as we are more powerful, it's the perfect bluff," He said, still spitting on the marauder's name."

"Okay, I'll go Owl him," James said, leaving the room.

There was a loud baby screeching from an upstairs bedroom, Sirius was no stranger from this loud shriek, it was from his godson who was a little older than 1 years old, Harry Potter.

"Merlin pants, Harry must have woken up from his nap, we must have been talking longer than I realised," Lily said, rushing upstairs to check on her only child.

There were 3 men and 1 women standing over a dining table, one had his one out saying incantation that would make him the Potter's secret keeper.

Merlin, the man thought, my master is going to be so pleased, I might've be promoted into his inner circle, this is the best thing that has happened years.

"Thank you Wormtail," James said, hugging one of his best friends.

" I-I j-just can't b-believe that you t-thirst me so m-much," Peter stuttered, semi-hugging him back.

"Please Peter, don't tell anyone not even Dumbledore or Moony," Sirius said, knowing he was making the right decision well hoping anyway.

"I-I promise," they're making this to easy, he thought, he can blame this all on Sirius, and no one will be the wiser.

"And remember, you need to stay in your own house too, it is for your own safety, Sirius and Remus are doing the same thing expect from when they are visiting us," Lily said, rolling her emerald eyes at James and Sirius who were mimicking her motherly movements and voice.

"I promise," he said without stuttering, but with his crossed fingers behind his back.

End of Flashback

He had to go to Godric's Hallow, to see if Lily and James were all right, with that thought he disappeared quickly with a loud pop.

When he reappeared, he didn't see what he normally saw when he saw the house instead of having a beautiful garden, and the stunning brickwork, a large part of it had been destroyed the opposite were Harry's bedroom was, and the all the house looked completely rundown.

Hot, wet tears streamed down, his handsome tanned face, as without thinking he ran in the ruined house, before he got in he saw the lifeless figure of James Potter who was lying on the grin carpeted floor.

Sirius crying was getting louder and snottier, he crouched down next to him, his eyes were wide open, the eyes that were filled with laughter and full of life were now dead and dull, Sirius put his fingers on his eyes and closed them.

Sirius heard something that gave him hope, he heard crying that could only cap Sirius's crying it sounded that Harry was crying his little eyes out.

Sirius ran up the stairs carefully not wanting to fall through them, and he ran into Harry's bedroom, there he saw wind waving saw Lily Potter's auburn hair flow through the wind making it look like fire. Then he saw in Harry's crib movement and heard Harry's cry.

He leaped the crib, and saw a small head of messy black hair. Harry looked up and Sirius saw Lily's emerald green eyes and a scar on his head that curiously looked like a blot of lightening. Sirius didn't care about the scar, all he cared about that his godson was still alive.

"Pa'foo'" Harry screamed, as Sirius picked him sat down on the floor, and picked up Lily.

"Shh little baby, don't say a word, Sirius is going to buy you a mocking bird," Sirius croaked, still crying and he was swaying all three of them.

The reason he was singing this because Lily taught him for babysitting it was the only song, wizard or muggle to calm the baby down and Sirius loved it too, because of the smile on his face.

"If that mocking bird don't sing, Sirius is going to buy you a diamond ring," He screeched, moving his hand through Harry's hair comforting him.

While he was singing and swaying he was thinking about everything.

I'm going to get Wormtail for this, he thought, no I can't what about Harry. If I track Pettigrew and get sent to Azkaban, who we'll look after Harry? But everyone now thinks I was the spy and James and Lily's secret keeper, this is going to take some convincing and anyway if I do go after Wormtail, Harry would have to go to his Aunt and Uncle who call themselves human, yeah right. Moony wouldn't be able to get guardianship of Harry because him being a werewolf. But I'm gonna need help, I need something to raise him like a child as I'm still a big child myself, I need Moony. Idiot! Why didn't I tell Dumbledore, oh Remus is going to hex me into hell the next time I see him.

His thoughts stopped when he stopped singing but he never stopped crying and swaying but he knew he couldn't stay in here forever, he heard loud stamping from down stairs and he knew instantly who it was, Rubeus Hagrid, the Hogwarts game keeper.